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  1. Have a very happy birthday mate. Best wishes Rob and Sue. Hopefully see you soon, we may even get over to Stewartby one night.
  2. until

    The Debonairs what a great tune. Nothing wrong with mid tempo mate.
  3. Hope you have a great birthday and that Nicola treats you like the king that you are.( sure she always does anyway ) Lots of love from Rob and Sue in sunny Bedford.
  4. Me and Sue only found out about this very sad news last night and it got us talking about one of the nicest genuine Soulies you could ever wish to meet. Always happy to meet up with Winnie at many a Nighter or Soul Night over many many years. Winnie and Panch were like the Batman and Robin of the Northern scene, all be it the Only Fools And Horses version as they were always together. The Bedford Soul Scene will not be the same from now on and Winnie will be missed by many people all over the country not just Bedford. RIP Winston All our love and thoughts to the family. Rob and Sue
  5. Yes, you are right Mark. I was there that night and remember Sam playing the Traditions and using the group's real name instead of its cover up alias and then having to back track and say it was by Little Joe Romans. Sam also stated that he thought Bedford was the best slaughter in the country at that time. Indeed great days. All the best Rob from Bedford
  6. I would prefer the owners to concentrate on our crap team ! The badge is fine ! Rob
  7. This stupid idea for a new club crest just shows why people should never own a football club they don't support ! What's wrong with current badge, even that's not that old ! Rob
  8. Very sad news Steve!, Baz was always such a lovely friendly fella and a regular on the soul scene for as long as I can remember. He always had a kind word for everyone and was good company on many occasions. RIP big fella. Rob & Sue
  9. I only knew Paul as a DJ on this fantastic Soul Scene we all know and love but what a fantastic DJ he was !, Such very sad news ! Our thoughts go out to Paul's family and friends. RIP Paul Love Rob and Sue
  10. Roblufc


  11. Another old school Soulie passes onto that great record bar in the sky. A larger than life character, great stories and great company at many a soul night or nighter. RIP Rob & Sue
  12. Roblufc


    Really enjoyed last night at lenny`s. Music wise, great sets played by all the dj,s, with a lot of thought and feeling for the crowd in attendance and an understanding for the sort of stuff that some people want to hear. Not being too critical (well,maybe a little) of those that want too hear the same old top 100 overplayed records, but venues like lenny`s are a breath of fresh air compared to most do`s these day`s. Len, I know you keep saying you need a bit of a break, but Don`t let it be for too long. You do have the backing of the likes of those there last night, which I think you can tell by the comments made and a full dance floor. Enjoy your break but Don`t stop what you believe in. Cheers for last night and look forward to something on the same theme in the future. Cheers Rob and of course Sue
  13. Such terribly sad news,I have known Tony for 35 years and will miss him so much.he was a true gent and real soulie. he was a true bedford legend on the soul scene and whatever alnighter you may have attended with him everyone seemed to know Tony. We were lucky enough to attend his birthday celebration in cambridge a couple of weeks ago and he was on fine form. The bedford soul scene will never be the same again. RIP Love Rob & Sue
  14. So very sad to hear ! Our condolences to Jon on this sad day ! Best wishes . Rob and Sue
  15. I meant to say DJs not sis

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