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Community Answers

  1. Thank you Mike for your help cheers Sean
  2. Morning all appreciate the nighters listing, next 100 etc, can thsi be done for weekenders, or even all dayers. Planning well ahead is always a bonus
  3. H I'll, just touched down here, working in the NHS. theatres. Please feel free to nudge with news of soul shows fb pages or other buts of interest etc.,follow me I'll follow back thanks Sean
  4. Eve Arslett was talking to a mutual of ours about kicking the doors in at Wigan to get in. The person in question replied b*ll**ks, you weren't even there. You have to larf
  5. Edwin Starr used to regularly turn up at standard nightclubs in the Midlands such as zoots in Leicester for disco crowds, which is up the road from Hinckley. And that's a few minutes of my life I cant get back!
  6. Happy Christmas to you all, 2023 brings me a jew job, git too old for agency work now, so Kings Lynn it is, back in the NHS. I wish you all health happiness and the warmth of your familes in 2024, keep on keepin on.
  7. Hear hear I've been walking around singing Irish Rover for two days.
  8. Today is pretty bad. Among the neatly collated never ending rows of Cliff and Barbara, in the basement of a Cornish junk store was a low shelf that stank so badly of sh..you know what...it made even me retch and I've been on board in operating theatres with many a gastrectomy and AP resection, but it made me gip, a broken toilet definitely. Two customers iin the shop pne said I've got to come up for air, and a girl with her father said said Daddy it smells really bad in here. I guess she's not going to collect records. Best thing I got was 2 copies of 12'' funking 4 Jamaica amd now I smell of sh##.all day. Anyone had as bad an experience?
  9. Otis Brown for me Dee if still available. Having trouble inboxing, still looking x
  10. Judgement out until I hear it tonite, would be so easy to can it in the pub. As for LJ Johnson he did some questionable stuff but is still a very fine soul singer. 24 hours a day, you keep my temperature rising.
  11. Did a ittle Googling and apparently it was running for years up until covid, and had evolved into hiphop over the years.
  12. Probs late 60s 70s? Downtown district of Plymouth.

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