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  1. HI Jez - not doing anything for Uni. The question came about from a conversation i had with a friend and it got me thinking that it might make a fine write up. thanks to the rest of you for tips and names...
  2. thanks for that tips lads. lots to be getting on with there.
  3. Chalky - thanks - Was thinking of her but wasnt sure if she was first of the national Female Deejays.... Is she still deejaying? Is she on here?
  4. Cheers Peter .... just been reading a thread about her. thats the kind of stuff am looking for.
  5. Hi - am looking for information on Female involvement in the evolution of the Northern scene. There are lots of anecdotal accounts of females as punters but not so sure that there is a record of women as movers and shakers, so to speak. Who was the first Female Soul deejay to gain widespread recognition. Were there women deejaying at local soul nights. Were women promoting or otherwise organising things behind the scenes.
  6. Joxer66


  7. It will fly out of your hands.... (if i had 600 knicker laying about i would take it now.... i dont so i wont ).
  8. if its in VG+ or better condition then you can expect it to be hovering near the £600 mark tho to be fair there are so few of them around that collectors more than likely will snap it up at any price.... IMO its rarer than 'Use it' or 'Bad Breath' and i have not seen any changing hands on the public venues....

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