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    All things 60t's soul music! Hearing great records for the first time! A good book - if not about soul music then James Herbert A summers evening stroll Toast & Marmite (must be Warburtons bread!) DEE JAYING!! It's called 'Passion'
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    Patrinell Staten (Sepia)

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  1. I used to have a studio acetate of the Carolyn Porter track 'I Want You'..can't remember which studio at the mo but west coast.. certain it went to tim Brown.. the backing track on the Delights very similar to her unissued 45/acetate so probably same musicians but be nice to learn if the same session ?? Interesting..
  2. Tanks for the kind assistance everyone.. all sorted now - Thank You !!
  3. Does anyone have a mobile number for Gary Cape they could pm me please- or alternatively pass my number on and ask him to ring me ?? Any help appreciated Fingers
  4. Liking that.. thanks for sharing
  5. until

    Have you always arrived prematurely Ste.. Can imagine that's been quite a problem with the ladies
  6. Whats dead was details on that one @Blackpoolsoul ?? The one mentioned by the OP refers to 001 NOT 0001 ?? Could the white label be a legit test press - anyone have a labelled copy to confirm run out info please ??
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if they are a second to us Brits for the amount of soul records over there ??
  8. until

    What the heck.. let's push the boat out !! Miracles 'Whatever Makes You Happy' Temptations ' Too Busy Thinking About My Baby' Pleeeeeease ??
  9. until

    Two from me please ?? Headlines 'He's Looking For A Love' Bob Collins & Fabulous Five 'My One & Only Girl' Thanks Chaps..
  10. Top Man Gilly and pleased it is turning in to the success it well deserves.. Thank You !!
  11. Agree entirely and have bought a few through Source Sales and always the same exemplary service.. I'll likely spend more on new release purchases through this fantastic facility as opposed purchasing from elsewhere.. One Stop Shop !!
  12. It is a FANTASTIC album Ste.. More Today Than Yesterday.. SUBLIME !!

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