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    Live in Nottingham,loved Northern soul since 13 years old. Something thats magical never leaves you, no matter how old you become.

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    Simon Richard
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    Dancing without pratts walking across the floor with or without drinks in their hands while the music is still playing.
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    a lot of oldies, no disco classed as northern!!!

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  1. Happy Christmas to everyone ! looking for "Mean it Baby" must be at least Ex and top labels, Thanks for looking . Si
  2. Sold a beaut Kenny Carlton last yr. at Rugby all nighter - £400 - must have been mad.



  3. Anyone with list of white Motown promos, clean labels a must , at least V.G+ vinyl, please send me , cash waiting !
  4. Know it's a long shot, looking for an excellent copy of this classic, No hissing or label damage. Cheers Si.
  5. Looking for a top condition "Do you know what love is " 1st press , Must be clean labels too, Cheers Si.
  6. Looking for Ex at least copy with clean labels please, Cheers Si.
  7. I have a copy Eric, But, that is the best one I've ever seen !!!
  8. Had them both at one time , sold the L.Allen as the Larry Allen is stone Mint.
  9. Hi Holly, send me a pic of Buster and Eddie please? Cheers Si.
  10. Call me Persistent! Still looking for a really nice copy of this Moses Smith record ! Anybody, anywhere got one for sale please ? Cheers Si.
  11. Hi, looking for a nice copy of "Come on, Let me love you", must be clean labels and vinyl. Cheer Si.
  12. So, happy new year to everyone !, it's a big ask but I'm looking for "come on and let me love you" in top condition please ? Cheers Si.

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