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  1. until

    Good Evening Everyone Two from me Ripple -Willie pass the water for a good dance !and in keeping with the Oldies theme the Magnificent Clara Ward -The Right Direction Warmest wishes to all M
  2. until

    Hey Guys just logged on and am very pleased were on with this my two suggestions for this evening Say It Again -Sweet Linda Devine and Betty Davis My Soul Is Tired
  3. until

    I hope everyone has a very happy new this year more than ever ! Me and Franklin preparing for tonight look at him now Time goes quickly the older you are it seems Just want to thank everybody who has made this year much better than it would have been without them. Now Im having a kfc and some thc in that order See you soon at Deans ,then its Bury There are some wonderful people at Bury VAN Thank you for everything its appreciated M x
  4. until

    Kelly Brothers has sealed the deal baz knows some people doesnt he ? happy new year everyone 2021 lots to look forward to m
  5. thank you ladymidnight having a listen now HNY From Leeds x
  6. until

    The Virgin Mary and her husband Joseph have been arrested today for breaching Tier 4 travel restrictions after being caught travelling a number of miles on the back of a donkey to give birth in a different region. Mary, who is said to be heavily pregnant with the son of God, was caught breaking the law, after being found blatantly wandering from Nighter to Nighter looking for somewhere to stay for the night. hmm Head for Banbury then go to Winsford Ste ? Happy Feet or Dave W , i know what about Nigels or even Fingers ? !! Alnwick is promising as is Cheltenham no joy w
  7. Just got online Wilxy Happy birthday my friend Merry Christmas to you and yours Martin L x
  8. until

    soul paked hour baz thank you wonderful selections m
  9. until

    Loved it Chalky thank you m
  10. until

    wonderful hour from the boss so good great stuff m
  11. until

    Evening People in line with the 70,s flavour for this week can i request please ; Paul Jones -Let Her Love Grow courtesy of Dave Rippoless who introduced it to me Sharon Ridley=Where did you learn to make love the way you do xover magic i love it !! A great evening instore this week with Chalky Baz M Simon and Lord Hinsley goodness ,bring it on please promises to be a cracker Thank you for your time M -
  12. 2000 souls Simon you make your own luck Fantastic production again .All contributions were given for the Love of it The new to me scene is booming the young guns scene is looking stronger than ever( im so proud of these guys) and you have helped everyone get through this dreadful situation together .You drove this forward and it is a special event in N S history now If the plan is to broadcast on 12 TH ,19TH, Boxing Day, can we make the shows 3-4 hours weekly? A NYE event 10-2 ? Or 1 nighter on the 19th ? Or none of the above and have a well earned break Guys ?
  13. Soulman58 we won the RU world cup for them and they have stolen our clothes Im a bit biased 58 i come from a RL family ,My Dad played in Aus and for Hunslet my son has just returned from Brisbane playing after 2 years to live at home again goodness can he eat ! M
  14. Will let you off . What a game of Rugby league . The real man's game. . Not like the ( mostly ) establishment game of union. Thats so loved by the South biased television channels. They got 135 million we got 13 1895 all over again Steve !! M

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