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  1. Saturday 27th June 2020 revisited Soul Source All Request hour Bury VAN Sat on Radio King 7.00pm drop in and say hello M
  2. No half backs ffsake just muscle power very little slight of hand not good enough to be Leeds in my view
  3. len and soul andy pick your poison lads people had 7 a piece its not compulsory lol
  4. they are lined up as they were requested Ste to the best of my ability
  5. Always nice to Win in MCR Steve especially at Citeh !! Scouse next week then some unfinished business with the old enemy lol Baz will be happy Ste St Helens just beat us in the cup we had a good go but couldnt handle that fijian prop hes a big boy Pete your selection is added Hope to see everyone tonight 7.00 pm Kick Off M x
  6. Happy Birthday Tom have a great day Warmest Regards M
  7. Guys we asked you to dig deep again -------Blimey you have produced a wonderful evenings entertainment for us all Thank you all so much 40 years we are covering tonight if Pseudo or anyone else turns up we will get them in defo ive gone all Room 3 Something Else for my picks this time the chinstrokers will make a voodoo doll possibly ? lol Bury Van keeping the fire burning Gladys Knight Bourgie Bourgie Inner Life Aint No Mountain jestofunk can we live Phase 2 Reaching Nightwriters -Let The Music Use You Asaph Womack In My House -CEE CEE Rodgers
  8. until

    Not to far behind Ste lol Soul Source All Request Hour selections are from Saturday 6th June 2020 tonight 7pm till 8 pm Happy Easter M
  9. Martha Reeves Im Winner sugar and spice album Ashford and Simpson brilliance
  10. until

    Loved Room 3 at Bury People bounced from Kenwood to Something Else to Main Hall looking for The Tune ,,, On the one hand more quality choices we would love on the other not enough people to justify 3 rooms ? Numbers will increase when we return somewhere ! Product cannot be any better Who would be a promoter ? lol Thanks For Sat guys brilliant night
  11. until

    Brilliantl Pete what a start
  12. until

    been here for a year Neil lol
  13. until

    Hi Mick Still some room for a few more on the all requests hour guys be quick please The Format looks very inviting on Saturday Im anticipating some Wow memorable sets this week Doesnt get any better guys Unheard material from the man i consider to be untouchable AND A BURY NIGHTER WITH EVERYONE ON !! The end is in sight The music has been our true friend and will continue to make us warm when we feel cold This scene loves you back multiple times !!!!!!! Everyone who comes to Bury VAN will be in my life for a long time i hope its been fantastic ive accumu
  14. 90 miles an hour he lived locally to me i once had a penalty shoot out with him and his son Simon messing about he won RIP Peter Lorimer made his mark on life Thoughts with his family at this time
  15. until

    Sounds good Ste from 7 pm to 8.30pm tonight we have the first and second all request slots from the 11th April 2020 for 30 minutes and the 18th April 2020 for 1 hour on Radio King Bury VAN

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