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    Staff member here on Soul-Source. Managing all things Sales, please get in touch if you have any questions. Currently working for @BeatinRhythm. Open Wednesday-Saturday, 10:30-17:00

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    Manchester, UK
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    Sag War Fare - Don't Be So Jive

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  1. Please make use of the PM system to discuss matters regarding conditions in the future. Thanks, James
  2. @Cally49, I’ve mentioned this more than a few times now. Please start using the PM system to organise sales. All these comments go against the guidelines and are completely unnecessary!
  3. Please use the pm system in the future! Thanks
  4. Please use the PM system in the future!
  5. Please use the PM system in the future!
  6. Please us the PM system in the future!
  7. Please use the PM system in the future!
  8. Please make use of the PM system when arranging deals.
  9. Comments have been hidden. In the future please make use of the PM system to finalise deals. Thanks.
  10. Please make use of the PM system to discuss anything unrelated to specific sales. Thanks.
  11. I think the long term sales might just end up being a copy of whatever it is running alongside. Most likely everyone will just post in two places rather than the one and they’ll just be copies of one another rather than having any distinguishable differences. That was my first thought. Any other takes on the idea?
  12. Please keep comments relevant to the sale of the record. Any non-specific comments, please use start a new topic in one of the more general sub forums or use the PM system. Thanks. James
  13. @Neal Bull, as previously discussed, please keep any general comments / discussions to the PM system or please start a fresh topic in one of the general chat areas of the forum. Thanks, James (Sales Mod)

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