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  2. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Brand new release from Kimberlite Records features Aladean Kheroufi - Sorry If I Hurt You b/w Nothing Ever Changes (KIM-005). Read and listen... View full article
  3. PRESALE | Aladean Kheroufi - Sorry If I Hurt You b/w Nothing Ever Changes (KIM-005) We have a new release, it's a fusion of minimalist soul / fuzz. A catchy A side with a floating island ballad on the flip. It won't appeal to everyone, the B side 'Nothing Ever Changes' has something about it and seems to fit with current times, in that whilst in uncertain, sad times, there is a sense of hope and optimism for the future as we discover our fragility and the need to work together selflessly if we are to survive. The Estimation's 2nd release also out in a few weeks time (it's a really good one). Here's the low down on Kimberlite release KIM005. Youtube links at bottom. Aladean Kheroufi - Sorry If I Hurt You b/w Nothing Ever Changes This brand new release from Kimberlite Records features Aladean Kheroufi with the instantly catchy, danceable number 'Sorry If I Hurt You'. But wait!, flip it over to hear 'Nothing Ever Changes' and you are whisked away on a beautiful lush meditation. It's sparse arrangement of simple vocals and caressing horns provide a blanket of warmth through a journey of reflection and realisation. As a lover of soul music it can be tough to lift your head from boxes of fifty year old 45s. From the iron-hand of Berry Gordy in Detroit to amphetamine-zonked working class kids in the North of England, to harmonizing Tejanos, and California car culture, soul music is a genre of subgenres each requiring nuance to properly understand. It’s intoxicating and addictive. If you’re reading this though, you’ve picked up something different. Aladean Kheroufi, a Canadian by way of Algeria has got something new to show you. His sparse, minimalist sound is a fresh and contemporary examination of soul music which we’re proud to press to vinyl. The A side, Sorry If I Hurt You, is a sober exploration of guilt, victimhood, and the toxic power dynamics found in failed relationships. Syncopated rhythm, cutting fuzz guitar, and haunting background vocals along with Aladean’s breathy delivery give this side an atmosphere you’ll need an oxygen tank to survive. Flip the disc and you’ve got Nothing Ever Changes, a superficially sullen ballad that probes for meaning in self, relationships, and a place in the world. A delicate trumpet and flute arrangement lift the tone of this side from a place of darkness to one of hope, and conveys the spiritual growth that's found when such themes are analysed. Release Date: 27th March 2020 Now available for Pre-Order at www.raretoones.com Whole enquiries to raretoones@gmail.com
  4. The L Allen is the first press, Larry Allen the second. The second press (Larry) surfaced a couple of years or so after Dave Raistick and Arther Fenn discovered it around '81. The second press was always a little more in price, but I have seen more of the second press in recent years, probably not a lot in it. Great Record out of Pittsburgh, I believe.
  5. LOOKING FOR CLEAN COPIES OF THESE 8 TOONES The Church - How Long - Silas Ducky & The Glowlighters - Over & Over - Uptown Attractions - You Don't Know Boy - June Bug Barons - Love is So Real - Mode Ronnie Taplet - Somebody Out There (Love Me) - Mode Denny Fox - Its You For Me - Mode Jades - Lucky Fellow - Mode Fabuletts - Can't Stay Away - Mode THANKS FOR LOOKING!
  6. THE LOVE RIGHTS on KIMBERLITE ... LAST FEW COPIES!! If you haven't already secured a copy of the latest Kimberlite 45, now is your chance, we have a few copies left. When They're Gone, They're Gone. £15 plus £2 P&P in UK ('1st class' service) or £15 plus £7.50 P&P in Europe, Japan & RoW ('tracked & signed' service) Payment by PayPal to raretoones@gmail.com LISTEN to both sides below. The dancer side kicks in at around 3:05min
  7. News/Article/Feature Highlight: Introduction of the forth coming release from Kimberlite Records, a blistering debut single from soulful girl group The Love Rights, a monster double sider... View full article
  8. NEW RELEASE FROM KIMBERLITE RECORDS! (KIM-004) HORNS, HORNS and more HORNS! From Kimberlite Records comes their forth release KIM-004 and this blistering debut single from soulful girl group The Love Rights, a monster double sider that will leave you speechless, breathless or in tears of heart felt joy. Side A is a jaw dropping ballad that harbours familiar echoes of Etta James and Barbara Lynn. The Freddy Benton penned 'Talk of The Town' is almost certainly destined to become a future classic. Meanwhile, Side B reveals a full-on uptempo dancer with a tight funky edge, harmonies and a blistering horn break that would make even Detroit maestro Mike Terry stop and take notice. Both sides of this release are lyrical and musical perfection at its very highest. At the core The Love Rights are big-voiced sisters Amber and Stephanie, with Amber taking lead duties on both tracks here. This, their first release hits hard with a pair of disparate sides that cover a lot of ground. The “A” side Talk of The Town is a firm ballad in the oldies tradition of the East Side Stories compilations and doesn’t even attempt to hide the heavy influence of other big voices like Linda Jones and Barbara Lynn. After a superficial listen you’ll be forgiven for just appreciating a superlative slowie, however Amber’s aggressively authentic female perspective echoes empowerment anthems like You Can't Take It, and I’m A Good Woman by the aforementioned. Flip the disc and now you’ve got something so distinctly different, It’s Time For A Change hits with a punch of brass and positivity and follows through with an infectious dance-tempo. As soon as you fall into the groove, you’re hit with a funk cacophony that exactly fits the songs message of affirmative transformation. This release is as lyrically poignant as it is musically perfect and sums up why the Kimberlite team are so proud to be working with The Love Rights! Available for pre-order at: https://www.raretoones.com/ AND https://kimberliterecords.com/ Pre-orders to be shipped on or before the release date of 19th July 2019 Talk of The Town It's Time For a Change
  9. The Jordans were certainly part of the Sonny Threat assemble. Miller and Cole also ring a bell.
  10. THIS RELEASE IS NOW SOLD OUT. Thank-you so much for everyone's support. It's the support of all of you, that validates the Kimberlite team's passion for writing such wonderful songs, finding and nurturing amazing undiscovered artists and producing such beautiful heart felt soul music. Big Loves RARETOONES
  11. Legendary DJ Soul Sam was absolutely delighted, and why wouldn't he be, the debut 45 from Jett Straker is quite simply 'A MASTERPIECE' The brand new release from Kimberlite Records JET STRAKER & GUIDING PRINCIPLE - CAUSE I'M READY b/w ONE THING I KNOW - KIMBERLITE 003 Release Date Tomorrow - 14th Jan 2019 Available at www.raretoones.com While Stocks Last. LIMITED TO 1 COPY PER PERSON.
  12. Here are 3 Rare Toones. Clip links and scans below. I use U.S. grading, so it's M-, VG++, VG+ VG, VG-. Payment by bank transfer, cash or paypal (F&F or add 5%), part-ex or trades may be possible against quality originals. Postage is by special delivery only on these 3, so cost of postage and packing is (£8 UK, £14 RoW). PM or email raretoones@gmail.com Tel: 07951 600068. Johnny Soul - Problems b/w Don't Make Me Beg - Pure Love (OIRO £1,500) VG/VG+ Uptempo funky edged northern dancer with an earthy funk inspired soul mover on the flip, both sides are great. Don't confuse this with his other release on the label, this record is rare in the extreme. Withdrawn before release due to a label misprint on the flip side. Vinyl is graded at a solid VG/VG+ some surface marks, but retains lustre. The record plays loud and clear, label scans below. https://soundcloud.com/user-106118063-283444434/johnny-soul-problems-pure-love Four Coins - Maybe She's Right - Lan-co (OIRO £1,500) VG++/M- Floor Packer!! A monster crossover championed by Soul Sam. Silky smooth vocals and an uplifting feel deliver a dancers heaven, just right for todays scene. Very Rare. Vinyl is graded at VG++/M-. A fine copy of this delicious Ohio rarity. Label scans below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xvIVU0PIzAY Exciters - Say Yeah b/w The Bag - Loyola (£250) VG+ Out of Panama comes this in-demand slice of latin tinged mid-tempo soul. Most copies of this scarce orange label original are thrashed. This comes in at a solid VG/VG+. A very acceptable copy. Label scans below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vB_p7Dn-WSI
  13. THIS OFFER IS NOW SOLD OUT! - Thank-you to everyone who ordered. WE ARE NOW DOWN TO OUR LAST AVAILABLE COPIES OF THIS STUNNING DOUBLE SIDER. As with the first release, we are limiting to 1 COPY PER PERSON to give as many people as possible the chance to buy and own this limited release before the price escalates. Thank-you for your kind understanding. Hot on the heels of the Estimations “Can’t Do This to Me” comes the 2nd release from Kimberlite Records, and what a 'Heart Choker' it is! The group is called Broken Hearts Inc. and features members from the cities Edmonton and Calgary in Alberta Canada. Both sides of this release are spontaneously infectious and carry that distinctive ‘Kimberlite Sound’ from this emerging iconic label. The A side ‘Please Don't Walk Away’ is an atmospheric sweet soul number with plaintive lyrics dripping with regret and pain that will have lowrider and group sweet soul fans doing cartwheels. The flip ‘Heartache (Is All You Get)’ is a bright catchy midtempo northern dancer that belies themes of hurt and cold detachment. Price is £15 (UK), £20 (Europe), £25 (RoW) price includes postage and packaging. Europe and RoW is a signed for Service. Payment by PayPal (friends and family) to gwoundhog@gmail.com Please include postal address with payment. Thank-you and kindest regards, Andy Killick Tel: 07951 600068 
  14. Thank-you Diddy Morgan The contact number is in fact 07951 600068

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