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  1. Derrick Enri - on Derwall Janice young - on True Soul Jazzie Cazzie - Knap Town The Cheaters ‎– on JBJ Shade of sensation - on Summit Thanks
  2. Interesting one Gaz. Chunky has some good taste... Thanks for the share bro. Indeed Ed... Top shelf imo. Cheers!
  3. Greetings all, I have been on the hunt for some rugged vocal, deep sounding, heavy hitting rollers, similar to these below. I'm certain there are plenty of them out there, so I figured id ask if you guys could help share some of your favorites with similar vibes? Thanks in advance...
  4. I am curious to know if anyone has ever seen this floating around or if anyone can shed some light on the story behind it. Only info I could pull up was from Sam over at Paperstax who states it could have possibly emerged out of Detroit many years back. He somehow seemed to overlook it in storage and just recently auctioned it off. The type written white 45 label over the original Audiodisc label has me curious to know if this is a home carved boot or an authentic artist sample? Also very interesting that it is titled "New breed - its all a bad dream" as opposed to the official
  5. Glad you enjoyed it Kev. I will be in touch in a few months. Would love to have you on for next season. I hope you and the family have a wonderful New Year...
  6. Last week on Bridge City Radio we had a visit with Froz 1 in Philadelphia. If you missed it here is the link where he runs a beautiful Soul set. Keep an eye out, as we will be interviewing him this Sunday at 5pm (PST). Happy holidays.
  7. Sounds great Kev, Would love to have you on sometime. ATB
  8. This week on Bridge City Radio "Worldwide" we head over to Berlin Germany where we chit chat a bit with Dave and listen to a 1 hour set of Sweet & Crossover Soul 45s from his personal collection. Hope you guys enjoy.
  9. Bridge City Radio is a small time radio show out of Southern California ran by two guys who have been collecting hip hop, reggae, Latin jazz, rock and soul since the late 80s early 90s. Our focus is showcasing and interviewing record collectors both locally and from around the world. If you ever find yourself with and hour to spare, please glance over our YouTube channel and scope out an interview or showcase of your choice. We would love your feedback and support if you find it interesting. Wishing you all the best.
  10. Decisions - color me blue (york) Jazzie Cazzie - young girl (Knap town) The Epics - Everytime I cry / the girl I lost - (Active) Derrick Enri - Never - (Derwall) Shades of sensation - but then you left me (summit) Pee wee shuck and Huey - I know where in love (flagg) Or anything with the same sound...
  11. Greetings SS, I'm interested in purchasing one of these titles at a great price. Please inbox me if you have one available or any leads on one. Thank you. Jazzie Cazzie - young girl (Knap town) Bobbi Row - why'd you put me on (cash / money) Soul Superiors – Trust In Me Baby (Soul Beat) Noble and The Uptights – Lonely man (Action) City limits - Crystal ball (Portrait) The Epics - Everytime I cry / the girl I lost - (Active) Derrick Enri - Never - (Derwall)
  12. Looking for a few things, please PM if any leads. Happy Holidays... Shades of sensation - but then you left me (Summit) Bobbi Row - why'd you put me on (cash / money) City limits - Crystal ball (Portrait) The spontains - try it again (Playboy) Decisions - color me blue (york) Janice young - what is this thing (True Soul) Jazzie Cazzie - young girl (Knap town) The fabulous filtrations - wait till i find her (d clef) The Duke of Earl and The Electric Experience - Electric's Theme (Fender)

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