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  1. My Uncle Joe Connolly was a CPD fireman whose team were used in Towering Inferno. His sons followed him into CPD and were used as advisors in the CPD series.
  2. Masai Across the Tracks. Funky side of things floating my boat at the moment.
  3. I'm watching Joseph Andrews, (Geilgud Hordern Peter Firth Ann Magret many others) for the first time since 1986 I think, in a quite frankly illegal household, whence the discussions revolved around whether we were all seeing the same thing just as mad as the movie. After much umming and aaring I got it on a DVD just to finally prove to myself that eyes hadn't deceived me all those years back..its just as amazing a film as it was when released. Its on Prime, a little bit pricey, but worth a look if you want to see classic actors at their best. Also Escape from Warsaw about a k
  4. I suppose everyone's got their own take on it, I suppose I should say films that are lacking in substance are over-reliant on CGi..If you've got a superb script and or a great dialogue, you don't need anything else. Am not at all averse to Pixar movies meself. Rango theres a film and a half.
  5. Theres room for manouevre with some, but itw my argument that CGi for exampme can not give but take away.
  6. I swear upon the family I will never ever ever watch this reboot...I always have to watch all three episodes in one sitting....12 times so far. First pet was a bit shite I thought, had read the book, It shouldnt have been touched, its a masterpiece, havent seen Us so will grab that
  7. There's so much claptrap about the nazis and war war war on Prime, most of it badly made but there is Algiers. Also three 1.5 hour films that make up Quiet Flows The Don which is totally charming, if hard viewing at times.
  8. Second time Verona has been mentioned in a week, I was out there,. walked through the Tyrol into Italy through Verona Bolzano Turin lost my wife in October maybe I should go back...
  9. soul men is stylish and funny. Sam L Jackson and Bernie Mac. surprised nobodys reviewed it on here i will as soon as im done watching it
  10. tomorrow mornings required listening........licking my lips Brenda Boykin...
  11. Eternal thanks for keeping these releases coming they really make the scene bright and alive
  12. and off facebook activity too found bank account and allsorts in there-cleared and blocked.
  13. Brilliant movie very evocative of the era. So far Hollywood has been shy of doing a movie about the deep state F*** Up of the cop who infiltrated the Panthers and rose to second in command, and plotted a bombing. That warrants attention, if I've missed a movie about it, I need to see it.
  14. I know most of these as ive got them haha 12.23 though hm???? Johnny Moore priced up at over £32 now on famous site

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