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    All things 60t's soul music!
    Hearing great records for the first time!
    A good book - if not about soul music then James Herbert
    A summers evening stroll
    Toast & Marmite (must be Warburtons bread!)
    DEE JAYING!! It's called 'Passion'
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    Patrinell Staten (Sepia)

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  1. FickleFingers

    Oscar Weathers - Top & Bottom 402 NOW SORTED

    That's what I was thinking Kev.. no takers thus far though Hope you keeping good bud..
  2. My brother in law is currently looking for at least an ex copy of 'Your Fool Still Loves you / Just To Prove That I Love You' Sensible prices via pm please Many thanks
  3. FickleFingers

    I won!!

    Thats really great news Phil, and I'm so pleased for your good fortune Life throws a lot of sh*t in our direction a lot of the time so its always nice to hear of someone having a bit of good luck for once.. Congrats !!
  4. FickleFingers

    Pearl Jones

    For your consideration today, a copy of the 2010 Joe Boy/Inferno 45.. Pearl Jones 'A Dream / Give Me Another Chance' Sidra WDJ Red Vinyl NM - £40.00 P&P: Ist Class Recorded £2.50 Paypal preferred - F&F or add 4% PM to reserve
  5. FickleFingers

    Fingers' Allsorts

    Gradings as per Soul Source guidelines UK P&P: 1-2 45's - 1st Class Recorded £2.50 - Next Day Special Delivery £7.50 Overseas P&P: At Cost - Dependant Upon Location Payment: Paypal (as F&F or add 4%) - Cash (your risk) - Cheque - Bank Transfer Kent Select UK City 005 Danny Cobus / Chico & Buddy The Two Of Us You Won't Miss The Water NM Co. Sleeve £20.00 Kent Select UK City 008 Otis Redding / Barbara & Browns Loving By The Pound I'm Gonna Start A War NM Co. Sleeve £10.00 Kent Select UK City 003 Other Brothers /Bettye Swann Nobody But Me The Dance Is Over NM Co. Sleeve £40.00 Kent Select UK City 006 Tandels / Fashionettes Is It Love Baby Losin' Control NM Co. Sleeve £40.00 Kent UK Town 111 Little Ann / O C Tolbert What Shall I Do I'm Shooting High Ex £40.00 Kent UK Town 122 Themes / Pentagons Do Yourself A Favour Gonna Wait For You NM Co. Sleeve £7.00 Grapevine 2000 UK G2K 45-100 Vikki Labatt / Guitar Ray Got To Keep Hanging On You're Gonna Wreck My Life NM £40.00 Grapevine 2000 UK G2K 45-101 Electric Express Hearsay (Instrumenta) NM £5.00 Grapevine 2000 UK G2K 45-102 Choice of Colour /Ron Henderson Your Love Love Is Gone NM £25.00 Grapevine 2000 UK G2K 45-103 Bobby Wayne Long Hard Road Do I Love You NM £5.00 Grapevine 2000 UK G2K 45-106 Tavasco Love Is Trying.. (Radio Edit) Love Is Trying To Get A Hold On Me NM £25.00 Grapevine 2000 UK G2K 45-109 George Hobson Let It Be Real A Place In Your Heart NM £10.00 Grapevine 2000 UK G2K 45-110 Ernest Baker Alone Again Do It With Feeling NM £10.00 Grapevine 2000 UK G2k 45-111 Fortson & Scott / Robby Fortson Sweet Lover Are You For Real NM £40.00 Grapevine 2000 UK G2K 45-114 Montclairs Hey You! Don't Fight It! 45-116 NM £50.00 Grapevine 2000 UK G2K 45-116 Servicemen Are You Angry I Need A Helping Hand NM £30.00 Grapevine 2000 UK G2K 45-117 Bill Coday / Sandra Wright A Man Can't Be A Man.. A Man Can't Be A Man.. NM £5.00 Grapevine 2000 UK G2K 45-118 Swiss Movement I Wish Our Love Would Last Forever One In A Million NM £5.00 Grapevine 2000 UK G2K 45-119 Magnetics I'll Keep Holding On Jackie Baby (Can You Do It) NM £10.00 Grapevine 2000 UK G2K 45-122 Four Dynamics Things That A Lady Ain't Supposed To Do That's What Girls Are Made For NM £10.00 Grapevine 2000 UK G2K 45-123 Jones Bro's feat. Joe Jones Good Old Days Lucky Lady NM £5.00 Grapevine 2000 UK G2K 45-126 Eddie Billups Ask My Heart A Soldiers Prayer NM £10.00 Grapevine 2000 UK G2K 45-128 Willie Tee I'm Having So Much Fun First Taste of Hurt NM £30.00 Grapevine 2000 G2K 45-155 Barons of Soul You Need Love You Need Love NM Promo £65.00 Joe Boy UK JBV-4 Falcons / Innervision You've Got The Power I Just Want To Love You Vg £5.00 Kent 6t's UK 6T 33 L.Chandler /Magnificents Ease My Mind I Can Fly NM 38th Anniv. 45 £30.00 Goldmine Sevens T-2 LV Johnson / Johnny Taylor Got To Get Rid Of You Love On A Lease Plan NM Promo £25.00 Goldmine Sevens GS-023 LV Johnson / Edwin Starr Recipe You're My Mellow NM £10.00 Goldmine Soul Supply GS204 Eddie Holman / Four Perfections Hurt I'm Not Strong Enough Vg Warp NAP £10.00 Connoisseur CR 507 Jerry Jackson Wide Awake In A Dream If Teardrops Were Diamonds NM £7.00 Connoisseur CR 510 Vi Velasco / Riley Hampton Oh No Not My Baby Hello Stranger NM £7.00 Stardust URS 129 Barbara Lewis / Deon Jackson I Remember The Feeling I Remember The Feeling NM £10.00 Stardust URS 129 Barbara Lewis / Deon Jackson I Remember The Feeling I Remember The Feeling NM £10.00 Stardust URS 058 Tommy Hunt / Big Maybelle Lover How Do You Feel Now NM £5.00 Stardust URS 058 Tommy Hunt / Big Maybelle Lover How Do You Feel Now NM £5.00 Stardust URS 113 Frank Wilson / Chris Clark Do I Love You Do I Love You NM £15.00 Shrine UK SRG 108 DC Blossoms Hey Boy I Know About Her NM £5.00 Shrine UK SRG 105 Les Chansonettes Don't Let Him Hurt You Deeper NM £5.00 Shrine UK SRG 107 Little Bobby Parker / Enjoyables I Won't Believe It Til I See It Shame NM £5.00 Shrine UK SRG 103 JD Bryant I Won't Be Coming Back Walk On In NM £35.00 Shrine UK SRG 101 Cairos Stop Overlooking Me Don't Fight It NM £5.00 Shrine UK SRG 102 Eddie Daye & Four Bars Guess Who Loves You What Am I Gonna Do NM £5.00 Soul King SK-402 Nelson Sanders I Hold The Key It's Real NM £25.00 Soul King SK-401 Metros What's Wrong With Your Love She's Just Not Everybody's Girl NM £15.00 Harthon Clint-01 Larry Clinton / Irma & Fascinators She's Wanted You Need Love NM £15.00 Hayley UK HR0011 Almeta Lattimore These Memories La La NM Demo £50.00 Hayley UK HR010 Lyn Varnado Wash And Wear Love Ain't That Something NM Demo £15.00 Hayley UK HR012 Sy Hightower I Wonder Why Go Back Baby NM £15.00 Horace's UK HRH 004 Eddie Daye / Jimmy Burns Guess Who Loves You Mystery Ex Stain B Side £10.00 Philly Groove PG3 Delfonics / Crusaders You'll Get Enough You Pay For Your Love NM £10.00 BGP UK BGPS-024 National Soul Review / Tammi Lynn Get Me Back On Time Engine #9 Light My Fire NM £5.00 Trentham Gardens UK 1 Mr Soul / Daisy Hicks What Happened To Yesterday Sweetest Feeling NM £5.00 Decca 31917 Brenda Lee Time & Time Again Too Little Time Vg wol £5.00 Decca 32348 Leon Haywood You Don't Have To See Me Cry I Want To Talk About My Baby Vg- Plays Ex £7.00 A&M 1146 Jmmy Cliff Waterfall Wonderful World Beautiful People Vg Co. Sleeve £5.00 Coral (Argentina) 55239 Jackie Wilson Baby Workout I'm Going Crazy Vg Co.Sleeve £10.00 USA 863 Carole Waller This Love Of Mind Stop & Get A Hold Of Myself Vg WDJ Boot £10.00
  6. FickleFingers

    Entertainers on HMC

    You are now!! lol My apologies kjw
  7. FickleFingers

    Entertainers on HMC

    Aahh.. That explains that one then - thanks again Keith
  8. FickleFingers

    Entertainers on HMC

    Thanks for posting Keith, but thats confused me even more now as the pics on discogs show that particular label design to be a different colour entirely!!
  9. FickleFingers

    Entertainers on HMC

    Thanks for all input thus far - and an enquiry on behalf of my brother in law, and who has since been offered a copy at a reasonable price
  10. FickleFingers

    Entertainers on HMC

    I'm looking for info on the Entertainers 45 release of 'I'm In Love With You / Hot On A Thang' (HMC Records UR3991) Looking on Discogs it shows two different label designs, with both using the same catalogue number.. Do any of you fine knowledgeable folk know if one is a later repress, or maybe pressed at a different plant? Thank you in advance for your valued input Fingers
  11. That couldn't have been my old copy then, Steve.. As mine was warped, chipped, and had 3 bits of old records glued to the back to hold it all together !! Played perfectly though.. Honest !!
  12. Great track! A 'Tomorrow's Oldie, Today' methinks and order placed
  13. FickleFingers

    Betty Boo NOW SORTED

    Looking for a cean copy of the Soul Junction release for my brother in law, if any of you kind folk on heare can assist please ?? TIA Fingers Now sorted.. Thank you
  14. such a difficult coice but 'Any Day Now' for me too
  15. FickleFingers

    Ripp Tide Dynamite

    That's a new one to my ears, but REALLY liking it and appreciate your posting for those of us previously uneducated as to the charms of this 45.. Nice One !! null


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