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  1. johndelve

    1960's US Radio Stns & Charts

    Me, too. Love looking at this stuff....
  2. Enjoying this fine new release. Well done to everyone involved in getting it out.
  3. Ken, really appreciate these words...thank you so much..Best John
  4. Just checked my own Donnie Elbert copy and you're right...my mind must have gone blank on that...so, yes, no doubt to me then that Susan exists...what a great bit of info...puts it in the all-time rare category....that's one thing my book is for, to stimulate discussion! thanks again...John
  5. Very very interesting...I'd certainly never seen evidence of it, not seen the thread to which you refer and not one ever listed on popsike either. However, a photo seems compelling evidence and that sticker in bottom right corner is intriguing. Not seen one of those on any other All Platinum release.. could it be a foreign issue? Anyway, thanks very much for letting me know. Best, John
  6. My new book is now available for purchase and thank you to those who have already bought a copy. The words on the back cover are self-explanatory to explain project. Price of this hardback book is merely £20 with £2.90 postage. I can sell anywhere in world but postage will obviously be higher. Please contact me directly to arrange sales. Thanks.
  7. He certainly gets a favourable mention or two in the sleeve notes (and a production credit for some of the 45s) but doesn't appear to have had a great deal of input into the actual release.
  8. johndelve

    Record Store Day 2018 21st April

    "I was surprised to see these going through a legit distributor to be honest..." I think, but am nothing whatsoever to do with these releases so don't know for sure, that they are issued under EU copyright laws , which again, I think, but don't know, currently employ a 50 year time line to govern eligibility. Assuming all that to be the case, they are legit.
  9. johndelve

    Record Store Day 2018 21st April

    I was speaking with John Ridley yesterday. Three LPs to look out for on Record Store Day: Texas Soul 67 New Orleans Soul 67 New York Soul 67
  10. johndelve

    Going to cape town

    Very little there. I picked up a Spanish version of a Joe Tex LP but that was it. There's only a couple of shops in the city to best of my knowledge but I didn't spend a lot of time looking.
  11. Hi, Alex, as you probably know, one of the tracks was featured on Adrian Corbin's Radio Uckfield show last night. Hope it does well for you. Best John
  12. I'm Lonely by Jeannie Reynolds takes some beating....
  13. johndelve

    Greatest Soul Albums (70s)

    Well, this is certainly a topic close to my heart and If I can please be forgiven for - again - plugging my book which covers this very subject: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Spinning-Around-History-Soul-LP/dp/1526200724/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1515662847&sr=1-1&keywords=spinning+around+a+history+of+the+soul+lp I'm about three months away from publishing Volume 2 and here is a small list of 'not obvious' seventies albums in the new book about which I have been very complimentary: Little Beaver – Joey Lovelites – With Love From The Lovelites Love, Peace & Happiness – Here 'Tis Skip Mahoaney & Casuals – Your Funny Moods Manhattans – There's No Me Without You Curtis Mayfield – America Today Mighty Clouds Of Joy – It's Time Mirage – Princes Of Love Jackie Moore – Sweet Charlie Babe New Birth – Coming Together Ollie Nightingale – Sweet Surrender Freddie North – The Magnetic North David Oliver – Rain Fire Ralfi Pagan – I Can See Together – Don't You Want To Go Townsend, Townsend, Townsend & Rogers – same True Reflection – Where I'm Coming From Albert Washington – Sad and Lonely
  14. Hello, Mal. I'm not sure Motown would have told Martha or any of the artists about the move. When a big corporation thinks of relocating the early stages are as often as not conducted in secret and its only when it suits the company to let employees know that the news gets 'out there'. Moreover, few of the singers/groups would have welcomed the move and Gordy would have wanted to play his cards close to his chest thus reducing the chances of disaffected acts giving him a hard time. Knowledge is power and Gordy had it all. I don't know any of this for a fact, but it seems reasonable to think this is how it played out. And, yes, it is a fabulous documentary.
  15. johndelve

    Worst /Best rhyme in soul?

    This is very true. I've always loved this from Bad Mouthing: "You think you can get any man you want just because you look good But it ain't how good the car looks baby it's what's up under the hood" And how about this from Swamp Dogg's brilliant "Dr. M.L.G." off the Have You Heard This Story? album: "I was suffering from anxiety which gives symptoms of a heart attack Physically I was sound as a yen and could've done the work of ten lumberjacks" I don't think 'lumberjacks' has been used in many soul records....


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