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  1. Weaver


    Yeah, not for playing out, but because people seem to collect anything these days just as artefacts from a past era. Presumably they're quite rare in the sense that somebody might have knocked off only a small number at the time and a fair few might have been trashed years ago. Can't say I've ever noticed anything similar for sale - hence my original post, so who knows...
  2. Weaver


    Thanks for the info. Do people collect these, or is it not the done thing to sell it on (it being a carver etc)?
  3. Weaver


    I recently picked up this 45 in a batch of stuff, but have no idea whether it's someone's dodgy boot/carver or something of interest. It feels like shellac rather than vinyl and has hand written titles - "You've got the upper hand" by Candi Staton; and "Put me in your Pocket" by Jeannette Harper. Other than that, it has a distinctive logo, and printed type - Demonstration Record. Sound quality is not great, but playable. Anyone seen anything like it?
  4. Weaver

    Keep the Faith - Northern Soul Night

    A free night of Northern soul, Motown and Crossover, hosted by Soul on the Water at the Waterfront Inn in Diss, Norfolk, featuring floor-filling Cromer Soul Club DJs Hitman Hawkins and Trevor Half-Nelson spinning the vinyl - 8pm til late.
  5. Weaver

    Keep the Faith Northern Soul

    Great night with a lot of top tunes. Bar was quite cheap and there was room to dance. Would have preferred it to run later, but heard on the grapevine that might happen. Even spotted a well-known DJ from back in the day in the crowd. Best bit was when his picture popped up on a projection screen from years back. What are the chances of that?
  6. Weaver



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