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  1. Way out of my price range. I think its over priced at that. Had some PM & the consensus seems to be 700 - 750 is a fare price. Dealers would probably disagree, I would be surprised if it goes for 1500. Seems collecting in 2020 is a rich mans hobby, no longer a working mans hobby. This must be the same record.
  2. Hi John,

    There's a copy of Barbara Lynn on Rarenorthernsoul but it's £1500. Probably a drop in the ocean to a man of your means.  🙂


    1. Johnny Northern

      Johnny Northern

      Yes, it's an extortionate price, not a fair price. 700 tops I think. But I suppose he has to pay for his Frank Wilson. The sad thing is everyone who has a copy & probably only paid 1.50 back I  the day think that's the real value, then lock it away never to be played out again. It's getting so you need to be a millionaire to be able to purchase a decent track.

      KTF John 

  3. Wanted Barbara Lynn - Mov'in On A Groove on JET. Price & condition please.
  4. Wanted Barbara Lynn - Mov'in On A Groove on JET. Price & condition please.
  5. When it arrives, I will offer up a pic on Discogs, as there's none there at the moment. I wanted it for sentimental reasons, it was part of my wife's funeral music. Let's hope it arrives before her 5th anniversary.
  6. Cheers Kev, I now have a copy on its way.
  7. Thank you Bo Diddley, should be winging its way to the UK very soon.
  8. Looking to buy, Al Green - God Is Standing By/Tired Of Being Alone. London Records. Thanks for looking.
  9. To be fair you you should of said stuff you, you greedy sod.
  10. I got one from New Jersey Friday, it took 10 days, I think that is fast. I still have no news of the one stuck in Chicago since 2nd April. Beginning to think I will never see it.
  11. I started this topic because of the record I'm waiting for. Reading past comments there seems to be a big problem in Chicago, has anyone had anything through there recently. Mine appears to be stuck stuck there. Posted 26th March the day after I purchased it, disappeared 2nd April. In-Transit Tracking History April 2, 2020, 1:10 pm Processed Through Regional Facility CHICAGO IL INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION CENTER Your item was processed through our CHICAGO IL INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION CENTER facility on April 2, 2020 at 1:10 pm. The item is currently in transit to t
  12. Mine stuck in Chicago too, not been there as long as yours, mines been there since 2nd April. Bazm keep me updated please cos mine might move shortly after yours.

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