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    All things 60t's soul music! Hearing great records for the first time! A good book - if not about soul music then James Herbert A summers evening stroll Toast & Marmite (must be Warburtons bread!) DEE JAYING!! It's called 'Passion'
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  1. Left work early today, in order to get to the sorting office in time.. and confess to playing the Milton Bennett track non-stop for the past hour !! Absolute stunning track and one of the best 'New Old' releases E-V-E-R !!!! Defo a keeper.. That's for sure..
  2. Got to agree with that statement, Mick.. Only trouble is I got home, not to the said 45, but to a card from the postie telling me to go to the sorting office to collect !! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh !! Ah well, only another day to go
  3. Thats great news - but as I don't do facebook I wasn't aware of the situation. Pleased to say I also received a call from my brother-in-law just now to say his copy arrived this morning so pretty certain I can look forward to seeing mine when I get back home tonight.. Ooh.. It's like xmas all over again !!
  4. I'm not so much concerned about it turning up, but when something is advertised as being available from a stated date - and I pre-order, I wouldn't expect NOT to have some sort of heads-up if there was an issue in meeting the dates as detailed.. Or am I expecting too much ??? You wouldn't place an order, say with Amazon for example (other on-line retailers are available..) with a specified date of when to expect it, but then - when you don't receive the expected goods, and receive no correspondence or update, just sit back and wait until the vendor decides to send it out !! Would you !! As stated.. Not an issue !! But some sort of statement from the powers that be would be polite..
  5. Has anyone received their order for this 45 ?? Anyone heard of any problems resulting in a late despatch ?? As said previously things can go wrong outside of the control of the label, but it would be nice to be updated if there are issues..
  6. Have these been sent out yet @Sean Hampsey ?? I know there can be possible delays along the way, with the various aspects involved in getting a vinyl release out, but not heard anything to the contrary so thought I would ask the question
  7. That'll be $935.00 then.. which is more conducive with the price this has sold for previously - and particularly the issue, before copies turned up
  8. Well if they are gonna be of the same calibre as the Mr Bennett then I CAN'T WAIT !! Bring 'Em On..
  9. I'm getting in on the act too.. and also ordered a copy for the brother-in-law.. That Milton Bennett track is awesome..
  10. In the sense of 'genre', I can liken 'Popcorn', and see some similarities, to 'Northern Soul'. Certainly.. not all records played on their respective scenes are anything remotely close to baring even a resemblence (or possess a single ounce) of 'Soul' !! The appeal of such records laying more, I belive, within the tempo of these non-soul tunes - a common but very dominant factor relevant to both these music scenes The actual 'Soul' records enjoyed on the Popcorn Scene - the likes of the above Milt Grayson on Derby or Roy Hamilton's 'Reach Out For Me', as examples, most certainly also enjoy recognition under the banner of 'Rare Soul'.. But, personally, my preference is to put them in a bracket I refer to as 'Transitional Soul'.. tunes that are in the throes of crossing over from, say, 1959 and the end of the doo-wop era, through to around 1964 - when the demand for a tempo that was more up-beat & danceable became more the trend A personal favourite of mine from the period - and fitting the glove of all three genres of 'Popcorn', 'Rare Soul', and 'Transitionsl Soul', is this one.. and another 'Kev Fev Special' - a geezer with such great overall taste in Soul Music, and an incredible sense of foresight !!.. Enjoy....
  11. C'mon then.. Who's attending this icon of a Niter ?? Expect it to be full to the rafters, with it being the anniversary.. And the only 'Niter I know where the punters turn up before the doors are officially open !! Aaaahhh.. reminds me of me youf
  12. I didn't pick up on the piss poor printing Steve.. Better put me specs on !!
  13. Cheers Russ.. That confirms it for me then (I think.. possibly.. maybe.. )
  14. Thought it may have been just me Steve.. but thats got to be a dodgy one.. surely ??

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