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  1. Was a Big These Old Shoes Spin in London late 90s early Noughties . Not sure who spun it maybe Martin Thompson. Always been a 30/40 quid 45 so something must have happened
  2. Lonnie Lester ,Remarkables and Hector Rivera Now SOLD
  3. A few nice bits and bobs here up for grabs . All prices in UK Pounds.Paypal as a friend free UK Post. 7 quid anywhere else signed for . Jay F K My Bonnie Sonata 200 VG ++ The Barons I got a Feeling Etah 80 VG ++ The Ad Libs Johnny My Boy Blue Cat 50 VG ++ Larry Birdsong You're not gonna worry me Showboat 50 VG + Ernie Time Once upon a time Carmine 50 VG ++ Lonnie Lester and Chuck Danzy Aint That a shame Nu-Tone 80 VG ++ SOLD Willie Kendricks Let Me Know Checker 60 VG ++ Soul Sound Boogaloo for you Injection 40 VG + Lollipops Love is the only answer RCA Demo 20 VG + Denny Beline Outside the city RCA Demo 20 VG ++ Sylvie Vartan I Made my choice RCA Issue 30 VG ++ Dee Dee Sharpe Lets Twine Cameo Demo 40 VG ++ Lesley Duncan Run for shelter Mercury 30 VG ++ Jimmy Mccracklin Get back Premium 40 VG ++ Deena Thomas Standing There crying Clark records 40VG ++ Mahalia Jackson Im on my way Apollo 40 VG ++ Willie Parker Salute to lovers M-Pac 20 VG + Al Smith Come on pretty baby Prestige Bluesville 30 VG ++ The Remarkables Is the feeling still there Audio Arts 20 VG + SOLD The Styles Baby I'm alive Modern Demo 40 VG ++ Hector Rivera Playing It cool Barry 20 VG + SOLD
  4. Stunning version which has been in me play box for years the other side Dont Touch me baby is a good un as well
  5. Heres the original backing track to the Jobell Orchestra first heard Colin Law play this at the 100 club a couple of years ago it Rocked the Dancefloor. Us 100 Clubbers have always had a soft spot for Latin since it first got played there in the mid 80s. A lot of that had to do with the fact that Latin was played on the Mod scene back then so we already knew the Rhythms anyway
  6. Some very nice 45s up for grabs All at Great Prices. All records in VG ++ unless otherwise stated. All prices in UK Pounds and Free UK Post .Anywhere else on the planet its Eight Pounds signed and tracked . Bank Transfer or Paypal family and Friends Thanks for Looking Young Jessie Teacher Give Me Back/My Country Cousin Mercury demo 250 The Superbs The Wind Is Blowing/Better Get Your Own One Buddy Dore 40 SOLD Ray Scott and the Scottmen Love Piled on top of love/I Cant Get You on TV Baby Decca. 100 SOLD The Lovers Without a Doubt/One Way to Love Frantic .At the Bargain price of 800 SOLD Jackey Beavers Lover Come Back/Someday we'll Be Together Sound Stage 7 40 Pat Lewis Warning/ill Wait Solid Hit 30 The Tears Good Luck My Love/What You're Doing To Me Smash Issue 140
  7. Some Great stuff listed including Gospel Crossover from Evangelist Zephyrine B Hill Ive been dipped in the water ,Troy Dodds Bossa Nova Cha Cha Cha ,Peggy March If you loved me and Nancy Lee Dont let me keep you on Arc. Check out the link here Thanks for Looking https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/okeh63/m.html?item=273360531951&hash=item3fa58eb1ef%3Ag%3AuRkAAOSwHt5bTaF8&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
  8. 49 Tasty 45S just added to EBAY Check the link below Thanks for looking https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/okeh63/m.html?item=273128895749&hash=item3f97c03505%3Ag%3AugoAAOSw73NauPTd&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2562
  9. Yep Two great sides Superb Production and all for less than 20 quid
  10. Great 45 no idea why its never really taken off
  11. Some Nice Bits and Pieces up for grabs. All prices in UK Pounds PayPal as a Gift Free UK Post A Fiver anywhere else on the Planet Thanks for looking Alan Otis Williams Baby You Turn Me On Okeh Demo 30 The Rivingtons Your Gonna Pay/I Dont Want A New Baby Quan 40 SOLD Cavaliers I really love you RCA Demo 30 vg + Bobby Williams Play a sad song Sureshot 20 Billy Butler I Cat work no longer Okeh issue 30 Joan Moody We Must Be Doing Something Right Sylvia 20 Voices Fallen love again. Penny 20 Spencer Seachin for love Midtown 30. SOLD The Sound of Soul Wrapped up tight Josie 30 Billy Butler You make me think you aint ready. Okeh issue 30 Darlen Darcel. Fairy Tales Jo Jo 80 Willie Hudson Red lips. Miss 30 Johnny Thunder Ever your man. Epic demo 60 The Cadillacs What you bet Smash w/d 30 Johnny Appalachian Mountain of a man/Up in Smoke Goldie 80 The Chymes Bring it back home/Lets try it again Okeh demo 60 Jimmy Whitney Night Before Day. Groove 80 Jimmy Norman Family Tree Mercury w/d 60 Harriett Laverne and the Lovenotes A letter to my love/Cant get along without you Brenne 160 The Nature Boys Watch Yourself. Uptown 50 The Four Chaps True Lovers Co and Ce 40 Tawny Reed You can't take it away Congress demo 70 Willie Feaster Ive been waiting L Brown 30 Lydia Pense. Ill forgive you then forget you. Invader demo 70 Inez and Charlie Foxx. No stranger to love Musicor 20 Curtis Smith. I like everything Doma 10 Perry and Pete. Rockin Wobble Brent 10 Malcolm Dodds Tonight. End 10 Donnie Elbert I Got To Get Myself Together/Cant Get Over Losing You Rare Bullett 10
  12. Was deffo known on the Mod Scene generally by us Jamaican collectors .But dint really take off till the 90s on the Soul Scene Ady Lupton has it on JA Stag im sure its the Brown one but its been along time since ive seen it

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