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  1. Edwin Starr, obviously. Doni Burdick sounds a bit weak heard through this medium but I'm sure it sounded better cranked up through a primitive sound system in an atmospheric dancehall. Or maybe it was the drugs? Lol!
  2. JoeSoap

    Whatever Happened To............................?

    Apparently Ritchie Adams, Barry White and Jimmy Radcliffe were among the songwriters for The Banana Splits!
  3. JoeSoap

    Whatever Happened To............................?

    Just remembered. He had some records on Buddah, too. (Shite).
  4. JoeSoap

    Whatever Happened To............................?

    Think he was the Artful Dodger first and this was kind of a vehicle for him after that...He came to quite a sad end... Edit: Steve Marriot and Anthony Newley also portrayed the Artful Dodger as juvenile actors so I think the role was seen as a precursor to future success and fame...
  5. JoeSoap

    Whatever Happened To............................?

    ...the football pools? Every Thursday evening the cheery knock at the door from the Pools Man / Lady to collect your coupon and your cash stake. Quite often there'd be 'irregularities' with coupons / stakes not reaching Littlewoods HQ and a new Pools man / lady would appear on the doorstep the following week... Pictures on the back of the coupon with cut out heads with a black rectangle over the eyes and 'Rotherham Man, won..
  6. Hi folks, selling the following: Some great but lesser[known items here so some YouTube clips added (the ones on YT aren't my copies of the records). Exits - 'Under the Street Lamp' / 'You Got to Have Money' GEMINI. VG+ (Plays better. surface marks but nothing serious or affecting play, WOL). All time great double sider: £95 The Nu Page- ‘A Heart is a House’ Mowest. NM. Awe..
  7. JoeSoap

    Unissued Court Davis Acetate

  8. It was never a *'youth'* culture. It's our culture that we created when we were young. It remains ours forever.
  9. Never knew this but the Roulette is obvs a remix or even a different take (backing vocals absent on the P&P which also sounds slower). Was it played at Blackpool Mecca? I think I have read or been told it was well-known in underground clubs in New York, etc as a new release (a lot of the 70s records we like were picked up by or even aimed at, the US gay disco scene). I remember it first really taking off in the late 80s on t..
  10. Utterly brilliant record - Knocks the quite dreadful 60s rarities and new discoveries of today into a cocked hat! So good. Just grows and grows on you.
  11. JoeSoap

    Comedy Sale Of The Day

    What about this? 'Sleeve only'! Lol! Be worth at least another couple of quid if it had the record in it!
  12. JoeSoap

    Bobby Smith

    I always remember rumours that the white demo of this was a boot. One of them is it?/isn't it? debates that went on. Did that ever get resolved?
  13. Wow! The US was waaaay ahead then. We didn't even get a list! (..Thinking back about the provincial UK record shops of my youth in the 70s, they were usually staffed by Charles Shaar Murray / Mick Farren lookalikes who would just sneer at some kid coming in asking for things they'd never heard of. Lol! No wonder those shops all went out of business!)
  14. Did US record shops generally have 45s out on display to browse through, then? In most UK shops selling records, they'd have the LP sleeves out in the shop to browse through but if you wanted a single you had to go up to the counter to ask for it. They'd have them all filed behind the counter and go and look for it. I think this is an overlooked reason, in UK at least, why so many releases slipped through the net. Unless you'd heard..
  15. JoeSoap

    Maxine brown

    Yes it was.