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  1. I've had same thing once. I assumed it was because I got negative feedback after I cancelled and left neg feedback on a complete timewaster of a completely different 'seller' who messed me around for weeks, with excuses about why he couldn't get to the post office and kept insisting on 'meeting up halfway' to physically hand over a fairly inexpensive record. This was in spite of the fact this was during the first lockdown and I was recovering from major surgery! I mean if you can't leave negative in that situation when can you?
  2. In partial response to the OP, pretty sure this is an oldie from the early days - Wheel or Pendulum or somewhere like that.
  3. How did the Canadian version of the Right On label come about then? Couple of collectable releases (Sammy Gaha; Ms Dolly Gilmore) that didn't appear on the UK imprint...
  4. All of the above. Also seem to remember this from the Stafford / early 100 Club era.. There's also a good one written by Bunny Sigler/Ron Tyson ('I'm Comin' Home in The Morning') on his charity shop staple 'Tears on My Pillow' LP but amazingly, it's not on YouTube.
  5. This is really superb. Gabriels 'Love and Hate In A Different Time'. Out on a limited 12' in December but pre-orderable now.
  6. According to Discogs, the one on Fee with 'Taking My Mind off Love' appears to be a variant or reissue of the identical Grapevine 2K release. The original also of course, came out on both Fee and (original series) Grapevine, both in 79. Always used to go for same price. How come it came out on both labels both times?
  7. Could be same track mixed differently - they'd already recycled it once. But it's definitely two different singers. You can hear that from the first couple of lines. Different timbre - Ester has a huskier undertone, Rita more 'breathy'. Perhaps the second one used the first one as a 'guide vocal'? They did it quickly for the b-side and just got her to copy the earlier vocal to fit the pre-existing backing? Or maybe they were disappointed the Ester Byrde didn't break through and wanted another shot with it and just did it the same? It's an excellent record after all.,,,
  8. ....couldn't remember what is was called earlier but this came first, I believe.
  9. Sounds like a different backing track and vocal to me. Both very similar but different recordings. I've got an old Black Music with a little article on Esther Byrde. Think she was a singer / actress in a West End musical around the time this came out (or something like that).
  10. Yes I did watch and quite enjoyed the first series but lost track after that. As a matter of fact the radio station I mentioned above is WWOZ New Orleans which you can stream online. Been listening on a daily basis since lockdown. You might enjoy that if you liked Treme. Lots of obscure soul amongst an eclectic selection of great mainly black New Orleans music.
  11. Okay, this is only intended as a lighthearted post but I heard this on a US radio station recently. Brought a smile to my face so I thought I'd share. Definitely a dancer, got a bit of 'Tighten Up' about it.. Good times music. You've got to love this?
  12. My copy of Garland got stolen about 30 years ago otherwise so would mine be!
  13. So I have found a record and trying to work out if anyone knows it.... It has the same backing as The Staple Singers 'Trippin' on Your Love'. It's not same recording but was recorded in Memphis in the 70s and actually came out before the Staple Singers. Different song. Bit of a left field find / artist but I think it's a really good record. .....Anyone know what I'm going on about?
  14. Also a shout for this one which I can't see mentioned here:

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