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  1. Northern Soul & Motown night With dj’s Brian Bates & Barry Looker Tracey Church Marco Martinelli £5 otd 8pm until midnight Higham Ferrers WMC 6 Westfields Terrace NN10 8BB Higham Ferrers
  2. When I say issue I’m talking about a legit issue not a bootleg if it is a demo then they never released it as a non demo Both records were released in 1968 on two different labels I believe the MMC is a local release
  3. Sorry forgot to say they go for around £300 The proper issue on Independence has not for sale written on the right side The unofficial release doesn’t have this
  4. There’s 2 original versions the MMC one and then the one on Independence the independence one was also booted
  5. Hi I’m looking for Milton Bennett - What’s one more lie kent 25th anniversary 7” Thank you
  6. There’s 7 on Discogs on N.Y.S.C or one on Grapevine
  7. Looking for a vg+ copy of this please
  8. Wanted Denise La Salle - A love reputation VG+ upwards on Tarpon
  9. Sorry only just seen this ive got one now thank you

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