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  1. Bought this originally for the flip side - which is an immense record, was pleasantly surprised when I heard the flip, definitely seen a resurgence in plays/wants over the past couple of years ps I don't mind the backing vocals
  2. Freddie South - I’ll be watching over you probably my all time favourite record
  3. Wasn’t that the night I was playing and they ended up walking out?
  4. There was a copy up on discogs the other week Taz
  5. Great article George, you may be interested in the mixes that Paul Sadot is curating over at http://www.lookatyoursoul.org/ :
  6. Had been going to have a go on it, but went way over what I expected or would’ve paid for it - great double sider
  7. In the words of Captain Mannering "you stupid boy"
  8. We love DIP in this house, as you say great escapism and nothing taxing on the brain or super heavy
  9. The new and last series of Spiral is on I-player
  10. Gospel Bob dancing hard, now there’s an image I won’t be able shift easily...
  11. Rich - Colin had one up on the True Soul webpage, not sure if it’s still there @Lawmando you still have it
  12. Not sure to be honest, just remember seeing it sitting on the decks last night
  13. Brilliant release - the Mrs got it through the door yesterday
  14. Agreed, it’s one of those records I kept meaning to buy for years but never seemed to get round to it

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