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  1. Northern Soul & Motown @ The Royal Hall, Harrogate

    harrogate crowd at wigan God Bless RIP Chris x
  2. Northern Soul & Motown @ The Royal Hall, Harrogate

    Can anyone remember any soul nights in the past in Harrogate PRE MANHATTAN , how about PGS in around late 70s i first heard The Burning Bush Keeps on Burning in there , annabellas all dayers on sundays any more anyone ?
  3. Northern Soul & Motown @ The Royal Hall, Harrogate

    im really looking forward to the event what a great venue ,the sound will be booming and the place should be bouncing ! a nighter in Harrogate ffsake Warmest Regards Martin L
  4. Northern Soul & Motown @ The Royal Hall, Harrogate

  5. Northern Soul & Motown @ The Royal Hall, Harrogate

    Evening i would have gone to Derby but a nighter in Harrogate !! got to be done as i live very close by I hope the event works out ok and i will support the promotion if you were in Romans shoes what would you choose as an opener ?
  6. The 'upfront scene' ?

    https://youtu.be/sB7LtmpBqRI https://youtu.be/_me_STd-i-E one 6os one 70s both upfront not often played out
  7. Nuneaton Coop Oldies All-Niter

    what is old and what is uoung ? and who decides it lads ? Happy Christmas to everyone on here Love Martin L x
  8. Nuneaton Coop Oldies All-Niter

    Great night Mark really enjoyed it , The first set by Jordan Wilson was outstanding bud ,digging deeper was the term he used to describe it i hope the set gets posted X Thanks for your time and trouble ,people in from Leeds ,Hull, Sheffield ,Leicester ,Wolverhampton Cheers
  9. Nuneaton Coop Oldies All-Niter

    A well run venue with great people driving it , this will be a christmas party big style xx .I am staying in Nuneaton for the night en route back to Leeds Just love this venue no posers ,no politics just soul ,exactly how it should be a cracking atmosphere if you havent been get here .ITS A WINNER Martin L

    Went to the orwell reunion last year at the same venue it was an outstanding night of rare soul with Bob Cosby leading the way .Some wonderful selections of music that i had never heard of before.All flavours played through the night, still digging for the truly soulful this crowd ! add Butch to this mix !!!!! It is appreciated Ta Martin L

    Just got mine guys , can it be collected on the door please Martin L

    What a fantastic night at Burnley ,this event will be sadly missed for a while i understand .i stayed till 5 when mi legs packed up ! Enjoyed all the spots some rare some not so rare just very soulful i am not a record buyer just love the scene . Denisse Lasalle Right Track got played and it sounded great as did Buddy Guy Buddys groove dark deep gritty loved it I think is was Pat Bleasdale who played a cover of a Marvin Gaye Track taken from the Whats Going On Album ,wow super soulful ,,Pat what was that piece called please ? But a massive thank you to all who made the night so good and so friendly it is always appreciated Martin L
  13. Help Required Please

    more polish on the 152 version imho but the acetate one is a winner ,Thanks for the time and trouble
  14. Help Required Please

    Cheers pal Martin L
  15. Help Required Please

    Surfing around on you tube found a version of "with my love and what we got jean wells a thumper of a tune but this was a different version played out at Stoke one night ? Would be very grateful for more information,as a non record buyer . Thanks ...

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