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    let me introduce myself, my name is Bobby I'm from northern California. I'm into sweet & deep soul some might call it the "lowrider" sound.

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    Bobby G.
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    sweet, deep & funky
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    Manteca, U.S.
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    King Wilson My Love and Yours

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  1. Is Demoria still available and in what condition is it in.
  2. Hello, I'm looking for a copy, vg+ or m- of, Five Stars of Baltimore Maryland WAITING AND WATCHING Lp Any leads are welcome, thank you
  3. Johnny Braff - COOL ME BABY - M + B Records
  4. Looking for Johnny Braff - COOL ME BABY - on M + B Records. Must be vg+ or better. Please private message, thank you
  5. ....still looking, anybody out there
  6. killer rola loco, got mine off of a seller on here a few months back. there is three separate 45's with the same songs, selika, Vernon griffin & u.f.f., and unidentified flying funk. I don't know which came first, I would like to know the story behind it, but good luck on scoring a copy. much respect, Bobbo de SAN JO

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