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  1. Interesting comments from all in this thread and, as usual... we are all banging are own drum depending on the era you discovered this great "scene". Me, I discovered it in the early 70`s at the local youth club ,,then truly discovered at the last week`s of the Torch, moving on to the Casino in 74, Tiffs Newcastle ,Yate etc etc. Took a break in the late 70`s missing Stafford and Keele in the 80`s and 90`s and returning in 2000`s to The Kings, Soul Train etc. Yes it was a bit different to what I could recall from my first experiences and yes some of the new stuff played by Mr Curtis et al
  2. Marvellous idea, I`m missing the Kings H, Grosvenor rooms, Northern line, Stewartby etc and I`m still fit and pretty good at the dancing lark (but then i should be after almost 50yrs of practice, LoL) Only problem is err, maybe 62 is a bit old to be learning to roller skate? So ......I may just have to wait for a return to normal service. C`mon Boris get that vaccine sorted.. godammit.
  3. Death bells for N/S Scene?....I think not. Personally I think a vaccine will be the answer we all need, as we are all probably going to catch it sooner or later. When and not if we return to the dance floor is just a matter of time be it this year or next.
  4. Hi George, happy new Y and all that, no probs mate the set you played was great, see ya up there in a month or so.
  5. I guess it really is a matter of taste and how often you get to events. if your out every week it will get a bit stale but if its every month or 6 weeks then hey ho. And if Andy Dysons playing a set it will be oldies and it WILL be anything but boring. Horses for courses and all that , room for all and everyone and ….back to the thread When will it all end? Who knows ….enjoy it while it lasts ….whatever it may be
  6. Ah yes the new tunes, I too can remember when Sliced tomatoes, Gone with the wind etc were new tunes ...and we all looked at each other in awe and wonderment. But I had an experience a couple of years back that kind`a puts all this into perspective for me. Kings H 2016 about 3am trotting out to a Torch Classic " Superlatives I still love you"... record finishes and a young guy who I guess would be in his late teens and had pounded the floor next to me says as we walk off... scuse me mate what was that record is it modern or old and can you still get it?? I had to smile So I gue
  7. Ah yes maybe that's the answer? ….its now a money thing and as long as records keep going up in value the scene will continue? Can anybody remember when it was about the music and not the label? We had no clue if we were buying original. pressing , re-issue or just a plain boot...and we didn`t care... it was all about the music and a chance to practice at home with your swallow dives , drops kicks and spins. Then we could turn up at the Torch, Casino, Mecca, et al and enjoy the interpretation of the sounds played... dancing with heart and soul and not really thinking about when will
  8. We nicked 6 by 6 from your lot at the Wheel where I think it was first played late 60`s ( Before My time) I Stuck around at Wigan till 78/9 once maybe twice monthly, but really only went to the Friday oldies after 77 ...it was far better imo.
  9. Not Really , well just a little...... Thumb a Ride was if I recall correct an instrumental played at the Torch along with sliced tomatoes, 6x6 etc circa 1971/72 .
  10. Is This At The Co - op ? DJ line up and times when available please.
  11. Petesi


    Always look forward to this. Another top night at this iconic venue. Good crowd, and a few old friends , with a good atmosphere and great spots and top oldies played by all the Dj`s…...44 years and still going strong.
  12. Great thanks,
  13. Looks good. Car Parking ? Oh and DJ times when you have them please Pep

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