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  1. Rob Cooke

    Brough Soul Club

    Spring ! Sprung Soul at Brough Soul Club 7th of March. Excellent sound system, Large car park, great dance floor. Another fantastic night of Soul for your delight join our regular DJ's and surprise guest.
  2. Rob Cooke

    Brough Soul Club

    2nd installment of the year arrives on the Saturday the 1st of February Regular DJs and Guest DJ Paul Weaver. Great (NO TALC) Dance floor (Wear your slippy shoes)! Large car park easy access from major network including Train station 300m.
  3. Rob Cooke

    Brough Soul Club

    Better late than never Brough soul club following on from our Christmas special the first regular 1st Saturday of the month. Regular DJ's along with surprise Guest! Original vinyl No CD's. Quality venue large car park . Lets get rid of the festive fat and shake it off on the floor.
  4. Rob Cooke

    Brough Soul Club

    Yo Ho Ho Tis the time for Good Soul to all kind and excellent gifts of Motown, Modern and the odd rarity for all. Let us pray for peace of R+B and a little dash of latin styled soulful hyms. May Santa be good to you and bring you new dancing shoes and prosperity. Merry Christmas to one and all Soulies from Da Management! xx
  5. Rob Cooke

    Brough Soul Club

    A cracking night in store for all! Top tuuunes, top people and top atmosphere. Great Dance floor and ample parking even a railway station in walking distance. This is not to be missed if you fancy a Top night of Northern soul classics and modern and a healthy splash of Motown and the odd rarity! Get yourselves here or risk crying in your cornflakes on Sunday the 3rd!
  6. Rob Cooke

    Brough Soul Club Is Back

    Following our Water drama last month Brough Soul Club is back on the map. Your DJ's for the evening residents Steve Gill, Arthur Hardy, Neil Laverick, and Steve Hutson. Guest to be confirmed. I'm in Spain at La Serena Charity Soul have a great night everyone
  7. This Soul night has had to be cancelled due to a burst water main outside of our control!
  8. Cancelled Due to unforseen circumstances next night the 5th of October
  9. Is there a list of DJs?
  10. Rob Cooke

    Brough Soul Club

    It's gonna be Hot It's gonna be sweaty it's gonna have a heaving dance floor. Quality Northern, Motown, Modern and a little bit of R&B. Enjoy great music, great company and quality music. Summer soul at it's finest. Make it a night to remember!
  11. Lee Williams and the Cymbals Peeping through the window , Lost Love on Carnival
  12. Rob Cooke

    Brough Soul Club

    Another fantastic night of quality Northern soul Motown and modern soul. Get there early!
  13. Rob Cooke

    Brough Soul Club

    Top quality Northern Modern and Motown soul music. Our regular Soul night takes place with a guest appearance from Ian Etherington "The fantastic EVO" Not to be put off by other Promoters putting do's on with disrespect for local nights this is sure to please. There will be no bottles or handbags on the dance floor!
  14. Rob Cooke

    Brough Soul Club

    Following on from our fantastic night last month we're back playing the quality tunes which get those feet shuffling moving and grooving! One that's definitely worth visiting.
  15. Rob Cooke

    Brough Soul Club

    The legend that is Ginger Taylor joins the regular DJs spinning the very best across the board soul music. Get in early as a great night is in store.

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