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  1. martin l


    any news guys ?
  2. martin l


    Afternoon Guys A nighter in Stourbridge is this weeks choice ,D J Line up looks fantastic as always the west midlands crowd will be bang up for it looking forward to my first trip here hope to see some friendly faces from across the region Warmest Wishes Martin L x
  3. martin l


    If you get the opportunity give this wonderful club a go ,what a great night .En route home to Leeds but gave it a good go and its well worth the visit .I even got mi tea made with free sandwiches and cakes !! A well run event offering up rare soul full of nice people .Guesting for the evening was Alex Gallagher who got out some wonderful records .What a set from rl burnside to al foster band fantastic look out for alex who has a great ear and a big future .Thanks for all your kindness much appreciated Warmest Regards Martin L x
  4. martin l

    The rise of the 'NEW' soulie and the soul revolution.

    same era ,very early Hacienda after party i was at once ,i wanted to dance in the corner to Joe Smooths Promised land and everytime i clapped the whole room was paranoid very funny now not so at that moment in time !! It was normal to me i saw loads of people at the Hacienda who i first met at Morcambe Pier or Wigan ,another bite of the musical cherry Martin L
  5. martin l

    The rise of the 'NEW' soulie and the soul revolution.

    love that Kenwood suite bud ,apologies to the Bury for the oversight Martin L
  6. martin l

    The rise of the 'NEW' soulie and the soul revolution.

    Should you have the opportunity 100 club,Rugby,GO GO in Bristol Nuneaton,Coalville ,Blackheart, Derby and the Manchester soul Weekender are all fantastic all nighters .The emergence of DJ,S like Jordan W ,Tom Paige ,Sarah Jane .Ethan ,Calvin Lee ,Joel Maslin Dave Stabler , and many many others is a breath of fresh air in to the Scene,the best thing that has happened for many years in my view .These guys are keeping the flame burning brighter than ever and i have to say the young crowd can dance better than most of us could ever dance !!!! !! These guys promote events we need to support them when we can .If you have the appetite to do a nighter Mark ill buy you a coke x Martin L
  7. martin l

    The rise of the 'NEW' soulie and the soul revolution.

    what a bizzare moment in time steve ,when two worlds collide bud made some venues a tricky do at times Martin L
  8. martin l

    The rise of the 'NEW' soulie and the soul revolution.

    its the searching for then the playing out and moving on constantly which defines us bud thats what we do i love this scene and the people in it every part of it has a valid part to play sometimes when i hear a tune played out somewhere i cant help myself i find myself stroking mi chin !! Martin L x
  9. martin l

    The rise of the 'NEW' soulie and the soul revolution.

    mentioned earlier in this thread babe ruth would love to hear this played out ,https://youtu.be/JAyeB84ud0Q that clapping story was excellent pal
  10. Any excuse for the BBC to peddle some uncertainty in there licence payers heads ffsake lets blame the russians
  11. martin l



    Had a great night on Saturday at this promotion .A trip to Skeggnes was well worth it only did the Saturday and i was totally spoiled with all DJ s getting out the" weapons of mass destruction " Really enjoyed Mick H and Kitch late on and Steve G played some wonderful records that were new to me but Karl Fortnum was on fire for me superb stuff guys loved it Thanks to the organisers for your time and trouble it is as always much appreciated . Martin L
  12. martin l

    Keele All -Nighter Date changed to April 21st 2018

    fantastic line up ,im expecting it to be bouncing ! Martin L
  13. martin l

    Canary Club Rare Soul Night

    Working in Norwich and noticed this on Friday night dont know what i will get but ill give it a go ! Martin L
  14. martin l

    Nuneaton Coop 100% oldies allniter

    https://youtu.be/-v4RJcHQV7Q Evening everyone a clip from a couple of years back is above ,will someone name the tune please and bring it on Sat ! Nuneaton always a great night and well worth travelling for . Thanks Martin L
  15. martin l


    Morning First two hours spent downstairs ,i seem to remember hearing Sarah Jane at Bristol or Rugby previously and enjoyed her sets there but she played some wonderful music and she was loving every minute of it ,a great addition to Bury . The Kenwood suite was exceptional again ,top class soul all night .I enquired about a track which is new to me ,a b side Jackie Beavers Love turned its back on me and the b side of little charles a taste of the good life fantastic stuff from a non record buyers point of view . This is why i love this room and this all nighter ,legs packed up at 4 ish and i was gone ! Thank you it is appreciated Martin L


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