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    not interested in anything unless its round and black.
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    Imperial Wonders Love Come Down its only cheap but grabs me by the balls every time

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  1. All I can say is happy birthday Keith and thanks for your welcoming kindness to lapsed nighter attendees like myself at the 100 club and other venues far and wide
  2. I try and keep on trying, am a little in wonder of my own endurance at times many thanks TwoShoes.
  3. Imn not sure if I shoulkd write this but I dont want to bother people too much on a personal level at all so.... I was all set for New Zealand earlier this year...30 years in healthcare (22 professional) I work in theatres usually and now also Intensive Care..looking forward to a life of island hopping mountains and sea, and the States a bit nearer...? my wife left me last year, but not quite always nipping in and out, and in February moved all her gear back in. I spent two years looking after 2 babies with a mother who has MS (new diagnosis) who now says we do nothing for her does this sound familiar...(psychos) ... so now the wife has particularly nasty cancer and the doctors say they can do nothing for her...shes sort of half moved back in so I shelved NZ completely Ive got no money left as such anyway a few bob for this and that but happy enough After initially working in ITU and theatres, (try my mask on for size, all day long-over the head rubber asbestos retardant thing) ...the work fell off, (was an agency nurse) and no furlough for 3 months, ending up thankfully on UC. I start work again next week, reluctantly in the private sector with all its corruption and money targets, but Im grateful, even if my heart isnt exactly in it yet. I posted this to say, if you're feeling shit about things like paper masks and shopping etc. don't, there's worse going on, Im still smiling just, but if anyone has had a sh****er year this year post away, we can talk. Thankfully people like Dave Thorley and numerous others such as the Jacaranda crew have been providing music through all this else Id have gone doolally. In the meantime spare time is spent dancing round the living room.. KOKO Apologies in advance its freebasing so hey ho. Soul Family and that.
  4. My reissue that I got for a tenner 7 years ago went for 70 I think....jumped around all over the shop on my turntable dont know how the buyer got on with it no complaints garbage
  5. until

    Im in
  6. Happy memories of Sue skipping up and down the floor at Orrell and elsewhere, blunt, to the point no prisoners, ''Oi you, you're dancing on my talc!!'' so sad for us-be some party over the hill. Some lovely conversations, beautiful inside and out. Deepest deepest respects to the Triska family and friends. xxxx
  7. I live up he road so its been a given for the past few years, and yes. Can get to Leaking Boot any time though!
  8. Worste so called soul record I’ve ever heard, and there’s been one or two, has to be Wombat I would smash every single copy of that into the ground with a hammer. Goos because it’s rare. No thank you. Also a few deep sounds from the 80s as well which have you full of excitement when you first play them thinking you have a drop and then slap you round the face with ill advice and misfortune.
  9. Why am I even looking it up After The most crushing review I’ve ever seen I think
  10. Probably worth a bob or two now haha
  11. Bonnie Pointer Rest in Peace official News just arrived. Has to be done, sing on in the heavens above.

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