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    All things 60t's soul music!
    Hearing great records for the first time!
    A good book - if not about soul music then James Herbert
    A summers evening stroll
    Toast & Marmite (must be Warburtons bread!)
    DEE JAYING!! It's called 'Passion'
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  1. FickleFingers

    when is it time to hang up your boots ? (not vinyl )

    Remember seeing Linda Griner at Nott's County FC in the 90's and feeling for her. Bad enough she was singing to a backing track but, sadly, her best days had long gone.. In contrast. Jesse Davies at Cleggy few years back absolutely blew me away! I was that immersed in his rendition of 'Stormy' I had to take myself outside to compose myself - I was that emotional! I already knew his version having got it on an album some years prior, but when he started performing it live It took me to another planet altogether.. In summary.. Some still have it but others don't
  2. FickleFingers

    Rugby Soul Club - 16th anniversary

    Toes crossed!
  3. FickleFingers

    Current Purchase Price Required

    Looking for a current purchase value please, for Oscar Perry 'I Got What You Need' Peritone, in at least ex And.. are there demo's of this at all? TIA
  4. FickleFingers

    Raymond Smith Promo - IX Chains

    Another want for the Brother In Law.. Looking for an minimum Ex promo copy of Seven Day Lover on IX Chains Please pm with details TIA Fingers
  5. FickleFingers

    Pictures of Us

    Kyp's name was originally Kypros Roubinas - we used to travel everywhere together from late 70's and early 80's. He changed his name by deed poll to that of Kyp Highbury - with him being, at the time, an avid Arsenal supporter! I do see him whenever I get out and about, mainly at functions in the Midlands, but I rarely get out at all these days! He has indeed shed several stone in weight over the past few years, and looks great as a consequence A lifelong friend since mid-70's and quite a character too Not certain, but have a feeling his mum still lives in the same bungalow in Huntingdon Kyp grew up in Back in the day he was the only collector of LP's I was aware of, and has had some amazing albums pass through his hands over the years.. I still have (somewhere) an album sales list of his from the late 70's that included the withdrawn UK Len Barry LP - with his sales patter including the comment: 'No LP sleeve - don't think it was issued with one' £25 Them were the days..
  6. FickleFingers

    Howard tate looking good

    Another you don't hear very often - if at all ! And another scarce 45 too.. Good choices @speedlimit - keep 'em coming !!
  7. FickleFingers

    Gloria hill be somebody

    Actually I think i've probably answered my own question as Sunny's release was also a different colour label whilst the credits match the other two 45's on the label
  8. FickleFingers

    Gloria hill be somebody

    Fantastic 45 and, as said, one you don't see too often - Ive only seen one.. Kev Fev from Norwich, but no doubt there are others in collections Is it the same label that released The Moments & Sunny Carrington though ?? completely different label colour.. although the production credits and publishers are indeed the same
  9. FickleFingers

    News: Eugene Thomas New Release - Out Now

    Thanks for the heads up @Dave Moore on a stunning new release - imagine if this was about back in the day, and how massive it would have been! Order placed !!
  10. FickleFingers

    Haven’t heard this for years!

    YouYou're right Steve - had to be there, and all that.. Just a bit suprised you can remember ANYTHING before New Years Eve !!
  11. FickleFingers

    Haven’t heard this for years!

    It was my brother in law, Dean (Olphert) who played this 45 - at the Soul In The Attic gig in Rushden last night. He's not on Soul Source but asks me to pass on his thanks for your comments and so pleased it helped you relive some old memories. Apparently it filled the floor! and was a good choice at the time. He included it in his playbox as it's one of his wife's (Marion) faves
  12. FickleFingers

    Soul Source Record Club 2019 Faces Boots & Braces

    In contrast to the opening post, and with a Big Thanks to @chalky for the heads up in November on this new release from the same stable that broght us Big Lee Dowell's brilliant 'What I Done Wrong' My tip for massive dance floor reaction in 2019: SMOKE 'Give Me Your Heart' Cannonball https://www.youtube.com/embed/9h-8f1aBjjM
  13. FickleFingers

    Jeff Perry - Love..

    Thanks for the input and suprised to learn of the different mixes.. Just ordered a B&W demo for my brother in law - hopefully it plays the handclapping intro mix !!
  14. FickleFingers

    Sandy Golden - Your Love Is Everything on CD?

    I too have just listened to the supposed alternate take of When We're Alone Tonight, and I can't hear any difference(s) ?? What are other peoples views.. can they spot any differences (on either side) ??
  15. FickleFingers

    Sandy Golden - Your Love Is Everything on CD?

    As the Sonic Wax release states both sides of their release as being alternate versions one could rightly assume that the peope behind this 45 would certainly have a bit more insight as to the original recording.. Surely ??


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