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    70s were a magical era for the northern soul scene

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  1. Its inevitable this will eventually happen , however not in the time frame suggested . The required infrastructure will not be in place for another 15-20 years . Having spent Fifty years in the motor industry this is the general consensus of opinion. Fear not brothers and sisters.
  2. Hi Fred ,although i was only on the nss fringe in Huddersfield , i recall many great nights out and the music remains as strong with me today as it did in the 70s , had some laughs with your late bro Rob and his mate Nova . I spend many hours on you tube these days searching old footage of the nss , then singing and shuffling round the kitchen trying to re create moves to the great dismay of my other half. Do Remember Bert Rhodes the tailor in the Huddersfield Arcade whom would cut and make trousers from your own cloth and have them ready in a week . I once requested a royal blue pai
  3. Hi , just joined this site , i have just been remembering the 70s and early 80s when i lived in Huddersfield , im 66 now and have fond if sketchy memories of the northern soul boys in the town. I worked with "NOVA" ( IAN NOVASHELSKI) he was a friend of Rob Ward and his brother Fred , just wondered if anyone knows if these guys are still knocking about.
  4. Hi , is Mr Fred ( fred ward ) the brother of Rob Ward and a friend of Ian Novashelski ( Nova) ?

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