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  1. The cost / value of a record is never of any particular importance to me but it has just struck me that I have absolutely no idea what - if any - CDs are "in demand" and /or expensive....do such things exist?
  2. Would be interested in buying this if anyone has one for sale. Thanks.
  3. Hello, I'm after a copy of his 1964 U.K. LP on Columbia 33SX 1728 thanks John
  4. "Any idea if the AGNL Chris Bartley cut 'since there's no doubt'?" Sorry, but I don't understand question...I don't know which 'since there's no doubt' you mean......
  5. My book made the following suggestions as to the singers on the tracks below. I can't say for definite they are 100% accurate but they seem certainly possible : "Ain't Got No Love " - Chris Bartley "What Kind Of A Man " - Sidney Barnes " The Woman Who Made Me A Man" - Billy Woods
  6. While I admire the concept, I don't understand the pricing. For example, the first release, The "Soul Explosion" compilation, is up on Amazon for just short of £34. You can buy originals on discogs for a quarter of this price. So why would anyone want the new one?
  7. Great artist, love this super, witty, hugely funky, under rated side from 1994
  8. Here's a fine new release which seems to have generally gone unnoticed: https://www.discogs.com/Nat-Turner-Rebellion-Laugh-To-Keep-From-Crying/release/13458663
  9. The Soul Harmony Singles book references Elijah Jones as TNJ's lead singer.
  10. I don't believe there is any link between The Tangeers and The TNJ's - two totally different groups as far as I am aware. Steve's Wand book does give more info on The Tangeers : he says they were Cora Boykins (replaced by Elaine Jones) , Bobby Covington, Richard Quarles, Earle Beale and Bill Hagie at one point .
  11. Pretty much every single track on Pat Boyack's 1997 CD, "Voices From The Street". Here are two:
  12. Intrigued and very surprised to see Tony Mason's "Bring the country to the city" at #2 on the WDAS 1966 chart....which presumably meant it got a fair bit of airplay....nearly all the other songs there are much better known
  13. Great news Alex, very much look forward to seeing you and these wonderful acts there.. Best John

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