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    All things 60t's soul music! Hearing great records for the first time! A good book - if not about soul music then James Herbert A summers evening stroll Toast & Marmite (must be Warburtons bread!) DEE JAYING!! It's called 'Passion'
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  1. And what about the Cliff Nobles B&W Atlantic demo on a carver, currently at over ONE HUNDRED POUNDS !! WTF !!
  2. What a really fantastic and extremely informative read.. Thank You for that !!
  3. until

    That's it !! Nice One Mick.. Am I confusing myself with The Saints when I wonder if the Endeavours was released on two different labels ???
  4. until

    Hah !! I just realised summink.. I meant to put Purlitzer Prize but, for some strange reason put Booker !! DOH !! It's okay.. it's an AGE thing !!
  5. until

    Like I said Mick.. Bloody youth of today !! That Ila Van you played sounded fekin' great !! As did Baz's Endeavours - forgot I heard that (is it a two-sider ??), Sir Bob's selection of the Porgy & Monarchs mis-press 'Hey Girl' would defo have rocked my boat - as would The Masters, played by Len, if I was there to hear it !! And would really have liked to hear the Mar-J's in Ian's set - not heard that since selling my own copy, and one I wouldn't mind replacing.. Sigh..
  6. until

    Did the Young Fella's Me Lads (Jordan & Chris) not turn up for their spot then ?? Bloody youth of today.. I dunno !!
  7. 70 already !! My God how time flies when one is having so much fun.. Happy Birthday Mr C
  8. Thanks for that Fish Fingers (are we related ?? ) and just had a quick look.. To be honest, the time and energy I've already spent on this and trying to get resolve, has left me feeling I don't want to waste any more than necessary of my time in getting the situation rectified.. Suffice to say that - when I do finally get hold of Paypal, they will be feeling the full extent of my wrath and utter disgust, and they WON'T have the benefit of my business EVER AGAIN !! I will update on the situation as and when I receive any news - in particular with regards the Police and the address in Tooting.. I now have a pretty fair idea as to the 'set up' of the location concerned, and still considering a visit at some point.. Although it seems obvious a 'mob handed' approach will see more satisfaction than if I attended alone or as a pair.. Kevin ?? Or.. I might just have some Tipper Driver friends of mine local to the area to make the visit on my behalf.. a Nice, Friendly bunch of lads..
  9. Many Happy Returns Nige.. Top Bloke, Geezer Type Man..
  10. One of the reasons I so enjoy this site, and the forums within - although no help to the topic originator (sorry..), having seen it in the sales section this week I was unaware that the Lo Lo 45 saw release first on Salem !! Wow !! Learn summink new every day..
  11. until

    With the previous seven days see not only my Paypal account hacked, but a notice received on Monday informing me that the financial institution my business uses for the factoring of our invoices had gone into administration, I was having one of my can't be bothered days yesterday - not helped by the fact that our little trip to the beach mid-week left me with the tops of my feet burnt and swollen, unable to move about with ease !! It's that ridiculous it's funny - especially each time I attempt climbing or descending the two narrow spiral staircases that separate the floors of my cottage.. Hilarious If I wasn't so embarrassed I'd post a pic in order everyone cold share in my mirth.. Added to the above was the annoyance of forgetting to take my meds the night before.. which contain a necessary sedative ingredient (not sleeping tablets) designed to get me to sleep, with the result seeing me hobbling around my cottage (feet.. lol), up and down, up and down - and even tried a shuffle along my road.. before finally getting some shut-eye around 5 in the morning !! So I kind of already knew that I was unlikely to tune in to the BVA - or log in to partake in the chat-room frivolities.. Having ensured I took my meds as usual, and with the tiredness from the night before, I felt I just wanted a night to myself in that I didn't want to be up all night - and wasn't in the best mood for conversation, and actually retired soon after 10pm !! Having watched the footy until it's conclusion around 8 o'clock, and a bit of sustenance, I did actually set up the laptop in my bedroom to tune in for a short while - and watched the early shenanigans and exchanges of banter in the radio king chat-room.. So whilst only hearing around half of Mick's Soulful Platters - I DID hear every single one (again.. completely new, I think) of this weeks offerings from God Baz M !! Well.. it would've been rude of me not too, eh !! Whilst I didn't make any notes, I especially enjoyed him spinning The Moonlighter's 'Lonely Baby' 45 as not heard that in well over a decade - and even then, usually at home playing the copy I owned at the time.. Also didn't expect to hear a tune my wife first put me on to after she purchased a copy around '93/'94.. the super smooth Bootleggers (feat. Kathy Carlson ??) 'Don't Count On Tomorrow'.. a fabulous record featuring a 'lady' on the vocals.. not those shrieking girly-type leads found on a lot of the female 6t's output of the time.. And typical of the types of disc my wife collected.. LADIES of soul.. Betty Wilson on Dayco being another good example (with her taste in male vocals extending the quality of her purchases even further with things like Bill Bush on Ronn !!).. And when Baz threw in those Beat Ballads I was almost sorry my mood didn't encourage me sufficiently to want to stay up longer.. But it didn't !! lol So no 'take' on last nights little vinyl platters of delight from me this week - but hopefully my sore feet saga will create a chuckle or two.. I can only echo the sentiments of so many others in what these past weeks of the BVA's have meant, and - whilst it will be missed each week, I feel the Production Team have got it spot on with their decision to now run once a month, until the doors at the Town Hall are allowed to open once more.. Also.. the Team involved in keeping us sane these past 16 weeks SHOULD, really, be invited to Buck Palace and bestowed with a suitable honour for what they created and achieved.. I do SERIOUSLY believe that.. and maybe a 'Booker Prize' for Services To Mankind !! I think it's a no-brainer when the first 'live' gig is eventually allowed.. the queues to get in will see more people than witnessed the other day on Bournemouth Beach !! And I, for one, will look forward to entering those hallowed doors and losing myself in the music of 'The Northern Soul Scene... Part III' that Bury will become famous for !! I also look forward to being able to meet up, and interact, with all the other Bury Soul Children Of The Night.. Can't Wait - See you all there..
  12. We had a bit of a family outing and drove to the beach on Wednesday and Thursday (two separate cars, I might add..) - no problems with social distancing where we chose to go.. and it obviously wasn't Bournemouth lol Thank goodness we live close enough to the wonderful Norfolk Coastline.. Bootiful !!
  13. until

    To add to the thanks and appreciations made by folk, I feel it very worthwhile, and extremely important, to extend the actual reality of what, at least, some people feel about the weekly Bury Virtual Allnighters - and I'm more than happy (whilst feeling slightly embarrassed) to put it out there, and admit to being one of them.. It's a true Life-Saver !! And I DO mean that in the literal sense !! And backed up by an incredible network of Soulies that have first hand experience, and more than happy to be there for you, at any time, if needs be.. That is Something Else and say's so much about a lot of the people involved in our unique Soul Scene !! Thank you Bury.. Thank You Soulies.. Really.. THANK YOU !!
  14. Thanks Kevin.. I have already documented everything in chronological order, and printed off all relevant documentation and paypal receipts - including those showing the tooting addy.. I do think a visit in person to my local Police HQ is best in the first instance, and if needs be I'll attend in one of my Asbestos suits with full mask, gloves, and boots if I have to, to make certain I get to file official complaint and gain a crime reference number.. And yes Kevin.. Google map already printed off of the offending recipients abode and location - I've also messaged a couple of 'friends' I know in the area, that are pretty clued up and street-wise, to try and build up a possible picture of what may or may not be associated with the particular area concerned - doesn't hurt to try & establish if a visit would likely be met by an individual, or 'group of individuals'..

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