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  1. It would have been better for the covid-19 situation regarding work if I've been in my 20s but but even though I'm the baby of this group haha I am not as fit as I was for those who are at the start of their careers it's just an amazing if terrible experience that they won't see again and that they'll be able to call on in their future careers. I'm at the back end of mine now or nearing the back-end and so I thought I want to take a back seat now.
  2. Clinging on mate thanks you, were 70 staff down in intensive care now, itll be a long summer in any case
  3. Not a chance if can help it...just done a year in frontline theatre ICU and am still there enough is enough-if I stay it will be to hand out deckchair tickets at Cleggy
  4. Thanks Ste, its not cast iron as of yet but Ill have to stop buying haha
  5. Anyone been there? I've got 5 big boxes and four small-will be selling off rest i guess. I suppose one crate will be the option...but to New Zealand?? Not taking any clothes really as this lot comes first..priorities haha..option is storage in UK . I suppose I should ask s it worth the hassle orshall I take couple of boxes as luggage?
  6. Cheers dude thanks for heads up!
  7. Super presentation lads I must say well one to all involved, another bona fide release where do i sign
  8. Now the only thing is the latest issue of SOul Up North It should apparently have had CD of Nigel Brown is there a spare kicking about ta Sean If there is, Ive just placed an order, so please sling it inthere...if available. If not just a track list up that will suffice. Muchos Gracias Amigos.
  9. starting at 5pm more.holes shot in what little credibility I ever had. Music's decent enough...I think. https://bartonfmradio.co.uk/
  10. Cheers Mike, Mr Magoo cant see beyond his nose here haha
  11. come home today from Covid central frontline action to find two beautiful Penrose singles and the latest Soul up North mag waiting for me, and I am entirely totally grateful Nice things to come home to. . You probs don't award yourself feedback? so here's some. Happy days.
  12. Among the good bad and ugly blaxploitation movies that are cropping up on Prime, one is The Baron (1977) Phil Superfly Fenty. persist with the obvious film damage at the start for a pretty cool movie with a Gil Scott Heron soundtrack. If you're not familiar, a Black film director (Calvin Lockhart and many familiar exploitation actor/esses) wanting to break into movies needs funding and gets mixed up with the mob. Recommended.

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