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  1. The Torch had atmosphere, and of course Wigan well kinda, also Tiffs Newcastle... both downstairs and up. Nowadays Kings H, Ivo or Burgess hall as it is now, Grosvenor rooms never fails if your old school (I am) Northern line at Alford H Warrington is great too. I guess it will depend on the music and DJ`s cos if the dancefloor is good and its belting along then the rest is just a blur.
  2. I sat out the back in late "72" and .......got to sneak in quite a few times times having wandered up from the chippy round the corner scoffing chips, fish bits n gravy. Happy days and what a start to my journey. Roll on the Kings H in July .
  3. Exactly right...it will all depend when you caught the bug ! And it would appear that for most of us making the (serious) comments The Torch seems to be near or at the top of the list, oh and add Frankie B and the Butlers "If that`s what you wanted" as my pick to the list
  4. AH or Arrrgh Late 1976/1977... which ever way you look at it was a BIG change year for the scene, as I remember. Went to a few events and during some sets myself and some of the "older" Torch/Catacombes crowd just sat and watched in err WTF mode as the likes of Colin Curtis, Ian Levine etc dedicated half their set to what was then regarded as the "New Sounds" of northern soul. Plays included stuff like...Open Sessame, So is the Sun, and loads of other Funk Based stuff that was I think, mainly from the New York scene via Blackpool Mecca. PS. That`s also when as I recall the dance styl
  5. Local youth club "Pendragon" Alsager 1971 a couple of guys from the Torch ( one was the Dj for the night). Me and my mate just stood there amazed. Went out next day and bought a couple of records we had heard played from blood LLoyd records Hanley, one of which was The Shakers " one wonderful moment".....It still has pride of place in me record case and the rest as they say..... is history. Roll on July, fingers crossed , Kings H around 3am, Andy Dyson on the decks ..... and the magic continues.
  6. A very good point ... Let`s hope that whilst everyone is keen to get going again, there are only so many customers to go around so not too many of the same type of events on the same date please i.e. Oldies not clashing with oldies nights ..same night as rare or modern would be fine... but please be sensible, something for everyone and all catered for.
  7. Ah ah, a Torch playlist in the most part, as a lot of M`s stuff was great sounds from the all time great clubs that went before. But once a month all this and then some came down to the main floor where it was mixed in with the Wheel, Catcmbs etc ...Now that was a night to attend.
  8. Memories ? Well quit a few but from the1970`s I would say Friday nights at the Casino and Tiffs Newcastle on Sunday`s, and in my more recent escapades the Kings H allnighter`s and probably The Grosvenor rooms. In a strange way its gonna a bit like a re-wind back to the 1970`s for me as in... a weekend escape from the troubles of every day life and work! Only now being in my sixty`s and not my teens the escape is from covid lock down. So can`t wait to get back to finding a spot on the dance floor, lost in my own little world with not a care in the world just reveling in the sights, soun
  9. Wow... Last time I heard this played was Wigan, M`s in 1977 or there a`bouts.
  10. Frankie Beverly and The Butlers "If that`s what you wanted". When I don`t get up to dance to this....... I will know my days of northern soul are over.
  11. Sad news indeed. I first recall him from my last few weeks of the Torch, then Kidsgrove town Hall, Tiffs Newcastle and more recently Alsager civic. His DJ spots were truly great ,uptempo and a dancers delight. Cantancerous he may have been , but hey ho...........you didn`t sit down too much during his spot on the decks. A true gent and a legend. R.I.P.
  12. Interesting comments from all in this thread and, as usual... we are all banging are own drum depending on the era you discovered this great "scene". Me, I discovered it in the early 70`s at the local youth club ,,then truly discovered at the last week`s of the Torch, moving on to the Casino in 74, Tiffs Newcastle ,Yate etc etc. Took a break in the late 70`s missing Stafford and Keele in the 80`s and 90`s and returning in 2000`s to The Kings, Soul Train etc. Yes it was a bit different to what I could recall from my first experiences and yes some of the new stuff played by Mr Curtis et al
  13. Marvellous idea, I`m missing the Kings H, Grosvenor rooms, Northern line, Stewartby etc and I`m still fit and pretty good at the dancing lark (but then i should be after almost 50yrs of practice, LoL) Only problem is err, maybe 62 is a bit old to be learning to roller skate? So ......I may just have to wait for a return to normal service. C`mon Boris get that vaccine sorted.. godammit.
  14. Death bells for N/S Scene?....I think not. Personally I think a vaccine will be the answer we all need, as we are all probably going to catch it sooner or later. When and not if we return to the dance floor is just a matter of time be it this year or next.

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