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  1. I can remember overhearing this EXACT same debate from fellow passengers in a train carriage on the way to an alldayer in about 1985!
  2. I've got an issue copy of that (apols for the wonky photo).
  3. By the look of it, it's definitely not from the 60s and from last 20 years or so. However not on Discogs that I can find and nothing seems to come up apart from this listing when you Google. So seems undocumented /obscure. Carver?
  4. There's a lot of unreleased Mickey Stevenson -produced stuff emerging at the moment. Here's one that did come out on his 'Here I Am' LP (possibly UK only on vinyl, it appears to have only come out on cassette in the US).
  5. So a 45 that's never been issued before is a 'reissue' and 'LP only' means 'first released on LP'. Ok. You live and learn. Obvious really!
  6. Definitely pre-internet. Fun has gone out of it now to a large extent and bargains a thing of the past. It's changed from an interest where the more effort you put in the more you developed your knowledge and the more rewarding it got, to one where all you really need is lots of disposable income. Just another form of expensive retail consumerism now really. That said, I think there are other possibilities with the changed situation...
  7. If you click on 'Edit Release' at the top right of the page you can view the comment about the Soul Brother release from a Discogs staff member there. The counterfeit doesn't have a listing on there...
  8. This got reissued on Soul Brother last year then apparently withdrawn. Sales also blocked on Discogs. Assume with it being an established reissue label they put it out believing they had the licensing, etc then withdrew owing to some kind of mix up or dispute over that? What's the story here then? And assuming my guesswork is correct how do we categorise releases like that - (ie not put out as a bootleg but withdrawn for copyright / legal reasons)?
  9. Don't get out much so I don't know if this ones ever been played out much or been and gone or whatever. On a CD-only comp about 20 years ago and on vinyl I believe for the first time, couple of years ago. Absolutely top drawer. Love this:
  10. There was a 7" of Ralph Graham put out couple of years ago on Soul Brother.
  11. There's three copies on Discogs. Just bought one myself - thanks for the tip!
  12. Thanks - that pretty conclusively deals with that one then! Edit: Hang on though, maybe not (from the report linked to the thread quoted)..
  13. What's this one then? Listed as a promo for a 'forthcoming licensed release' which release appears to have never emerged. Is it really that? Or is it just another boot? And any idea of the quality?
  14. What is the correctly pressed up release (ie not the instrumental of Living Color) like?
  15. As to who they were, both records are credited to B. Durham, L. Cox and M. Davis. Discogs identifies these as: https://www.discogs.com/artist/102463-Mark-Davis-2 https://www.discogs.com/artist/562378-Billy-Durham https://www.discogs.com/artist/6864380-Leamon-Cox So presumably these guys? The other release listed on Penthouse and the other release on Madhatter (which are both quite nice) also have these credits. I've never heard of the Mystery Men record before this but it sounds like an odd release - like an unfinished outtake or something and very dated for 1975.
  16. Superb. This one likewise - also previously originally on a comp and out shortly (due I think, week after next) on a 7"...
  17. Great record. Was in fact, 100 Club anniversary 7" in 1998 and I think, played there before that.
  18. It also came out on a (Gilles / Baz Fe Jazz) jazz dance compilation LP in 1988 and the Billy Hawks 'Heavy Soul' LP was reissued around the same time. (Edit: I see someone else just posted this too)
  19. I don't bother with eBay but anyone else noticed the increasing number of Discogs sellers who won't ship to the UK? That's presumably as a result of all this palaver....
  20. I've had same thing once. I assumed it was because I got negative feedback after I cancelled and left neg feedback on a complete timewaster of a completely different 'seller' who messed me around for weeks, with excuses about why he couldn't get to the post office and kept insisting on 'meeting up halfway' to physically hand over a fairly inexpensive record. This was in spite of the fact this was during the first lockdown and I was recovering from major surgery! I mean if you can't leave negative in that situation when can you?
  21. In partial response to the OP, pretty sure this is an oldie from the early days - Wheel or Pendulum or somewhere like that.
  22. How did the Canadian version of the Right On label come about then? Couple of collectable releases (Sammy Gaha; Ms Dolly Gilmore) that didn't appear on the UK imprint...
  23. All of the above. Also seem to remember this from the Stafford / early 100 Club era.. There's also a good one written by Bunny Sigler/Ron Tyson ('I'm Comin' Home in The Morning') on his charity shop staple 'Tears on My Pillow' LP but amazingly, it's not on YouTube.
  24. This is really superb. Gabriels 'Love and Hate In A Different Time'. Out on a limited 12' in December but pre-orderable now.

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