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  1. More great oldies In great condition... THE SHOWMEN - OUR LOVE WILL GROW. Mint. £125 Listen https://youtu.be/vwAMdPucMFQ BOBBY GARRET - MY LITTLE GIRL. Mint. £200 So good,listen https://youtu.be/dypNM3t_s3Y AL KENT - THE WAY YOUVE BEEN ACTING LATELY. Mint £70 Haunting Detroit classic https://youtu.be/kxJIPaou1wk EDDIE HOLMAN - I SURRENDER. Mint. £90. Classic tune. Listen https://youtu.be/fzWLeuKYcwk BILLY BUTLER - RIGHT TRACK. VG++ £60 Stamped large 45 original. Listen. https://youtu.be/1-2ODywKOIg
  2. TOMMY NEAL - GOING TO A HAPPENING. Vg++. £225 Very hard to find on Pink Pameline labels clean and intact vinyl full gloss very nice ... listen https://youtu.be/nX8UEjrH2YE
  3. Jack Ashford and Mike Terry composition,so enough said LORAINE CHANDLER- WHAT CAN I DO. VG+++£275 huge nighter tune .. listen https://youtu.be/0gPAyj_txtM
  4. More Sweet Soul DARREL BANKS - IM THE ONE WHO LOVES YOU. Mint £150. ... Clean full intact labels with full gloss vinyl. Comes with original birth sleeve. Listen again. https://youtu.be/SCvkbfXqJ9w
  5. CONSTALATIONS - I DONT KNOW ABOUT YOU - Mint £1500 As nice a copy of this soul masterpiece as you may see. Vinyl has full gloss and the labels are clean,a rare chance to own this in stunning condition.Listen SOLD SOLD https://youtu.be/_ID3aemA7Ig
  6. NF PORTER - KEEP ON KEEPING ON. Vg+++ £150. Not easy on demo N.F. magic... listen here https://youtu.be/c7OE7QvKsjU
  7. STAFFORD MONSTER RUBY ANDREWS - JUST LOVING YOU. Vg++ £150 Not often seen without damaged labels,a real gem. Listen again. https://youtu.be/5pW9qdZ5Uqw
  8. EDDIE BISHOP - CALL ME..DEMO Excellent £275. All time floor filler that looks unplayed. Listen https://youtu.be/29svQaBDrhU Post £7.50
  9. REDUCED - REDUCED-REDUCED OLDIES IN GREAT CONDITION. EARL GRANT - HIDE NOR HAIR. VG+++ £150 NOW £125. !!! Very nice copy of this monster stomper. Rare label variant also. Listen https://youtu.be/MuHF9OqXgiY JOHNNY WYATT - THIS THING CALLED LOVE. Vg+ £150 NOW £125. !!! Proper old school norther oldie listen https://youtu.be/K0ExiDGtfKw SUSAN BARRETT - WHATS IT GOING TO BE . DEMO Clean labels lovely gloss Vg+++ £300. NOW £255 !!! Listen here. https://youtu.be/ LINDA JONES - I JUST CANT LIVE MY LIFE. MINT Vg +++ Class from the voice of Soul £ 90. NOW £70 !!!
  10. THE RICHARD SEARLING MONSTER FROM VA - VAS. THE VOLCANOS - THE LAWS OF LOVE. Vg+++ £150 Single sided demo,grab yourself a peace of Philly flava. Listen here https://youtu.be/pEkfGfYwfn4
  11. BOBBY KLINE - SAY SOMETHING NICE TO ME Plays without any issues at all ALL-TINE GREAT £1800 Vg+
  12. Breathtaking. .. PATRICE HOLLOWAY - STOLEN HOURS. MINT £375 stunning copy,post is £7.50. Listen again https://youtu.be/hI2uDMei_Ow
  13. ALL TIME GREAT. BOBBY KLINE - SAY SOMETHING NICE TO ME . Vg+ Felt tip marks but fully intact labels,vinyl is nice and it plays clear,loud and proud £1900 please mesege. Listen here Thank you Stuart.
  14. DELEGATES OF SOUL - ILL COME RUNNING BACK. Vg ++ Very collectible 45 in super condition treat yourself £800. Listen here https://youtu.be/45PVJvQfGuI

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