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    All things 60t's soul music! Hearing great records for the first time! A good book - if not about soul music then James Herbert A summers evening stroll Toast & Marmite (must be Warburtons bread!) DEE JAYING!! It's called 'Passion'
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  1. Sam Dees 'Lonely..' alt. version with countdown intro and male chorus - Japanese P-Vine
  2. I for one will no longer make purchase via ebay.. total rip off !! As stated earlier, if the actual seller of the goods is not vat registered how the hell can ebay apply VAT when they are not the owner of the goods ?!? Are ebay supplying vat invoices with each sale to UK destinations ?? Talk about a scam..
  3. Mine was the elusive miss-press of the Butlers Laugh Laugh Laugh
  4. Shocked.. Saddened.. Gutted !! Hadn't seen him for years, same as a lot of good Soulie peeps Sue and I used to enjoy catching up with on a regular basis in the 90's and early Y2K - and John was one of them.. RIP
  5. until

    I'm glad there's someone else out there that speaks proper like what I does
  6. until

    Wishing all the BVAN crew and listeners around the Soul globe a very Happy New Year.. I for one can't wait to see the back of 2020 ! but hopefully see you all in the chat rooms to ring in a new chapter Fingers
  7. I did a bit of lurking on and off on the night, and pleased to have caught the last few spins of your set and was very impressed.. Having now listened to your set in it's entirety my opinion hasn't changed.. Very refreshing, well put together, some'new to me' tracks, with a few more to add to the never-ending want list - if there is any way you could post the track listing for your awesome set of offerings it would help identify a couple of those I wish t add to said list.. Great stuff, and would welcome the opportunity to hear more of your sets.. Thank You !!
  8. I recently moved house and had to pay them just under £200 for the privilege - only to then receive a final bill showing me to be £158 in credit !!! Thing is, they are not the supplier for my new address so imagine the fun and games I face in effort to reclaim MY MONEY !! Feckin outrageous but all big utility companies the same.. fleece ya, give an abominable service, spend a fortune in wasted time trying to ring them, valid complaints and request for adequate compensation when they don't arrive as planned ( whilst blatantly lying about it) failing to get adequate response and sent around the
  9. Another mystery solved !! Thanks for sharing Chalky.. Great Stuff !! And the sort of stuff I really like receiving at Xmas
  10. I know instrumentals were the fashion at the time but, even so, how would you NOT play the vocal when it's 10000 times better !! I'm glad I did, I know that - the rest as they say, is history lol
  11. That is indeed correct Merve.. didn't we go to a local chippie for sustenance too ?? At that time Kyp wasthe ONLY LP collector I knew.. had things like the withdrawn Len Barry UK Brunswick LP, to which I still have his sales list with it on.. £20 !! Them were the days, eh..
  12. Nev Wherry came back from a trip to the US with 2 copies - one he kept and the other he sold to me on the proviso I would play the vocal as the instrumental was already in vogue, as Andy rightly states I used to hammer it at the Kings Lynn all-dayers held at the YMCA, and promoted by a truly wonderful but very strange guy.. Titch ?? I remember the brakes on his car were dodgy and he would stop by running into a wall !! I don't lie lol So far as I'm aware I was certainly at least one of the first, if not thee first, to spin the vocal..
  13. Happy Birthday Big Man !! Hope you get loads of new vinyl to play with..
  14. Okay.. Wasn't sure about starting this topic but after the past week I feel I should - after all, we all suffer problems to some degree or other, I think it just comes down to how individuals cope and what mechanisms they use/have in place when experiencing low moods or suicidal thoughts. Me.. unfortunately I'm one of those that has struggled for the best part of my life. Its not necessary to go into detail but my life has consisted of events that have caused lasting and ongoing damage, along with some major traumas too - one of which completely destroyed every single atom that makes me,

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