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    Torch final months in 72/3 , also Cats, Palais and Several midlands and northwest events  and of course  Wigan 75-79. Big fan of the Casino "Fridays oldies Nights" They were the dogs Bollocks for me. Saturdays once a month was enough. Also Tiffs Newcastle U Lyme Mid 70s Sunday nights and all dayers , Great memories. Now 60 but still dancing like a 17 year old!!….. well minus the flips, back drops , spins etc the feet are still there but ...time, martial arts and moto cross  injuries have put paid to the rest LoL

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    Pete Singleton
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    Northern soul.Poker , Antiques
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    South East coast
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    Torch Classics and Wigan oldies.

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  1. We nicked 6 by 6 from your lot at the Wheel where I think it was first played late 60`s ( Before My time) I Stuck around at Wigan till 78/9 once maybe twice monthly, but really only went to the Friday oldies after 77 was far better imo.
  2. Not Really , well just a little...... Thumb a Ride was if I recall correct an instrumental played at the Torch along with sliced tomatoes, 6x6 etc circa 1971/72 .
  3. Is This At The Co - op ? DJ line up and times when available please.
  4. PeteSi


    Always look forward to this. Another top night at this iconic venue. Good crowd, and a few old friends , with a good atmosphere and great spots and top oldies played by all the Dj`s…...44 years and still going strong.
  5. PeteSi


    Great thanks,
  6. PeteSi


    Looks good. Car Parking ? Oh and DJ times when you have them please Pep
  7. Trainers for dancing? REALLY?..... you are having a laugh. How far off the track we have gone for even considering Trainers. Shoes only, a decent brogue type leather soles fine but may be a bit tough on your ankles and instep so try to find a good man made sole with no grip patterns or the like. Failing that add a good cushion insole and wear cushion foot sport socks ie white tennis type. Oh and just to complete the set up use a sports ankle strap (the one that goes on to your foot and the wraps around the ankle with Velcro fastener) Works fine for me, still pounding the floor to the 100mph stuff and now into my 60s, so providing you are still reasonably agile should be fine for you too. Please please PLEASE ……. leave the trainers to the wannabe`s LoL
  8. I went a few times back in the 90s-2005. It`s a reasonably easy drive from Calias As an antique dealer for some time this was a reasonable place to hunt for stuff , though didn`t see many records offered and by 2005 it was a 70% dealers on the main drags, but joe public was still stalling out in the smaller side streets. you may drop on but it was mainly antique and bric a brac furnishings etc. Not been recently but it was a good day out and IF you can catch the midnight ferry across and the 5-9pm back it can be done on a day ticket. Good luck record digging if you decide to give it a try.
  9. PeteSi


    Lol, Nope …. good point I danced for my own enjoyment , and still do today ….if others like it fine , if not well …….
    Not been to the Northern Line for a while but as I was in the area so decided to call in. Wasn`t disappointed Moz and the other residents just keep the place buzzin and the dancers happy. If classic oldies is your bag ...then you won`t be disappointed. I`m old school and, just like the Kings Hall , Grosvenor R etc this place always delivers .
  10. PeteSi


    Practice makes perfect. When you go to a do and spot some old guy (or Girl) in there 50s or 60s who can dance well ...…… you know why. Spent many an hour in my early teens practicing in the kitchen, hallway or my parents bedroom in front of the wardrobe mirror !
  11. A tune from M`s sure..... Try Artie Fullove ( not sure about the spelling) But the Tune is "Santa clause please listen to me" circa 1976 if I remember right.
  12. YES its Latin and some of its good BUT ...…….. No matter how you dress it up ITS NOT NORTHERN SOUL and never will be to anyone who was around pre 1980
  13. BUT we didn`t actually think it was shite back then did we ...Well Ok with that one we did!...but you get my drift. Afternoon of the Rhino anyone? LoL

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