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  1. Mixed list, great records please PM if interested! 1. Charles Spurling - She Cried Just A Minute (NM) £150 (SOLD!) 2. Gia Mateo - If You Can’t Say Anything Nice (NM) £130 3. Fabulous Playboys - Honkey Tonk Woman (NM) £125 great RnB belter 4. Cold Blood - I Am A Good Woman (VG+) £75 some labelwear but plays great 5. Bill Brandon - Full Grown Lovin' Man (NM) £60 under the radar funky edged Northern Soul 6. Midnight - Keep On Walking By (NM) £40 superb piece of Modern Soul german press 7. Irene Scott - Everyday Worries / You´re No Good (EX+) £80 some age spots at the label see picture, double sider, what a voice! 8. Majik – Back Into Your Heart (NM) £55 Paypal f&f, add £6 for tracked and signed shipping or £3 for standard shipping
  2. Hello Keith, thank you for your attention have seen this too late but I am sorted now ATB
  3. Thank you for your attention I am looking for a fine copy of: Steve Mancha ‎– Friday Night - Groovesville ‎GV-1004 At least in VG+ condition a nice price would be welcome ATB
  4. Northern & RnB, all records playing perfect please PM if interested! 1. MAXINE BROWN - Let Me Give You My Lovin - WAND (NM) £85 classic beauty 2. JUDSON MOORE – Everybody Push and Pull – Capri (EX) £99 3. THE PROMISES - This Love Is Real - BRC (EX) £26 4. EDDIE WILSON - Shing-A-Ling Stroll - Back Beat (EX) £26 5. THE QUAILS - Over The Hump - Harvey (VG+/EX) £33 6. FENTON ROBINSON - I Believe - Palos (VG+/EX) £29 Paypal f&f, add £6 for tracked and signed shipping
  5. I am looking for a nice copy of "The Monzas - You Know You Turn Me On - Moon" should be at least in VG+ condition. Please pm me if you have one for sale, price and condition, thanks for your attention. Wolfgang
  6. not ready yet to sell it I have a EX to NM copy but if so I would let you know first in case you are not sorted in the meantime
  7. Please PM if interested! The Ringleaders - Baby, What Has Happened To Our Love / Lets Start Over - M-pac! (EX-) - £225 A-side looks and plays (NM) only on the run-in groove some noise causing from a minimal heatwarp at one part of deadwax please have a listen, plays perfect: B-side plays with warp dnap also noise on the run-in groove and a few soft ticks still nice please listen: Paypal f&f, add £6 for tracked and signed shipping
  8. Please PM if interested! 1. AL GARDNER – Sweet Baby – Gooda Mooga (NM) – £80 Same like on SEPIA also same release year 2. ERMA FRANKLIN – I Don´t Want No Mama´s Boy – Epic (EX) - £85 Killer RnB dancer! 3. MARIE ADAMS - Thats The Way to Get Along - Encore Artists (NM) £79 Another supberb RnB cracker 4. SHIRLEY WAHLS – Because I Love You - Calla DJ (Mint) £89 (reduced!) Gritty in your face soul, cool vocals from Shirley, on a very hard demo. This copy is in perfect condition ! 5. JUDSON MOORE – Everybody Push and Pull – Capri (EX) £99 6. JIMMIE J – The Jet – Nola (NM) £60 (reduced!) Upbeat and feel good soul dancer semi unknown rare listen: Paypal f&f, add £6 for tracked and signed shipping or £3 standard
  9. Hello I am looking for: James Barnett - Keep On Talking - 1st original on FAME Should be at least in VG+ condition. I would prefer the vinyl-release! Any help is welcome. Thanks for your attention, Wolfgang
  10. Hello, if somebody has a copy of: Mel Williams - Send Me A Picture - Federal (45 release) and could let it go for sale I would appreciate that. Condition should be VG+ or better ATB, Wolfgang

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