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  1. Absolute Gentleman and oracle of wonderful new sounds,Thankyou cocker for my copy of Pat and the Blenders when it was ‘underground’ the world is short of a grand lad
  2. Can i take that fantastic Johnny c please
  3. Hi is the Little Richard still available?
  4. And of course Mr Gunton;roll back the carpets matey,Jimmy James’ best mate will do the business
  5. Great bunch of DJs Lainey and Stuart,great night in Accy
  6. Shame,brilliant venue..just seemed like you were back in the day,Stan,Pete and Denis did a great job.Another Hideaway bites the dust,good luck lads with a new venture
  7. Made me smile,enough from me though as I don't fancy dangling off a barbed wire fence...
  8. Two excellent DJ`s with fantastic collections,well worth the visit,the Petre mods will be in with mr and Mrs Kellett,well done lads-as it was,and as it can be...
  9. 'Dance' i hope you use the word loosely as I've seen the man wander onto the dance floor looking for a towel,with a twist...
  10. Looking forward to hearing Dave at this traditional Northern outpost-as it was-I take it you wil be playing the Springers Dave.atb murray
  11. Montalbano 45


    first time at this event for me-old girl lives up road in Newbold-reallylooking forward to this-Ribble valley mod

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