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  1. Hi everyone searching for record the three strangers i'll be alright on abc label if anyone has a copy for sale thanks for looking . Rich .G
  2. Hello everyone looking for a copy of The Jobettes what you gonna do please let me know if you have a copy for sale thanks Rich.G
  3. Hi im searching a copy of Sexteto Caracas soul crazy on a 45 thx Rich.G
  4. Hi im searching for a Fred Parris & the Restless I'll be hanging on its on a green-sea 107 label thank you for looking .Rich.G
  5. Ill take it pmd you
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  6. Hi im looking for a copy of Lil Woman by Ronnie West Goins Label thank you for looking.Rich.G
  7. Looking for a copy chuck corby&the entrees city of stangers on sonic thanks for looking Rich.G
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  8. Looking for a copy of Chuck Corby &The Entrees City of Strangers on Sonic label No 118 if anybody has one please message me condition and price thank you for looking.Rich.G
  9. Ill take it if still available
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  10. If anybody has a spare to sell either the fania label or reissue thanks for looking Rich.G
  11. Hi im looking for copy of the stoppers pm with condition and price thanks for looking.Rich.G
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  12. Looking for the spoilers sad mans land on turbo if anybody wants to sell theres or has a spare for sale thanks.Rich.G
  13. Any spare copy?thanks for looking.Rich
  14. Searching for a copy of earles inc just an illusion if any body has a copy for sale please pm me thank you
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  15. Hi everyone searching for a copy of lee williams little girl on fat fish or jerk label if any body has one for sale please thank you .Rich

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