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    Northern soul.Poker , Antiques
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    Torch Classics and Wigan oldies.

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  1. PeteSi

    The Latin stuff that seems to be everywhere.

    YES its Latin and some of its good BUT ...…….. No matter how you dress it up ITS NOT NORTHERN SOUL and never will be to anyone who was around pre 1980
  2. BUT we didn`t actually think it was shite back then did we ...Well Ok with that one we did!...but you get my drift. Afternoon of the Rhino anyone? LoL
  3. PeteSi

    Youth Club Soul

    Pendragon Youth club Alsager 1970/71 a couple of the lads who DJd were Torch goers so the records that stick in my mind are Felice Taylor " I feel love coming on" and of course the one we all learned to dance to "Sliced tomatoes" The Just brothers
  4. PeteSi


    Not been for a while but wasn`t disappointed, great old school Northern tunes from all the DJs. The Best of The wheel , Torch, catacombs and Wigan all rolled into one! Been doing this since 1972 and with nights like this will be doing it for a while yet, top night.... keep it up guys.
  5. PeteSi


    Anyone been to this? Is it any good ie crowd dancefloor atmosphere etc Give us a clue as to what its like please as it may well be our venue for next week. PS. pm me if you don't want to go public with comments.
  6. Went there in 1977 with my mate from Alsager same time as we went as regs to Tiffs in Newcastle, happy days
  7. Packed in my classic oldies and monsters room , but it is my hallway so thank god only one person dancing or it would have been a nightmare
  8. I would guess the nighter in question is possibly the monster in the Stoke area and one I nearly always attend. December one was down on numbers but , Last one FEB was well supported , not the rammed packer of a year or two ago but still busy and that for me was a good thing ...as getting onto the floor between 10pm -2am used to be a nightmare! If its the one in Nuneaton area , again one I attend , it has been a bit slower in recent times but still plenty in and a good atmosphere. Maybe just starting to be on too often ?maybe not. Notts run by Casper too..... still plenty busy and a good night. Others I have attended can be a bit hit and miss but....its tough to go to every one so just choose what suits you Bearing in mind just how many nighters and club nights there are now, and the costs compared to the music and atmosphere, some still get it right and overall I would say that the oldies scene is still strong, not quite what it was a year or two back ( when TV and film crews swelled the numbers) but then we are all a couple of years older and all nighters every week are too much for us 60yr olds!! Plus there are plenty of great nights from 8-1 or so that play classic oldies have a great atmosphere and are a bargain at 4-5 quid.... just look at Grosvenor rooms etc etc etc OH and if the post concerns new events playing rare, underplayed, never heard it before or modern tosh....NO Comment..... but good luck with it.
  9. PeteSi

    Most 'northern' Motown hit..

    Three or four that I think helped the northern scene along. six by six.... E Van dyke Uptight...Stevie wonder. Tell me its just a rumour ...Isley Bros. Behind a painted smile...Isley bros and the Four Tops something about you baby all regular plays in early soul clubs
  10. My fav for the list. Fransis nero. Keep on lovin me Shallimars . stop take a look Tamala lewis You wont say nothing
  11. PeteSi

    The Last DJ Spot.

    I go to all nighter`s once a month and sometimes the same record gets played a couple of times but hey ho if its a good sound I don`t really mind and possibly quite a few of the people in late on were not there at the early play? so why not play it again. Back in the days before politics and too many " Police the scene peeps" a record would be played two or three times and no one complained so for what its worth enjoy your spot entertain the crowd ..... just choose some good sounds and play em is my opinion.
  12. PeteSi

    How the hell is this not massive??

    The RANT bit was a tongue in cheek comment LoL
  13. PeteSi

    How the hell is this not massive??

    Okay just to put the cat among the pidgeons....Basically WE are getting OLD and most of the "back in the day guys and girls" turn up at events ( Me included") to dance to what we danced to in the 70s so unknown tracks no matter how good just don`t appeal. For me personally I love to dance to Pay your dues (Drifters) Philly Dog around the world (Jimmy Raye) How can I forget ( Joey Dee) Double life ( Jerry Fuller) etc but apart from Philly dog how many of these get played nowa days? VERY FEW so its just the way of the scene. Politics and whatever drives promoters to employ DJs they think will provide the floor with the right sounds prevail when actualy CLASSICS mixed with quality is what the floor wants but some promoters think they know best . I have been to loads of events where a guy with a good collection thinks he is a DJ. ...WRONG! Many a guy or girl who dances would make a far better job, as they have a good feel for the pace and type of music needed . RANT Over.
  14. PeteSi

    KINGS HALL STOKE All Nighter 21 years!

    A good night at the Kings H. A little bit down on numbers but its close to Christmas so perhaps to be expected. Good sets from all the DJs but one set stood out for me....Andy Dyson a dancers delight ...100mph all the way!
  15. PeteSi

    Mark Freemans Wigan Casino Oldies All-Nighter

    Possibly the best night ever at the co-op, Brian Rae`s set was one of the best oldies/classics dance sets in recent times. I sat out two records in this set ....And I am close on 60 now so that tells me something about how good this was or.... how daft I am !


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