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  1. Jackie Lee - Darkest Days - Boot Or Genuine

    Was it played as early as 1970 into 71... Defo legit from the info gareth X gives ... Loads of abc look like this.... girl watcher is another example..... Must be rarer than the 68 orig but probably half the value
  2. O.T. Sykes Stone crush on you

    Why the different address... Different time scale in release?
  3. Eddie Garrigan - Fontana

    is it just me but i thought that all fontana and phillips distributed labels are styrene..just an easy way to look at it
  4. A dozen sales for the weekend.. Paypal as friends.. Post is £2.50 sign for and £2 1st class 1 four below zero - esp pts 1 & 2. (P&p) ex wol on pt 1. £115 2. True pages of life - truth and love ( creative funk w/d) M- £22 3. Betty sem...
  5. The Volcanos - Youre Number 1

    It cost me about £43 with the post in 2008... It was a good rate then too..
  6. Esp. Vg++ wol £140 Taj mahal canada columbia ex £60
  7. ivorys please stay

    Thats the one that i had.with female black on the label.sold it a year ago.. Got some good coin for it
  8. ivorys please stay

    3 different despenza issues... not been booted unless its recent in which case should be a tenner
  9. The Volcanos - Youre Number 1

    i sold mine for 150 i think
  10. Some real cheap but good 60s and 70s for a sunday night..some great sounds for little money... Paypal as friends post is £2 1. Gary lewis and the playboys - my hearts symphony (liberty in p/s) ex /vg+ £10 2. The okaysions - girl watcher/ deal me in ...
  11. half a dozen for a saturday night

    Half a dozen for a saturday afternoon..paypal as friends post is £7.50 or 2.50 sign for 1. The younghearts - beginning of the end/ little togetherness ( canterbury w/d) ex. £270 2. Dean parrish - bricks broken bottles and sticks ( musicor blk issue)...