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  1. Rediscovered this the other day, great bit of uplifting gospel soul from The Mighty Clouds of Joy - Rainy Day Friend Happy weekend all!
  2. Me too, LOVE it, never ever get tired of it - pure magic Sorry got a bit carried away there Brilliant tune though
  3. Yes I heard that too - great track, very soulful
  4. Please pm if interested. No hassle refund if not 100% happy. Paypal as gift. Post £2.50 UK first class recorded, £7.50 special, overseas tbc. The "Q" - That's the way (Hound) VG+ £240 SOLD
  5. One more from me - Jackie Wilson 'This love is mine' from the Beautiful Day LP, one of his very best IMO
  6. Don't think anyone's mentioned this yet - Roger Hatcher 'Your love is a masterpiece' (Guiness R & Better LP)
  7. Tony Palmer 1968 Albert Hall film also well worth a watch if you haven't seen it
  8. Interesting Q&A clip here from when 'Beware of Mr Baker' doc was out a few years ago
  9. Absolutely, hadn't seen the news earlier when I posted - very sad
  10. Just had a few days in New York and picked up a couple of nice tunes along the way, this being my current fave - what a rush when the chorus kicks in Margie Joseph 'I can't move no mountains' (Atlantic) - happy weekend all!
  11. Should have brought 'em back - I'd have given you a tenner
  12. Great stuff - always reminds me of Cleethorpes weekenders after it featured in the C4 doc 'Baby that's a no no' and 'Do I deserve it baby' also killer album-only cuts as far as I know

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