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  1. Hi mate, is the ray mulling still for sale +the pure poison on too. Is £100for both OK, thanks steve
  2. until

    Caravan booked should be a good doo in skeggy
  3. What time does it start
  4. Yep Wigan was brilliant, me and another guy thumbed it from macclesfield to Wigan priceless memories. Who would do that today to go to a club
  5. The carousel on Plymouth Grove Manchester, with dancing podiums Brill
  6. Cheers sammy, hotel booked, can't wait to hear some Brill tunes seeya there, steve
  7. Just watched STAN AND OLLIE. What a lovely film, brilliantly acted and the pace of the film. Not watched a good film in a long time. Defo worth watching
  8. First time here, should be a top night, can't wait
  9. I won't let her see me cry (blue rock) thanks, steve
  10. Eh up yocky, sorry can't make this one, the missus is made away with flu. Great
  11. It's all over me (epic) reasonable price please , thanks
  12. What's the nearest hotel thanks, steve
  13. We missed this one, when's the next thanks, steve
  14. What about people who smoke too, fag ends everywhere
  15. Yep just reading your post and we fancy going next year, steve
  16. Hi I'm looking to buy a record turntable combo ie speakers /amp, has anybody got any info which to buy, a good middle of the road combo, just for home use, thanks steve
  17. Can you pay on the door, thanks steve

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