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  1. johndelve

    Room 101 What would you put in it and why?

    T.V. football commentators who feel the need to apologise "if you heard any bad language there".. a. It's a football match ffs b. I never hear it c. Who exactly are you apologising to, anyway?
  2. johndelve

    Nolan porter- if only I could be sure

    Yes, it reached #29 on the soul charts and #89 on the pop charts in the U.S. in early 1973
  3. johndelve

    Room 101 What would you put in it and why?

    The phrase : "Wow. Just wow" Never ending email questionnaires from companies who say they "want feedback'. In reality, they have not got the slightest interest in what you tell them, they just want to be able to say they "seek" feedback. The term "Holy Grail" applied to records. Especially when they're not even that rare anyway. And, yes, "buddy", is very irritating
  4. johndelve

    Sporting Heroes Who Cut Soul / R&B Records

    John Conteh cut a record, "The Boxer", in 1975. I've never heard it and suspect that may be a good thing.....
  5. These are excellent Alex.. I hope they do very well...
  6. johndelve

    Prisoner Soul

    Also bear in mind the following albums: Edge Of Darkness - Eyes Of Love (a 1979 set recorded by inmates) Moments - Live At New York State Women's Prison (1970) Power Of Attorney - From The Inside (1974 also recorded by inmates)
  7. johndelve

    SpaceArk Albums re-released by Mr. Bongo worldwide

    I reviewed these two LPs favourably in my book and it is great to see this long overdue reissue project. Spaceark, particularly, the first album, is very impressive. Well done to everyone concerned.
  8. I'll certainly be there Steven, look forward to meeting you... I'll check out your facebook page, too....Best John
  9. johndelve

    Luther (Vandross' group before going solo) on AVCO?

    Stuart Cosgrove’s Harlem 69 says he - Vandross - was part of the group Listen My Brother who recorded Only Love Can Make A Better World on Maxwell but it sure doesnt sound like him singing.
  10. johndelve

    Oh dear

    I don’t get out a great deal - other than to John Browne and Tracey Shaw’s terrific Soul Kitchen in Tunbridge Wells, but am aware of other soul nights in Sussex and Kent where D.J.’s have apparently outnumbered paying guests....
  11. Hello again, Steve...my Voices Top 100 has been posted on this site before but I will indeed send you a copy with Volume 2. I’m sure I am older than you (61) - I seem to be older than most people these days - and my tastes reflect - to a fair extent - the music I grew up with. You are also spot on about Sly & Family Stone, I absolutely love their music. As indeed I do funk in general , but only from the period 1967 to around 1975. Check out my entries on Dyke & Blazers, Chuck Brown & Soul Searchers, early Kool, early EWAF etc. etc. as examples. But after 1975 I thought it got very predictable and I never enjoyed it quite so much. ( Apart from the great Sharon Jones & Dap Kings who I also adored...) As for art, I’m still not totally convinced soul qualifies apart from some ‘deep soul’ sides, but am also of the opinion that James Brown’s music, for instance, will still retain interest and power in 100 years time so maybe it is ‘art’, after all... Didn’t include Anita B for reasons spelled out before, but although I have always admired her talent, I’ve never been her biggest fan. I love a handful of her sides but just don’t play her music that often these days...same with Roy Ayers, actually, the majority of his work passes me by but there are certainly some of his records I care for...as for ALL of smooth jazz, I’m with most people : I can’t stand it. ( I haven’t heard enough of Angie S to have an opinion.) Shame we couldn’t meet up in Bilbao, it was a cracking few days as always. Best, John
  12. Cheers for comments on my book, Steve. Much appreciated. No one is going to agree on a top 100, and I wouldn’t expect yours or anyone else’s to tally with mine. Such lists also change over time and there are quite a few changes from my Voices From Shadows top 100. Firecrest is right about why I excluded Anita Baker, reason for her omission is spelt out in introduction..ie no solo work before 1982. As for Roy Ayers, i deemed him on balance a jazz man; im fully aware he and plenty of others are on the dividing line between funk and jazz and if I included them all the book would have moved into the ‘over 2 kgs’ weight bracket thus putting postage price up substantially. By the way will have copies of both books for sale in Bilbao this weekend and hoping to meet new and old friends who contribute to Soul Source.
  13. johndelve

    1960's US Radio Stns & Charts

    Me, too. Love looking at this stuff....
  14. Enjoying this fine new release. Well done to everyone involved in getting it out.
  15. Ken, really appreciate these words...thank you so much..Best John


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