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    Northern, X-Over
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    Marianne Mendt - Wie a Glockn

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  1. Hi Dave , I‘ ll take it Thx Hagen
  2. Sam Moultrie - I`ll always love you (Warre please
  3. Hi Rascal, got a Copy on Granger in VG (Manship Quality) The Recording Quality in the Studio was very poor. I own a Cletus Marland on Terry too and it has the same Background Noise. cheers Hagen
  4. Hi Mal, is Bottom & Company - Gonna Fine a True Love / Motown EX++ still available? thx Hagen
  5. 7. Cold Blood - I`m a good woman 9. Jay Harman - now its you & me 10. Bill - space lady
  6. Thx Cally , I saw it ….600£ and I try to get it cheaper. Found a M copy for 450$ on Discogs, but Seller is from US.
  7. Hi Cally Bobby Reed still for sale ? Rgds Hagen
  8. Bill Wright - a man in love is available? thx Hagen
  9. Hi Dave, Freddie Scott - girl I love you is available? thx Hagen
  10. Good Evening Dave, I‘m interested to buy these Records: Ernest Baker - Alone again George Perkins - I‘m so glad you’re mine Regards Hagen
  11. Thx Dave, for your eagle eyes and knowledge. Guy Hennigan is in town and he also blessed the record. Regards from the Heart of Europe Vienna
  12. Here are the Details: ASide: K13540 100481 handscratched C I Machinestamped BSide K13540 66XY482

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