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  1. Hi Thanks for replying I’m happy to pay £800 approx, but expensive for me that one Macey
  2. Thanks Julian but I’ll leave that one
  3. Thanks Julian but I’ll leave that one
  4. Seven day lover - Peachtree Vg+ or better Please pm Macet
  5. Huge production,beautiful words builds to a huge crescendo. Northern Soul at it’s best if perhaps from another era. JIMMY WILLIAMS - STANDING THERE - Mint Demo £35 Post £3 . Listen to this. https://youtu.be/ATvBANZoPDs
  6. Patty and the Emblems Gunna love you a long time Cash waiting Macey.
  7. Billy The record has gone mate if you have not got it soon please get in touch . I don’t think I’m getting all your messages or they seem in the wrong order. macey
  8. Kiki Dee - PATTERNS Lp Vg+++ Contains of course ON A NAGIC CAROET RIDE £20. Post £5
  9. Four dance floor killers..... MICKEY CHAMPION - WHAT GOOD AM I. R&B Masterpeice no pops no crackles. Vg++ £625 Listen here again. https://youtu.be/yttYvyn2jzo Top class northern..enough said. THE SERVICEMEN- INEED A HELPING HAND. Vg++ £295 Listen here.... reversed labels https://youtu.be/uKfA8vZg-wg All time Wigan anthem sung by a Liverpool girl .... LYNNE RANDALL - STRANGER IN MY ARMS. Vg++. £200 Listen here. https://youtu.be/cskdUpUzQY0 Top class dancer all the way... THE EMBERS - WHERE DID I HO WRONG. Vg+++. £240 Listen here. Sold sold S
  10. Drop the needle and booom!! THE ENCHANTMENTS - IM IN LOVE WITH YOUR DAUGHTER. VG+ ...P&p £7.50 fully insured £385. Listen here again. Second big classic of the day MICKEY CHAMPION - WHAT GOOD AM I. Vg++ No clicks or pop’s £625 Listen here to this R&B Classic https://youtu.be/yttYvyn2jzo
  11. All time Wigan favourite THE SERVICEMEN- I NEED A HELPING HAND. £300 Strong Vg + Reversed Labels Listen here again https://youtu.be/uKfA8vZg-wg
  12. DANCE FLOOR MONSTER... AQUAMEN - LINE AND TACK CONDITION —- Excellent + £500.... Listen here. Please pm https://youtu.be/M4J8ziGkHRc
  13. REDUCED to £80!!! FROM £100 All time classic in Pristine condition... £80 post £3 MARLENE SHAW - LETS WADE IN THE WATER. Listen here..... https://youtu.be/S8OA9JTuHGw
  14. Another R&B Classic from 1962, THE 5 ROYALS - CATCH THAT TEARDROP. ....EX condition full gloss clean labels. £500 £7.50 postage please pm. THE AQUAMEN - LINE AND TACK.... Ex condition full gloss and clean labels £500 Please pm

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