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  1. Aah, I can reply to myself ! I see the Shirelles info is already contained in one of the links above... I should have checked before posting so hastily...
  2. I also believe, but am not 100% sure, that she fronted a 'fake' Shirelles outfit after she left the Ribbons which resulted in a 1975 court case...
  3. It is, especially as one could get most of the original albums at £3 or £4 quid without having to look very hard, and only Soul Folk In Action or We'll Get Over originals would set you back around the £20 mark...and even the 1 disc of 'rarities' is hardly thrilling...and I LOVE the if I'm underwhelmed.....
  4. Will be interesting to see how this one sells; great music of course, bu it strikes me as wildly overpriced.
  5. And, for that matter, this lot too:
  6. "I know that Discogs is heavily attempting to block them from sale (they haven't got it covered yet completely" They are not even close to having it covered.. look at this, bootlegs the lot of them:
  7. Whole programme very depressing, the amount of scumbags out there....hardly news, I know. Also, must be first time ever a Paul Kelly record - even if fake - has been seen on the BBC....
  8. One of the greatest of all soul singers, and woefully underrated. Her music has given me hundreds of hours of pleasure. It was my dream to possibly see her live at somewhere like Bilbao but clearly no longer an option. RIP.
  9. It sounds to me as if Joni Wilson is simply singing over the Parliaments "All Your Goodies are gone" original. Both backing track and backing vocals seem more or less identical on each record to my ears.
  10. Hard to beat this lot, all cost next to nothing...... Betty Everett There'll come a time O'Jays One night affair Shelbra Deane Don't touch me Jerry Butler Giving up on love Jackie Moore Sweet Charlie babe Ella Washington Stop giving your man away Manhattans I can't stand for you to leave me Insights Love and peace of mind Bill Coday Get your lie straight Deon Jackson Ooh baby Fifth Dimension No love in the room O.V. Wright Ace of spades Gino Washington What can a man do Freddie Hughes Send my baby back Irma Thomas Good to me Mitty Collier Everybody makes a mistake Laura Lee Hang it up John Roberts Sockin' 1234 Otis Clay Tired of falling in and out of love Gene Chandler You can't hurt me no more ….and thousands of others, of course.....
  11. The cost / value of a record is never of any particular importance to me but it has just struck me that I have absolutely no idea what - if any - CDs are "in demand" and /or such things exist?
  12. Would be interested in buying this if anyone has one for sale. Thanks.
  13. Hello, I'm after a copy of his 1964 U.K. LP on Columbia 33SX 1728 thanks John

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