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  1. Mark Freemans Wigan Casino Oldies All-Nighter

    Possibly the best night ever at the co-op, Brian Rae`s set was one of the best oldies/classics dance sets in recent times. I sat out two records in this set ....And I am close on 60 now so that tells me something about how good this was or.... how daft I am !
  2. Mark Freemans Wigan Casino Oldies All-Nighter

    Should be a good night as a lot of the casinos stuff was played at clubs previous such as the torch, wheel , Catacombes etc mixed with the stuff discovered for Wigan such as The salvadors, Rita and the tiaras, High keys, Freddie Chavez , Jimmy Raye, etc . Be intresting to see what everyones take on " The Old Days at Wigan" is. But somebodys gonna have to play Joey Dee and the Starlighters (Instrumental Only !) For me personally ( 1975-79) the best nights were the monthly Wigan Friday oldies nights but Saturdays were Okay too ....Except perhaps Tim tam and the turn ons !!!! Looking forward to this ...See yas all there

    Beginning to Wonder if this was on for 2017 as only just noticed the post.. Usually a top oldies night and well worth attending . Times and prices anyone ?
  4. Station Rd......

    A lot of the stuff played at Wigan was from earlier clubs such as the Wheel, Torch , Catacombs etc. and this tune was no exception In fact the Wigan Oldies night once a month ( Fridays) circa 1976/78 was some of the best nights I can remember from the ...

    Yep that's pretty much what we danced to at Tiffanys all dayers circa 1976. Plus a few others like Freddie Chevez, Little Richard, High keys, Larry Santos etc ... Good list.
  6. KINGS HALL STOKE- 21 years!

    Kings H just doesn't do bad or poor events .....Usual summer stormer i.e. packed early on and still busy 3-6 set of the night for me Ozz at 4.30 with the torch memories and classic oldies
  7. Tiffany's Newcastle-Under-Lyme Revival All Dayer

    Ah Yes ....one minute the Rigger had windows and next it didn't.....!! Somebody had punched someone a bit too hard and OOps no window..Lol Gonna give the Rigger a miss ...Too old for that now.
  8. Irish Club,Nottingham, quality of soul

    DJ times in main room Please
  9. Tiffany's Newcastle-Under-Lyme Revival All Dayer

    Many fond memories of this downstairs on Sundays in the Bali Hi..... plastic palm trees and all !! And all dayers upstairs in the main room circa mid 70s, scampi and chips OR chicken n chips...... in a basket!... Awsome My Era so Gonna have to attend
  10. 11th Anniversary - Nuneaton Coop Oldies All-Niter

    Dj`s and times when you have em please Mark
  11. Venue in Stoke On Trent

    I think it may have been originally Bally Hi but was changed to Pollyanas? anyhow it deffo had plastic palm trees !! Pep may well have been on too but I don't remember him downstairs on Sundays ,however HE was one of the regular guests upstairs in the ...
  12. Venue in Stoke On Trent

    Not like that now I can assure you, possibly the best nighter in the country plenty of youngsters and of course some of us olduns loL
  13. Venue in Stoke On Trent

    It was mid to late seventies after the Torch closed and it was an alldayer on Sundays every month or two. We also had a Sunday night every week downstairs in Pollyanas, DJs were Colin Curtis, Kieth Minshall, Dave Evison etc ...The glory days!!

    DJ times? when you can please

    DJ times when you can please?