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  1. until

    6 is too early for me happy feet im pretending to sell some art to nobody at that time lol have a great time bud if youre tuning in im off to bury at ten still M
  2. until

    the pj version for me is the winner lads production on it is fantastic she sounds like an angel on both tracks the mayfield inspired make me believe is a family favorite for this house oh my lord what has happened to me ive turned in to a chin stroker ?
  3. until

    Morning everyone ,how about a suggested time on Saturday for Radio King drop in say 10pm kick off ?? It can be anytime i guess open to suggestions ,be good t see who turns up guys and the tunes will be exceptional thats for sure and we dont know whats coming next and what order they will be in either See you guys Sat Good Luck everyone stay positive and smile !! apologies Mike if we need a differant thread to communicate on ,if we do i will start one someway in the distant future in July ; P J Smith +Co -Hold On To It - with thanks to Steve Cato for this wonderful thing . Malcolm Hayes -You made the rain fall down ( thanks to Stu Raith for the introduction ) not a pricey thing for the collectors but a great listen/dancer and will get its time for sure M
  4. until

    thats what the scene has always been Len in my 40 years in its the people in it that make the magic Bury V A N has been like a soup kitchen for hungry people , no one turned away Best get tickets out for the first one pronto should be packed so it should be , we all owe these guys big time they wont think that way but i do respect
  5. until

    how good is sir bob on the money again syl johnson tune infact all sets have been outstanding with more to come phew
  6. until

    wilxy there is no reason we cant go on Radio King on a Saturday evening for a chat tunes will be bang on or go to the nighter in Gloucester when its on i fancy that when its on again its the beginning mate not the end M
  7. until

    Im with you Simon ive been popping over the border now for over 20 years to catch Baz M when life allows he is without a doubt the real deal a proper DJ You guys used to do a soulful house thing which was a fiery do Baz was in the thick of that also Bury is a leading light and it was before all this madness along with Rugby ,100 Club Bolton brilliant i want the original all nighter feel where people dance and talk and share lifes ups and downs You guys on here have become great friends to me and i am very grateful for your company each week its an important thing for all of us now i reckon no pressure Simon/Pete !!!! So looking forward to Mick s Early spot on Saturday a man who has impeccable taste along with a great line up again M
  8. no moderation intend Mike just having a chat M
  9. Depends on type of beer and talc !! id settle for that now , if you need the rare quality weekly go to Bury there are oldies as well tho I ve been brought up in a scene with no rules M
  10. illegal venues speakeasy feel to things to challenge the authority could emerge like prohibition in the us in the 20 s but we have the covid fker to consider people with people all talking socialising and dancing what sort of world is that all so quickly taken ! Hope all on here are having a great day Martin L
  11. until

    Hide And Seek -Lillian Dupree Keep Of The Grass -Dynamic Corvettes are my suggestions for this Saturday ,two wonderful choices there Mick with those two stormers above 7 pm sharp is the target once again , is it me or is it now a totally broad brush of anything goes !! i love it anyway im surrounded by like minded people on here you cant help just getting down ! Thank you Bury M x
  12. until

    im out guys thank you
  13. until

    jordan thanks mate top class
  14. until

    fantastic hour of underplayed sounds love it cheers
  15. until

    time time time fantastic

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