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  1. Sorry mate...I was the guy that got that copy....but I have just had a PDF list from a guy on FB... His name is Dave Shack....if you contact him...and say you were put onto him selling records from me Hammie (Ian Hamilton)...he has a copy on his sales list...but I don't know what he wants for it ?...good luck Hammie
  2. hammie

    Northern & Crossover 45s For Sale

    Hi there PM sent for Charles Brimmer Ok...
  3. hammie


    Yes I sold it for £2200 at the time to a well known collector DJ..
  4. I know there all in demand but you won't get if you don't ask... After the following as a xmas pressure to myself... The Moments - You said - Deep Bill Bush - I'm Waiting - Ronn Honey Bees - Let get together - Garrison Delegates of Soul - I'll come running back - Uplook Turley Richards - I feel alright - Columbia Pm me if you can help thanks Hammie
  5. Would have loved the Chuck Ray on Tamboo mate....bu**er...!!
  6. hammie

    Betty Fykes

  7. hammie

    Betty Fykes

    Betty Fikes & the Passions mate...might help with your search. Good luck...just sold mine
  8. hammie

    Tammy Wayne - Have a good time

    Guy called Tony's in sales selling an issue copy mate...just decide on condition you can accept ..
  9. Anybody willing to let a copy of this in at least Ex condition thanks
  10. After this nice little mid tempo if anyone can help thanks Please PM...Hammie
  11. hammie

    Melvin Moore - All of a sudden - Sky Hero

    Real one only thanks...
  12. An original copy of Melvin Moore wanted if anyone can help thanks Hammie
  13. The Rosebuds - Say you'll be mine - Tower....M-.....£90-00 SOLD NOW J J Daniels - Mr Lonesome - Sure Shot Demo.....M-.....£40-00 Harold Hutton(Bobby Hutton) - Lucky boy - Checker W/d....M-.....£60-00 The Impossibles - It's all right - Roulette W/d....M-....£60-00 The Flairs - You got to steal it - RAP....M-.....£90-00 SOLD NOW The Orientals - Soul ain't you thrilled - New Dawn.....M-.....£70-00 All prices please add £2-50 P&P per disc.....PM me if interested....Thanks Hammie
  14. hammie

    The Other Brothers - Nobody but me

    Thanks...looks like I'm sorted now....


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