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    Been collecting Soul records since about 1990. Went to quite a few nighters but socially its just Cleethorpes weekenders in recent years. Was on Soul Source in early deays but lapsed and lost password etc

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    mark mckinsley
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    gene dunlop id like to get to know you

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  1. My partner loves poker machine gambling Las Vegas. She loves the atmosphere, the characters and she usually comes out winning a bit. Thankfully she has no interest in online gambling when she gets home. Similarly I love record shops. I will walk miles in the burning heat from Encore to Record City to hunt through hundreds of old records, and I really look forward to it. The excitement of whats gonna be the next record in the pile! The tension of when you find a goodie and you slowly take it out the sleeve to check the condition! The low when its cracked. The high when you get a bit of a bargai
  2. Happy birthday Alison See ya at Cleethorpes Mark
  3. Booked for Cleethorpes. Really missed not having my annual fix last year. Although a very minor inconvenience compared to what many have suffered. Govt advising against foreign travel this summer may boost staycations of which a Soul Weekender in Sunny Cleethorpes must be the top of many Soulies wishlist! "If the jabs dry up....it could be over 50s only!" Doesn't that account for about 70% of UK Soul punters? (I'd like that to be much lower of course!) And if Cleethorpes may only be allowed a capacity of less than 400 then it should sell out. Its a well ran operation so people s
  4. markmc


  5. Hiya Isabella, The Northern Soul scene is a 'broad church' in terms of history and musical tastes. Heres a really brief history (my view may be well off the mark, I'm a relative newcomer since 1990!) Mid 60s-late 60's. Mods in the North still wanted to dance to uptempo Soul and Motown after the Southern mods moved towards psychedelic etc. Late 60s to 1974. Scene developed totally devoid of media attention with its own music and fashion. Astounding 60's and new release Soul records with the right beat discovered from the States by the crate. 1974 to 1979. Pop music was

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