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    Getting ready for a soul doo, looking after my dear wife. Listening to good music
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    Walk with a winner,gene mcdaniels

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  1. Stephen Houghton


    Garland green, since you been gone.
  2. Stephen Houghton


    Hi Donna if the tune by Fred Hughes, don't let me down is still available at the end of the month I'll have it off you, waiting for pay day thanks steve
  3. Stephen Houghton


    ERNIE BUSH, breakaway (contempo)
  4. Stephen Houghton

    Not now wanted

  5. Stephen Houghton

    Shacked up all night , the soul shack all nighter

    Is this a ticket doo
  6. Stephen Houghton

    Amusing Car Stickers

    I saw a notice on the back of a smart car that said, if you can't see my mirrors I can't see you. Brill
  7. Stephen Houghton

    Garland green

    Since you been gone
  8. Stephen Houghton

    Harry deal

    I still love you, mint condition would be nice, that's all folks
  9. Stephen Houghton

    Some stuff you may like.

    If you do bank transfer can you send me the details I'll send on Monday, how much is it with postage
  10. Stephen Houghton

    Some stuff you may like.

    Hi have you still got the bunny sigler for sale thanks
  11. Stephen Houghton

    South Lakes Soul Weekender


    We attended this venue on Fri, after coming up from Stoke-on-Trent. The venue isn't good it's to small and the set up doesn't seem to work, so we left, and it's £7for a pint 2tins of lager robbery. But we enjoyed meeting a few friends from previous places. Back home now playing tunes in the house Brill
  12. Stephen Houghton

    Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    Oh it's gotta be JUDGE JUDY
  13. Stephen Houghton

    Can't find

    Thanks for that
  14. Stephen Houghton

    Can't find

    There is a Frank Wilson tune on utube, called I'll be satisfied, and it's absolutely Brill but nobody has it or heard it. Can anybody help thanks
  15. Stephen Houghton

    How much

    Just dug this tune out but don't know how much its worth, any help would be appreciated, JACKIE BEAVERS, HOLD ON /HEY GIRL. On sound stage 7 demo mint condition thanks


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