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  1. thanks Gilly for sharing, and also cheering me up on a rather boring day at work - stay safe and hopefully catch you both soon once this is over
  2. If you’ve got Amazon music you can listen to quite a few of the Eccentric Soul stuff - I use that in the car as I don’t have a CD player
  3. The Syl Johnson one is a staple road trip one in this house but all are worth buying/listening to
  4. Thanks Baz, looking forward to hearing yours
  5. I predominately use Apple products as a differentiator between home life and work life (work life is pretty much all Windows/Android based). The only Apple product I update frequently is my phone, was lucky enough for my mother to donate my last MacBook pro when she switched over to the iPad pro. I don't use Apple TV as I have it on my phone and can cast to the TV (and I don't think I need tags just yet although can see the advantage of slipping one inside my play box when I'm back out and about)
  6. Happy birthday Gilly - hopefully catch you both soon for a giggle love from us xx
  7. Also looking forward to a work trip or two in the near future, down time means dusty shops time
  8. I had always gone with this - She’s Moving away in Jul and What will a couple of months later regardless for me an absolutely stunning record that thankfully I have
  9. Wendy Rene, always sought after by hip hop guys due to the Wu Tang sample but didn’t think it would reach that price - was also released a few months prior with a different flip side
  10. Looking for a cheapie from a U.K. seller High Fashion - Hold On (Capitol) 7" vg+ or better
  11. Had a couple like that last year, think loads of stuff got ruined due to COVID and backlogs (stuff sitting out in high temps longer). Haven't bought from Oz since
  12. sounds interesting Kev, looking forward to seeing what's in it
  13. 2 slightly different takes as well - it's all in the way she sings "with my love and what you got", one has more stress on "love" than the other (it was my Mrs that pointed it out, have played them back to back in the house - only wish she'd bloody listen to me sometimes )

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