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  1. James Rice

    Richard Morris - Account Now Closed

    I This account has now been closed. If anyone knows Richard, I encourage you to give him a nudge in the right direction and respond in anyway he can. If he has been unable to get to a computer, then please could someone let us know.
  2. James Rice

    Richard Morris - Account Now Closed

    Hello, If anyone knows Richard personally, could they please tell him to get in touch with me ASAP. It's regarding a sales issue of £150. I understand sometimes extenuating circumstances can delay things but it's been over two weeks now. https://www.soul-source.co.uk/profile/7854-ritchie/ Thanks, James
  3. James Rice

    teardrops 50-00

    Hey Keith, a bit more info on the listings might help drive a sale. Cheers, James
  4. James Rice

    S O M E | O R I G I N A L | 4 5 S

    Hey @Zanetti, We'd prefer if you just kept the formatting of the title of your post to letters / numbers only please. We just don't want over formatting to get too out of hand, thanks mate! James
  5. James Rice

    Northern/Motown/Stax/Soul LPs For Sale

    Hey @WalesKTF, I've merged your posts. We'd prefer listings such as this to be condensed as one, which gives more opportunity for listings to stay on the main page longer, therefore increasing the opportunity for sales. Cheers, James
  6. James Rice

    Steve Mannion

    Please get in touch with me ASAP!
  7. Hey Steve,Been trying to contact you for a while now regrading a sales issue.Please get back to me ASAP!James
  8. James Rice

    Nat Hall - Explanation - Top-Soul        

    Hello, As per the guidelines, if you're going to be posting multiple items for sale, we'd prefer them condensed in to one list as this keeps more records on the first page for longer. I noticed that it's been 3 posts in 24/hrs, guidelines do state to stick to only two per 24/hrs. Thanks, James
  9. James Rice

    Bob meyer

    Hey @Zola & @Hop Scotch Jump, PMs might be better for transaction discussions in the future! Just saves clogging up the posts. Nice one, James
  10. James Rice


    It's possible to resize the images once uploaded to Soul-Source. Click the '+' symbol in the bottom left hand corner of the image to add it to the post, once this is done, double click the image and you'll be able to make them smaller therefore allowing you more room for more images. Hope that helps, let me know if you have any issues. James
  11. James Rice


    Hey @southern_soul1, We'd prefer posts such as these and your other two to be condensed in to one listing. This keeps more posts on the 1st page and therefore increases the opportunity for sales for everyone. Thanks, James
  12. The ‘eBay and Website’ section of the forum is now only available to ‘Mint’ members. Please read these guidelines for an update: Moving forward, only sales lists for sales direct through Soul-Source will be allowed. External website / eBay advertisements will now require a membership.
  13. James Rice


    Hey @45heaven, Please could we keep the Discogs / eBay links to the website / eBay section of the forum. If you’re not a user of our ‘Mint’ membership service, then you’ll have to remove the links as part of the new / upcoming guidelines, available here: Thanks mate! James
  14. James Rice


    Hey @piloterec, We'd prefer if you posted all records for sale in one listing, rather than two as it keeps more sales posts on the main page and therefore increases the opportunity for sales. Thanks, James
  15. James Rice

    Ronnie Gordon - Shake Some Time - Comin' Home - R&B

    Hey @geogger, We’d prefer one post with both your for sale items in the future as it keeps more listings on the first page and therefore increased opportunity for sales! Thanks, James


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