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    Staff member here on Soul-Source. Managing all things Sales, please get in touch if you have any questions. Currently working for @BeatinRhythm. Open Wednesday-Saturday, 10:30-17:00

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    James Rice
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    Manchester, UK
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    Sag War Fare - Don't Be So Jive

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  1. Hello everyone, We’re getting a lot of comments across various listings that aren’t particularly relevant to the sale of the records. As per the guidelines: please keep any chat or open discussion to the relevant areas of the forum or make use of the PM system. The PM system is also the preferred method of communication for organising purchases / sales. Happy digging! Thanks!
  2. Hello, In the future, please make us of PM service to arrange sales. Excessive comments unnecessarily flag the post as 'Hot'. Cheers, James (Sales Mod)
  3. Hey @Neal Bull, Please keep chat relevant to the sale. Any discussions please send via PM. Thanks. James
  4. Hello users new and old, Please give the site guidelines a read at the available link: https://www.soul-source.co.uk/source-help/soul-source-sales-feature-help/ All the information with regards to selling via Soul-Source is available via that link. If you’re a new user, then please give it a read before posting your first listing. If you’re an existing user please make sure to check back regularly and keep yourself up to date with any changes that may have been implemented. Any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. Thanks.
  5. Hey everyone, Please use the PM feature to discuss sales. Multiple comments will push the post into the ‘popular’ posts unnecessarily. Thanks!
  6. Hello everyone, Just wanted to bring your attention to a new feature that we have implemented with regards to single-listing postings in the Sales & Website Sales sub-forums. As most of you will probably already know (as per the guidelines), we have a two posts per day maximum but we do prefer that posts be condensed as much as possible. If you have two single 45's to sell, then we'd prefer them in one post rather than split as two individual listings. From today, we have implemented an auto-check feature that will prevent anyone from posting more than twice in that area of the forum in any one day. Therefore, pre-planning posts and including as much as possible per listing is recommended. Editing posts will still be available so that you can go back to add more records / information, alternatively, you can wait until the following day to post again. Normal guidelines apply as to the frequency of reposts. Let me know if anyone has any questions regarding this. Thanks!
  7. I’d you have an issue regarding price, then please use the PM system. We have a ‘popular now’ system in place and negative posts will push posts unwillingly to this point and potentially being attention in a negative way. In my opinion the sales sub forum doesn’t require comments in most cases, as often the PM system is more appropriate. I hope that helps! Here to answer any questions
  8. Hello, If you could edit and mark the items as sold, rather than posting comments as it's unnecessarily bumping your post into the 'Popular Now' section at the top of sub-forum. Thanks, James (Sales Mod)
  9. Hey mate, Please watch the number of individual record sales posts, please. We’d much prefer if you condensed the posts (as per the guidelines) as it enables more posts to stay on the first page and increases the opportunity for sale for everyone. Thanks, James (Sales Mod)
  10. Hello, Please give the guidelines a read re: posts per day and single listing posts. If you have multiple items to sell, we'd much rather they be condensed as one listing. This allows more records to stay on the first page for longer and ultimately increases the opportunity for sales for everyone. Just so you're aware we also limit the number of posts in the sales forum to two per day. Thanks, James (Sales Mod)
  11. Hey @Hammie, Please be aware that 'No reposting of Sales items within 3 days, then 7 days for further reposts'. Although auctions are permitted, posting updates result in violation of the guidelines. Please keep this in mind for future posts. James
  12. We seem to be encountering more and more issues with new users not following the guidelines associated with the forum. All the information is readily available, so please give it a read before posting. https://www.soul-source.co.uk/source-help/soul-source-sales-feature-help/ Thanks!
  13. Hey @SteveM, In the future please condense multiple posts into one list. It enables more posts to stay on the main page and increase the opportunity for sales for everyone. Thanks, James (Sales Mod)
  14. Hey @glenn, In the future, please condense single sale listings into one post. This will enable more records to stay on the first page and increase the chance of sales for everyone. Thanks James (Sales Mod)
  15. Hey @Richard, Please give the guidelines a read re: multiple single listings posts. We would prefer single listings to be condensed as much as possible and allow a maximum of two lists per day. This is to enable as many listings to stay on the first page as possible and increase the chance of sales for everyone. Thanks James (Sales Mod)

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