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  1. That I would agree upon and you guys are definitely trustworthy and reliable
  2. Chalky sure this was on discogs and the guy listed up quite a few hard to gets, was covered over on Vinyl Vigilantes on FB and Edu said that it was a scam (seller in Spain but was British apparently)
  3. Yeah true - however lots of these tunes are being played today on the scene and folks still don’t listen. It’s maybe because I’m from a hip hop background that I concentrate on the lyrics as well as the beat.
  4. My biggest bug bear, especially about Grey Imprint is that people don’t listen to the lyrics (it’s all about the beat) - it’s a Molotov cocktail of a record lyrically and probably one of the best examples of political soul. another favourite of mine is
  5. This looks great Paul, and extremely interesting
  6. One for the wife Mighty Lovers - Ain't Gonna Run No More (Soul Hawk) vg+ or better PM with price and condition - no silly offers
  7. Are they "look-a-likes", probably short run made to deceive or have they been licensed?
  8. Mark - I’m now sitting crying into my hands, cracking article
  9. Did a FB "live spot" for RS&F the other week
  10. From recollection that Stormy was minced and I'm sure one side skipped
  11. Here’s a great anti-Jody record
  12. Up here, it’s looking like end of August if all goes to plan anyway, but realistically we are more than likely going to hit a second wave and go back a step or two.
  13. To be honest, I don't think we'll start to see any normality until next year - the big thing will be everyone rushing to put in dates for past events that will then clash with events already planned.

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