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  1. JimESX

    Bassetlaw Soul Club Worksop

    according to the map this is in Gravesend Kent guessing this is not correct
  2. JimESX

    Joe Dunlop List 04/10/2018

    Hi Joe Im interested in the following have you still got it channel 3 the sweetest thing ‘’’wdj’’’’’ dakar 175
  3. JimESX


    Great record still cheap at that price will be on the up I expect all the makings of it being a £500 before long
  4. JimESX

    Johnny Baker Shy GUY

    Still looking for this
  5. JimESX

    Beatin Rhythm Sales List 14th March 2018

    Flag this post 10. Stephen Hawking - Tear The Roof of the 'MuthaScience Records - 66666 Dam ive been playing this covered as metal micky
  6. JimESX

    Johnny Baker Shy GUY

    I'm after a copy of this one the Fog Label ideally the italic print not the 2nd issue which has the square print Thanks PM me
  7. JimESX

    Few 45's for sale all in great shape

    Pm'd you
  8. JimESX

    5 Northern for the Weekend

    PMd ya too
  9. JimESX

    Seen Any Good Films Recently

    Darkest hour brilliant totally brilliant
  10. JimESX

    The Webs Give IN

    Got a good clean copy of the Webs on Pop-side had for many years but played it once or twice £200.00 This is also on Discogs
  11. JimESX

    Northern For A Monday

    I will take betty swan
  12. JimESX

    One more up for grabs

    Yep I did pmd ya thanx for heads up
  13. After a copy of Quotations I don't have to worry (DiVenus) sensibly priced please
  14. JimESX

    Chris Morgan Who Am I

    Chris Morgan Who Am I on Bell for sale £125.00 Plays great vinyl is ( NM ) buy my grading but label is ok just faded and no tares or damage just age related Photo to follow
  15. JimESX

    BLACKPOOL TOWER Weekender.


    there is a phone number to text you can only ask Any questions, text us 07841-197874


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