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  1. JoeSoap

    Soul Source guide to record collecting.

    Back in the 80s when I used to hunt records fairly obsessively, finding out about the delta numbers was like a revelation. It's not that difficult really, you just need to have some awareness of when the first digit was used and when it went from 5 to 6 digits.
  2. JoeSoap

    Most Miserable Records Ever

    This is on a par with Caroline Sullivan. Fucking awesome:
  3. JoeSoap

    Left Field tunes

    This was definitely played quite a lot at one stage...
  4. JoeSoap

    Left Field tunes

    Does this ever get played these days? Chinese trappings and a mandolin solo!
  5. JoeSoap

    Left Field tunes

    Sounded like nothin' else at the time but worked so well. Still an all time fave.
  6. JoeSoap

    Left Field tunes

    Great, great record. Soul inflected rock really rather than soul. David Cassidy did a version which is also great,
  7. JoeSoap


    Oh ffs! DJs have always done this. Where does this clueless idea about virtuous OVO playlists come from? Utter nonsense!
  8. JoeSoap

    Charles Johnson never had a love

    Can I put in an order then? I'll take 100..
  9. JoeSoap

    Charles Johnson never had a love

    Agree. Very hard to track down too, I seem to remember.
  10. JoeSoap

    Roy Handy - Baby That's A Groove (Stephanye)

    Had the green one off the stall outside Cheapos in Soho in the mid-80s. Assume it was a real one given other things I picked up there at the time. I think they got them off Soul Bowl) Didn't really know what was what in those days tho, and always assumed such things would always be easily available for a few quid. Think it got left in a dodgy flat we had to vacate quickly, or something...
  11. Edwin Starr, obviously. Doni Burdick sounds a bit weak heard through this medium but I'm sure it sounded better cranked up through a primitive sound system in an atmospheric dancehall. Or maybe it was the drugs? Lol!
  12. JoeSoap

    Whatever Happened To............................?

    Apparently Ritchie Adams, Barry White and Jimmy Radcliffe were among the songwriters for The Banana Splits!
  13. JoeSoap

    Whatever Happened To............................?

    Just remembered. He had some records on Buddah, too. (Shite).


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