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    Live in Nottingham,loved Northern soul since 13 years old. Something thats magical never leaves you, no matter how old you become.

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    Simon Richard
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    Dancing without pratts walking across the floor with or without drinks in their hands while the music is still playing.
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    a lot of oldies, no disco classed as northern!!!

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  1. Happy Christmas to everyone ! looking for "Mean it Baby" must be at least Ex and top labels, Thanks for looking . Si
  2. Sold a beaut Kenny Carlton last yr. at Rugby all nighter - £400 - must have been mad.



  3. Anyone with list of white Motown promos, clean labels a must , at least V.G+ vinyl, please send me , cash waiting !
  4. Know it's a long shot, looking for an excellent copy of this classic, No hissing or label damage. Cheers Si.
  5. Looking for a top condition "Do you know what love is " 1st press , Must be clean labels too, Cheers Si.
  6. Looking for Ex at least copy with clean labels please, Cheers Si.
  7. Feeling extremely privileged to d.j at one of Nottinghamshire's biggest soul nights! Bring your dancing shoes !!
  8. First time down from Notts ! Outstanding, right from the off !
  9. Byron Northern Soul club Coming down to see those future D.Js !!!!
  10. What a night ! Cathy C and John Parker playing absolutely fantastic tunes in a great venue ! Missed Mikki Farrow and gutted ! Lol, big thank you also to my great mate and resident Stu Teece, if you've never been I guarantee you, it will be worth it ! Si.
  11. Hi Cathy Play Mikkey Farrow and Ill die a jealous man lol
  12. Yep, looking forward to it mate, venue is outstanding, huge dance floor and of course, Top guest d.js, Nothing less !
  13. Just over a week to go for another night of top class Northern Soul, our guests this month are Cathy. C and the one and only Mr. John Parker. Top night coming up!!!!
  14. So, yesterday was informed by Mr.Smith I missed this by 3 mins ! Anybody got a really nice copy for sale please ? Cheers Si.

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