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  1. Their Stang LP ST-1002 Thanks
  2. It doesn't look like anyone has yet mentioned Don Bryant's extraordinarily good new LP, "You Make Me Feel". His last set, "Don't Give Up On Love", was excellent, but this is in another league: in fact, I would go as far as to say it is one of the best records in a true 'southern soul' style for the last forty five years. I have now played it through three times and am amazed at the quality of musicianship, songs (many re-cuts, it's true) and his singing; it shouldn't be as good as it is at his age. To say I am impressed would be putting it mildly.
  3. OK, I will cheers but obviously I'd like to see the track listing.... Best John
  4. It looks interesting but there is no news about it at all on Honest John's website
  5. It is Sam Dees. Rod Dearlove had this as a 10" acetate and talked about it in issue #24 of his "Voices Of Shadows" magazine which came out in 1997. He also stated it was recorded in 1971. The other song on the acetate was "Found Love In My Own Backyard".
  6. For my part, I have simply stopped buying records at this time from overseas as I'm not sure how likely they are to turn up. An LP I bought from the Czech Republic has still not arrived and was apparently - and I have no reason to think it wasn't - posted just over three weeks ago. I have never before not had a record arrive from Europe.
  7. RIP, Bill... you were one of the finest - and one of the nicest - of all soul singers..
  8. This may be of interest to some : https://lightintheattic.net/releases/6199-stone-crush-memphis-modern-soul-1977-1987
  9. I would have thought it prudent to think hard about shipping from anywhere in the world right now. I haven't bought any records at all in the last ten days, and the last two I did were from Europe. Both would have arrived by now in the normal course of events but I'm still waiting. I imagine they will turn up but delivery times are going to be longer than usual, and that's even assuming they can be posted in the first place.
  10. Well, I sincerely hope he is right. But as my daughter and brother both work in an NHS hospital and neither has been tested yet, and there is still no definite sign in short term of that happening, and with staff numbers massively down thanks to self-isolation, I am afraid I have to remain a bit sceptical.
  11. I would think that the CURRENT price for Harry Deal and Malcolm Hayes - or any other record for that matter - is a lot less than it was a week ago.. Discuss.
  12. I’m totally disappointed with human nature with this crisis, it’s nothing but selfish behaviour, mob mentality, it really shows up the bad side of human nature, a bit of self control ,empathy , common sense and discipline would definitely tip the balance in the right direction, you can actually feel the badness in the air while shopping in the supermarkets, Just Hope that Common Sense does prevail or have we learned nothing from the past that’s what’s frightening KR Couldn't agree more. Unfortunately, there are a number of people in Britain - maybe 5% or 10% ? -- who are so selfish and thick that they will never be persuaded to do anything other than exactly what they want to do and screw the rest of us. There are doubtless still millions of people who equate Britain with demonstrating a 'Blitz Spirit" when things get tough so God knows what they think when they see people fighting over sodding toilet rolls. Pathetic beyond words. At least the majority of people WILL rise above it thankfully. If someone is frightened by all this, fair enough, but sheer stupidity is something else.
  13. No, the live event with Joe Battan and Swamp Dogg was held at another venue in the city but there were some DJ sessions on the rooftop of the Ercilla hotel, but not in the downstairs bar.
  14. Aah, I can reply to myself ! I see the Shirelles info is already contained in one of the links above... I should have checked before posting so hastily...

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