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  1. Postage £1.60 for 1-3 , £2 for 4-6 UK only bobby coleman ex £25 anacostia ex £8 tobi etc VG+ £8 tony hester/perfections ex £15 the dells VG £10 tommy hunt ex £10(2 superb un released tracks) the sequins ex £8(70's pressing) bull and the matadors ex £10 the dells VG+ £15(has a scuff that doesn't affect play at all,sounds ex) margaret little ex £6 earl wright ex £5 irene and the scotts ex £10(same both sides) gary lewis ex £5 the supremes ex £5 thanks for looking
  2. All ex except Tobi Legend and its VG Postage £1.60 for 1-3 UK only £10 each thanks for looking
  3. Postage £1.60 for 1-3 , £2 for 4-6 , £3 for 7 or more UK only Payment PayPal friends and family preferred or cheques etc drifters ex detroit spinners -ex dobie gray ex elgins ex (sticker on a side) ronnie walker ex (two good sides) supremes ex (sticker on a side) diana ross and supremes ex san remo strings ex brothers,sisters and cousins ex hosanna ex lord thunder ex donnie elbert -ex joe simon ex (two good sides) ray charles VG+ (2 good sides) the tymes ex tommy hunt ex (good inst) syl johnson ex (2 good early 70's sides) Sound clips for reference only not from discs on sale,thanks for looking,loads of "not so known" stuff on my Facebook group "Lesser Known Northern & Modern Soul For Sale"
  4. Postage £1.60 UK only Tony and Tandy Ex £12 (red sticker on a side)(SOLD) The LaSalles Ex £20 Bobby Coleman Ex £30 Anacostia Ex 10 Thanks for looking,I've loads of less known/played tunes for sale on my Facebook group "Lesser Known Northern & Modern Soul For Sale" cheers
  5. Postage £1.60 first class £3 first class recorded UK only The Tonettes I gotta know / my heart can feel the pain Dynamic Ex condition £120 Sound clips for reference only,not taken from disc on sale,thanks for looking
  6. First class £1.60 Recorded £3 Special Delivery £8 UK only The Headlines-£220 ex old Stafford tune!! You tube clip not from copy on sale,both sides on the clip Thanks for looking I have loads of good not so well known records for sale on my Facebook group "Lesser Known Northern & Modern Soul For Sale" all with pictures and sound links,just ask to join.
  7. Postage £1.60 1-3 , £2 4-6 UK only You tube clips for reference only,not taken from sales discs lenny Welch ex £30 the originals ex £15(stereo/mono)(SOLD) life ex £5 lord large ex £10 the o'jays ex £4 (SOLD) percy thomas ex £5 terry collins ex £8(SOLD) jacqui Williams ex £6 bobby womack demo ex £10(SOLD) Thanks for looking,if you're on Facebook you might want to check out my group "Lesser Known Northern & Modern Soul For Sale" loads of not so well known stuff all with pictures and sound,cheers
  8. Postage £1.60 for 1-3,£2 for 4-6, £3 recorded and £8 special delivery the headlines ex £240 tojo ex £190 len Jewell -ex £15(70's pressing) yvonne fair VG £15(fair few light marks sounds VG good bit of rnb) the cherries ex £6 karen small ex £12(wrong lable it should be "hey love"-it plays hey love and not " to get you back") hal miller VG £5(early dancer from 61' looks VG but sounds nearer to ex) pat powdrill ex £12(Sold) Tracy Robbins ex £30 everett blood hollins ex £12 (sticker as seen on lable) major lance VG £10 (both sides have lots of whispy light marks but sound VG) little Milton and Jackie Ross ex £8 sam bowie ex £8 twentie grans ex £10(Detroit) nella dodds ex £10 peter Jarrett ex £15 the intruders ex £5 lonnie brooks ex £8 the energetics -ex £20(Sold) johnny noble ex £8 johnny Sayles ex £12 the la vettes ex £10 sherry grooms ex £10 The following sound clips aren't from records for sale,just for reference,thanks for looking https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=sKvkVJaH7
  9. Postage £1.60 for 1-3 or £2 for 4-6 uk only vernon harrell & little gigi ex £30 the charades ex £25(Sold) lenny welch ex £30 vickie baines VG+ £15 b/w we can find that love(Sold) sherry grooms ex £15 florence devore ex £12(70's pressing) gerri reid VG+ £40(book price £100) b/w out in the cold commands ex £15 b/w no time for you the twenty grans ex £12(mid tempo detroit) the o'jays ex £5(nice 80's dancer) flaming embers ex £8 voc/inst (classic detroit) the sherrons ex £10 sam bowie -ex £10 b/w swoop swoop little milton & jackie ross ex £10 paul anka -ex £20(German issue) sharon mcmahan -m £12(2 good detroit tunes previously in released) Clips not from records for sale,reference only The following pack of 11 singles are £20 inc UK postage they are mostly ex/-m a couple vg thanks for looking
  10. Postage £1.60 for 1-3 £2 for 4-6 £3 for 7-30 UK only Willie Clayton -mbetty wright ex(sold) boogie Mann -ex liz Damon ex executive suite ex four tops ex Supremes ex jackie Wilson ex(sold) mike and michael ex(sold) reflections ex(sold) pacesetters ex b/w say sayonara(sold) kenny & Yvonne -ex(sold) o'jays ex corner boys ex benny Johnson ex b/w stop(sold) reflections ex Nolan struck ex billy Joe royal ex(sold) o'jays ex solaris ex(sold) latimore ex+ O c smith ex a taste of honey ex honey cone ex https://m.youtube.com/results?search_query=Honey+cone+stick+up&oq=Honey+cone+stick+up&gs_l=youtube-reduced.3..0l4.72656.89670.3.91638. Thanks for looking
  11. Postage £1.60 for 1 to 3 uk only Judy Street SOLD Thanks For Looking
  12. Ex condition £200 + postage £1.60 first class,£3 recorded or £8 special delivery uk only Sound clip for reference only not taken from record on sale Thanks for looking
  13. Postage £1.60 for 1-3 uk only bobby womack ex demo £10 the valentinos ex £10 gerri reid VG++ £50 (guide price £100-good r n b) billy harner ex £8 the intruders ex £4 (nice bit of mellow 70's) dan douglas ex £5 the cherries ex £8(girly dancer) Virginia Wolves VG £4(old pressing) troy keyes VG £4(tiny edge crack nap see pic) four tops ex £5 (b side VG)(SOLD) liz Damon ex £5 the angels ex £20 jimmy helms ex £6 bobby Mac ex £8 (walkin' together -ex) otis clay VG+ £6(light marks nap see pic) Sound clips for reference only not taken from discs on sale Thanks for looking

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