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    Just love Northern Soul and have done for 43 yrs, Radway Green Soul Club is my 'Local' but I visit other venues including the odd all-nighter, 'Love it'

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    On the edge The Midnight pies

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  1. Very sad for your whole Family losing your Mum, I don't remember Her and photos from way back then are thin on the ground, I found myself on 2 photos posted on YouTube, Garry Keen has a lot of good photos on his channel and so do many others, it's a bit of a trawl going through these posts but you may get lucky. All the best to you. RIP Jenifer, from a fellow Northern Soulie.
  2. Hi Steve, how's it going, all the best, Crimmit.


  3. Happy Birthday Keith, can't wait to be at an event with you 'Spinning the Vinyl' will hang on to your Present 'til then.
  4. Haven't heard 'Interplay- Derek and Ray played at an event recently, do any of the DJs at this Great Event have a copy?
    What a stormin' night that was, Great sounds played by all DJs and the dance floor is excellent to dance on. This felt like a 'Pop Up' Northern Soul event and definitely 'hit the target'. Can't wait for Broken Cross Club in October.
    Agreed, another Great night of top sounds and friendly company. Thanks to Ray, Kath and all the DJs. You must visit Radway Green Soul Club at least once and you will be guaranteed a memorable night.
  5. Trainers for me so no polishing! see you on the dance floor.
  6. I've missed a couple so it will be great to be back at Radway Green Soul Club, looking forward to hearing the great sounds played there.
    Totally agree Eddy, a real good night at this excellent venue, Steve
  7. I've got to come because it's Hazel's Birthday Day! see you there.
  8. I'm not able to attend this one, so you can guarantee this months will be one of the best of the year so far and I missed it! Have a great night.
    Really enjoyed this venue, my first time there, great atmosphere and friendly people. I'm already looking forward to the next event at this venue. The screen showing videos from Wigan, Kings Hall and other venues added to the enjoyment.
    As always a brilliant night at Broken Cross, lovely atmosphere and friendly people plus great sounds played, Thanks Melv.
    A pity the weather reduced the number attending but still a Great night.
    A Great night at Broken Cross, loads of excellent Northern and Motown tracks played. We are looking forward to the next event on Friday 16th Feb....Eric's Birthday! ( The Midnight pies ) Thanks Melv, you know how to please the crowd.

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