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  1. Saturday 26th June and BURSCOUGH BRITISH LEGION would like to welcome everyone back after a tough year, this is our first event for 16 months and it just happens to fall on what will be our 15th anniversary! How good is that, eh? As a special WELCOME BACK pressie we will not be charging an entrance fee for this event, all our guest DJs have agreed to come along and spin a few tunes for nowt which is extremely generous of them—many thanks people. So, if you fancy popping along for just an hour or maybe a bit longer then feel free to stay as long as you like, everyone is welcome and th
  2. We’re not looking for another venue at the moment to be honest.
  3. Really sorry but Orrell St James club will not be reopening when the current lockdown ends. The owners of the club are permanently closing 20 clubs locally and St James is unfortunately one of them. On behalf of myself, Lisa, Blunny, Tony & Ann we would like to express our thanks to everyone who has supported the venue over the years and those DJs who spun the sounds for us, much appreciated. No doubt there will be many other casualties of the present situation, let’s hope the venues that survive will attract enough support to see them through the tough times ahead. Tak
  4. The Sink Soul Club, down in the basement of Heebie Jeebies, Seel Street, Liverpool on Sunday 19th December 2021. More details to follow.......
  5. Brookesy

    Sink Soul Club, Liverpool

    The Sink Soul Club, down in the basement of Heebie Jeebies, Seel Street, Liverpool Sunday 17th October 2021. More details to follow.......
  6. The Sink Soul Club returns on Sunday 15th August in the basement of Heebie Jeebies, Seel Street, Liverpool for a fantastic afternoon of 60s Soul, Rhythm & Blues, Jamaican sounds, British Beat and much more. 3pm till 9pm, we are hoping to continue where we left off before the present situation halted the good times! If government restrictions allow we will see you all back down in the basement, fingers crossed.....
  7. Soul @ St Jame, Orrell, Wigan is definitely ON tonight, DJ times are below: 8--8.30. Tony Mundey 8.30--9. Tony Brookes 9--9.30. Martin Blundell 9.30--10. Carl Farrington 10--10.45. Tony Mundey 10.45--11.30. Tony Brookes 11.30--12.15. Carl Farrington 12.15--1. Martin Blundell See you all later.
  8. Carl Farrington has one of the best collections around, Saturday should be a top night of soulful sounds!
  9. Brookesy


    Hotel booked, looking forward to our trip to Lancaster next week. See y'all there!
  10. Special guest for 14th March at Orrell St James is Carl Farrington, top collector and DJ.
  11. All set for tonight, equipment sorted and sound check done--we'll see you all later for another evening of fine underplayed sounds, don't be late!
  12. DJ times for Saturday at the Legion: 8--8.45. Brookesy 8.45--9.15. Chris Barr 9.15--9.45. Carol Gilboy 9.45--10.15. Pete Everett 10.15--11. Chris Barr 11--11.45. Carol Gilboy 11.45--12.30. Pete Everett 12.30--1. Brookesy We'll see everyone tomorrow.
  13. Thanks for planning on coming over to the Legion on Saturday, we're sure you'll enjoy the night and the mix of music you'll hear there. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday, not long to go now.
  14. Brookesy


    Huge thanks to everyone who attended the legendary Sink Club on Sunday, a really good turn out despite some bad weather affecting people's travel plans. Special thanks to Andy Rowan who stood in for Stan Evans who was holidaying in the sun, two top sets from Andy with a full dance floor of appreciative folk. Next one over at the Sink is on Sunday 19th April, 3pm till 9pm down in the cellar of Heebie Jeebies--hope you can make it!
  15. Not long to go now till the next Burscough Legion soul night, this time we've got three guest DJs on who all have top collections and will each play a different mix of music. If you like to hear something a bit different then the Legion is the place for you on Saturday 22nd February, see you there.

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