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  1. Deplores Clark - Living to please - Antares....M-......£50-00 Harold Hutton - Lucky Boy - Checker W/d ......M-......rare promo. (Bobby Hutton).....£60-00 J J Daniels - Mr. Lonesome - Sure-Shot Demo.....M-.....£40-00 The Impossibles - It's alright - Roulette W/d.....M-.....£50-00 Ray Pollard - Wanderlust - Decca....(drill hole).....M-.....£50-00 The Revealers - They had a party at the watergate - Paramount demo.....great X over (seen at £150)......£50-00 Please add post and packing to all records at £2-50 extra please PM if interested thanks
  2. The last one for 2019...... Unbeleivably our 11th Anniversary !!! For this night our guest DJ is one of the scenes most humble guys yet most consistent in delivering top quality rare soul ..........the legend that is.......Mr Carl Fortnum We look forward to welcoming him and all of you for what should be another cracking night of music and memories Look out soon for dates and dj's for 2020.....we will be hoping to get some great new guests to keep you on your toes both metaphorically and in dancing reality
  3. Been a couple of months or more since the last one....but here we are back with a bang !!! Further adventures in exploring the wonderful world of collecting and hearing great soul music.... For this afternoons delights we have as guests the wonderful Lisa Wolverson...now London based but originally from the Emerald Isle.....this Lady has great taste and a collection to match...a real pleasure to have her with us for the afternoon ....and our other guest is Mick Beeby....resident at the brilliant Club Caliante in Peterborough... Mick has a great and varied collection of top tunes and will I am sure serve us up some different delights on the day. Hope to see you all for what should be a quality music fest of lesser played Northern, Crossover, Sweet and rare etc... all the best from Hammie and Geoff
  4. Truly an honour to be guesting at this the last event at a long standing legendary soul venue.... Gonna feel the pressure....but hope to make it a memorable night for all the soul fans in attendance. Would be great to see you there ...all the best from Hammie x
  5. hammie

    Stewartby Soul Club Nr Bedford

    Yes indeed.....not long to go now...
  6. Just looking at eBay tonight and Fred Hughes - I keep trying promo up to over $1000 ???? can anyone tell me .....am I missing something here ??
  7. A very rare double sider on the legendary Philly Arctic label..... ON HOLD CINDY GIBSON - Step by Step/Whisper you love me boy - Arctic W/Demo Condition.....Vinyl M-. Label.....Radio station stamp/Sticker residue, but otherwise clean & shiny. £850-00. Plus P&P Pm me if interested thanks...
  8. Thought you were still after this ?.....hope you didn't buy it from some one local we both know
  9. After a nice copy of.... The MONZAS - You know you turn me on - MOON Cash waiting....thanks
  10. I can't remember ...but it seemed to be easy at one time to contact another member ?? Now I have no idea how to contact some one on here and I am pretty fed up looking for heavens sake help me !!!
  11. To be fair it says VG....although labels look better than just VG...but you can't see vinyl for a look and no sound file .....anyway better than my lined copy with 2 'X' on label...
  12. One one US EBay now ....put in a search ?
  13. Hi Ady....only looking at paying around £35/40 max for a lesser condition copy as my girlfriend just wants it to put in a Juke box !!! Seen some on eBay but thought I would try to get one at the price I want on here first..... Hope your well mate....couldn't make Cinderford last week as I was DJing up north
  14. Should try putting this in the wants mate ...where people will see it
  15. Hi there ... After a VG ++ at least condition copy of ... Betty Swann - The man that said no - Money at a reasonable price if anyone can help....thanks in advance Hammie

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