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    All things 60t's soul music! Hearing great records for the first time! A good book - if not about soul music then James Herbert A summers evening stroll Toast & Marmite (must be Warburtons bread!) DEE JAYING!! It's called 'Passion'
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    Patrinell Staten (Sepia)

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  1. Ficklefingers

    Rugby Soul Club

    Yep, been a LONG time mate.. hopefully I'll get to play out with other Children Of The Night
  2. Ficklefingers

    Rugby Soul Club

    As always I HOPE to be in attendance.. if we get an exchange date this week, on our house sale, that will prove the deciding factor and will happily make a long-overdue appearence.. might even make it out of the car park !!
  3. Hi All.. Anyone have a decent copy they are prepared to let go please?? Please pm with grade & price TIA
  4. Unusually, this new addition to the Soul Night calendar hasn't seen a blaze of promotion in the weeks preceeding it.. but with noting the promotion team behind it I understand why - as their very long-standing reputation for offering quality promotions, spanning four decades, is all the promotion this latest gig requires. I guarantee the quality of tuneage will speak for itself - attracting hardcore devotees from far and wide, and one of the reasons I'll be making an extremely rare outing tonite.. Looking forward to seeing like-minded soul loving types in a few hours
  5. You do understand Benji.. but it's POTENTIALLY a music publishers acetate. The labels are certainly real, as is that 'smell' you notice with 'aged' acetates.. But there are a few questions that need to be uncovered before determining it to be the 'real deal' - e.g. the flip to Stronger Than Me is not only a completely different artist (although the track title is typed on the label there are no artist identifiers), its a mid 70's recording, which did see release in both Germany & Italy and features a flip by the same artist.. Hope all that makes sense I'm currently awaiting feedback from a couple of people that (hopefully) can throw a bit more light on things, or information that would at least negate some of the possible scenareos surrounding this particular acetate - which initself would help in determining the facts behind it
  6. Thanks for your post @Davlee That is very interesting 'cos both sides of the acetate I mention are RCA recordings - the fip to 'Stronger Than Me' actually seeing a 7" release in both Italy and Germany in the mid 70's - but it is a different artist altogether There's a story here somewhere.. just got to first get all the pieces of the puzzle, then try to put them together and hopefully see a definitive answer
  7. Rufus Lumley 'Stronger Than Me'.. Obviously, this was an LP only track - other than a monarch test pressing Mr Manship posted on You Tube in 2012 Now then.. does anyone have any info concerning a potential UK release around 1976/77 !?! On information gleened thus far it points to at least a two-sided uk music publishers acetatate being produced, possibly something to do with Magnet Records? but doesn't look it got past the acetate stage.. Anyone ???? 'Cos I'm really intrigued as to the why's and wherefore's, and to whether the acetate is actually real (the labels and smell certainly are).. Fingers
  8. Surely the rights owner would also have owned the tapes ?? If that were the case.. then the new owner can do as they please ?? Pure speculation on my part by the way, so feel free to cut my post to pieces
  9. My fave JW track and one i've championed for years.. LP only so far as i'm aware unless it got an obscure foreign 45 release 'Everything is gonna be fine' - the note he hits at the end of the track is simply outrageous, and manages to send shivers down my spine each and everytime I hear it, Pure Magic !!
  10. Worth buying for the Mill Evans and Chico, Barbara & Junior tracks alone I think but, overall, looks to be a predominantly well thought out compilation
  11. Whilst I loved a lot of instrumentals way back when I have to admit that vocals to the instrumental became my preferred sides as life and the scene progressed.. Not just the Luther Ingram track... the likes of the M-S Records release of 'The Stride' eventually gave way to my preference for 'I Can Get Along Without You Now', as another example, so.. 'If It's All The Same To You' gets my vote

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