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  1. About 6 years old, been used sparingly by two very careful owners and well looked after. Excellent sound quality for low cost. Good start up option. We used it very successfully at Soul in the Suburbs in Newcastle. AMP KXR 1500/KXR 2000 Stereo power amplifier. 2 x Stanton T.92 USB Turntables and travel cases. Technics head-shells with 2 x Stanton N 400 and 2 x Audio Technica cartridges. 2 x Peavey Speakers PRO 15 40 OHM 600 Watts. 2 x Speaker Stands (Extendable). 2 x Mixers. 1 x Gemini PS 424 + 1 x Numark M101. Headphones, Microphone, Mini Angle Lamps, Speaker Covers and Spare Cables. £500.00 If interested please PM me. Equipment is located near Edinburgh. Open to discuss how it can be relocated. Regards Frank
  2. Hi, I have a uk copy which I am prepared to sell for £60 plus postage. There is some slight label discolouration but the record plays M-, no problem. Please see photo. Full money back if not happy etc. Regards Frank
  3. Sent you a PM Des re L V Johnson Regards Frank
  4. Looking for a M- or near copy of Fever Fever Fever/We gonna do our own thing for a Christmas present. Please PM with price and condition. Many Thanks Frank
  5. The original eBay entry for the Hopkins Brothers was for 2 copies of the record which have been in storage for 45 years (as I understand it).
  6. Hi Derek, Has this been sold? If not I would like to buy it. Regards. Frank
  7. timemarcheson


    Me and Brian just set the gear up, DJ's on the way, all looking good for a top night at Soul in the Suburbs. Frank
  8. Mainly 70's from me. Robert Ruffin - Cruise Sharon McMahan - Maybe you'll be back Maze/Frankie Beverly - While I'm alone Lorraine Johnson - If you want me to be more of a woman Ronn Matlock - You got the best of me Gloria Scott - Too much love making Denise Lasalle - Here I am again Anthony White - Hey baby California Malibus - Love in my life Oscar Perry - I got what you need Randy Brown - I'm always in the mood Z.Z. & Company - Gettin' ready for the get down Nolan Porter - If I could only be sure Eddie Parker - Body Chains Billy Sha-Rae - Do it Mongo Santamaria - We got Latin soul Wilson Pickett -Let me be your boy Cascades -Pains in my heart (The last 2 dedications as a thanks for the invite) A really enjoyable night with a great cross section of music. Great to meet Acky and Andy, catch up with Brian and have a beer with them. Frank
  9. Dave was a great human being, championing equality and diversity on all fronts as well as being a great writer and top soul gentleman.
  10. My first time at Soul in the Basement and really appreciate the invitation. Looking forward to meeting Andy and Acky and catching up with Brian and Tuka. Will probably be playing mainly 70's modern and keeping it very soulful. Frank
  11. In more recent times, October 2014 in Lisbon, 25 mint 45's including Sharon McMahan - Maybe you'll be back (Columbia). Paid €1 (80p) each. Thought these days were long gone. Only managed to look through about a quarter of the stock, flight to catch.
  12. Hi Joey, Along with my mate Brian I put on an event, Soul in the Suburbs, in Newcastle 3 times a year. The next one is 18 April and you can find a flyer on the EVENTS page. John Parker and Tony Hatfield from York will be appearing along with Davy Mason from the North East. Brian and myself do the early part of the night. Come along and introduce yourself and hopefully you will enjoy yourself. Just to assure you, we are not nutters. Regards Frank

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