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  1. After a meeting with the venue managnent over there concerns of the spread of the corona virus to there staff .and us about are soul famile catching the virus we have made the decision to cancel march's event .we will be closely monitoring the virus and will inform every one if we able to put on the April's event on .thank you for your understanding and most of all keep safe .and keep on keeping on
  2. Looking forward to meeting Ian at Arkwright and once again Paul Wright will be helping us out playing some fantastic tunes. and as always the star man gigs will be playing your favourite tunes .K T F
  3. Pete h


    Back from my holidays and looking forward to getting back behind the decks and getting you all dancing at another fantastic night at the Arkwright centre .its getting bigger every month remember it's the 3rd Saturday of the month with some top dj's lined up every month
  4. Pete h

    Twisted Spire Soul Club

    Hope you all have a brilliant night and dance to some fantastic tunes played for you by a great crue of dj's will miss you all .back for February enjoy
  5. Sorry to say I am unable to attend your 1st one .as its a fantastic venue and hopefully it will a big success and put Chesterfield on the map as a great soul town .good luck Andy hope it goes well .k t f
  6. Pete h

    Twisted Spire Soul Club

    Would like to wish every one a happy new year from the twisted spire soul club sorry to say but I will not be there for are 1st event of the new year ( don't cheer to much ) but we have a great stand in Paul right who I know will do a sterling job for us .have a good one and thank you for your support
  7. Pete h


    Just got back from another fantastic night at Arkwright still on a high .i would like to thank billy backdrop for doing a great job .and getting you all dancing ( there be some soare feet in the morning ) gigs and sav for playing some top tunes and most of all every one who attended and supporting the venue .so from the twisted spire soul club we would like to wish ever one a very happy Christmas and happy new year .and thank you helping use make it the number one soul night in the area on the third.saturday of ever month HAPPY CHRISTMAS ktf
  8. Pete h


    So looking forward to celebrating the Christmas Saturday night with all my friends old and new .what more could you ask for great venue great music and a fantastic atmosphere hope you all have a great time From ( Pete h ) ktf
  9. Pete h


    It's soon be time for Santa to come .so our Christmas bash is all about having fun good music and dancing the night away with some fantastic dj's playing all your faverate tunes .to get you all warmed up for the festive season see you all there .k.t.f.
  10. Pete h


    This is going to be a big thing very well a tented for are second month and nice to see you all dancing to some great tracks played by some great dj's .thank you for supporting and don't for get the next one is our Xmas bash .so get ready to dance till you can't dance no more thank you Pete .h
  11. Pete h


    Here we are approaching our second night at the Arkwright centre .we hope to see you all back again with iam sure some new faces .as it was a fantastic night had by all K T F
  12. Pete h


    I would like to thank every on who a tender Saturday night and made it a exerlant night .Carl piper and sav for found a exerlant Job. And most of all the main man him self gigs for helping putting this event .see you all next time thank you ( Pete h )
  13. Pete h


    Looking forward to getting back on the decks in my home town of chesterfield playing some top tunes along side some top djs including a legend Mr Carl piper

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