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  1. Another batch of cheap soul classic tunes... Possibly my last one for a while. PayPal as friends. Post is £2.50sign for mail £62 Inc Post as job lot will throw a couple more in SOLD AS A JOB LOT ..THANK YOU 1. Luther vandross - I wanted your love ( epic) vg+ £2.50.... Outstanding luther dance track 2. Johnnie Taylor - who's making love (stax) vg+ £3 3. The emotions shouting out love (stax) vg+ odd pop £3 4. The temptations - beauty is only skin deep / you're not an ordinary girl ( gordy) label faded a bit on top side vg+ £4 5. Syl Johnson - back for a taste of your love (hi) vg+£3 As good as we did it 6.mickey Murray - shout bamalama (sss International) vg slight noise on intro £3 7. Tyrone Davis can I change my mind (Dakar) vg+ £3 8. Diana Ross £ the supremes - you've been so wonderful to me (motown) vg+ £3 As good as they ever made 9. Hugh masekela - grazing in the grass (uni) vg+ £4 10. Joe tex - show me ( dial) g+/vg- some label damage but plays like a champ £3 11. Tyrone Davis - turn back the hands of time (Dakar) vg+sticker on label £3 12. Aretha franklin - oh me oh my I'm a fool for you (Atlantic) vg+ £3.50 Recent spin in bilbao and horse and groom 13. Chaka Khan - hot butterfly (papillon) ex £4 Label off centre not affect play 14. Dyke & the blazers - funky Broadway (original sound) vg plays great £3 15. Isaac hayes - love has been good to us (polydor) vg+ £4 good 70s mover 16. Electric express - it's the real thing (linco) vg- £3 Funk classic little crackle plays well 17. James brown - If I ruled the world/ I got the feelin (king) vg+ funk classic b/w powerhouse ballad £2.50 18. Aretha franklin - take a look (columbia) vg+ £3 Super soulful 19. Teddy pendergrass - can't we try/ this gift of love (philly int) vg++ slight edge warp nap £2.50 20. Lou rawls - you can bring me all your heartaches / a woman who's a woman (capitol) g condition.. Bit of crackle on intro then clears up £2 21 cliff nobles - love is all right/ the horse ( Phil la soul) g condition plays well £2 22. Luther ingram - if loving you is wrong ( koko) vg £1.50...little crackle on intro.. Clears up nicely
  2. Another 20 cheap but super soulful 45s for sale... PayPal as friends post is £2.50 sign for mail...ALL ON HOLD THANK YOU 1. Willie hutch - talk to me (motown) vg+ £4 Willie at his soulful best... Issue only dancer 2. Lou rawls - groovy people (philly int) vg++ £4 Strident philly dancer 3. Dobie gray - the in crowd (charger) vg+ wol £6 Classic 4. Wilson picket - I'm in love (Atlantic) vg+ £4 Bobby womack penned magic.. Best version 5. Percy sledge - heart of a child ( Atlantic) vg+ £5 Great dancer from percy 6. Denise la sale - fool me good / love me right (abc) ex £5 2 great sides top side is a let's get it on style swayer 7. Peggy Scott & Jo Jo Benson - lovers holiday (sss International) vg+ £3 Classic 8.syl Johnson - we did it / anyway the wind blows (hi) vg £4 both sides odd pop but play well.... As good as it gets 9. Fantastic Johnny C- boogaloo down Broadway ( Phil la soul) vg+ £4 Classic 10. 100 proof aged in soul - somebody's been sleeping / I've come to save you ( hot wax) vg++ £4 11. Doris Duke - feet start walking / how was I to know you cared ( canyon) vg++ £4 12. Luther ingram - trying to find my love (koko) looks vg++ but a couple of hairlines make odd tick cheap tho £4 13. Johnnie taylor - you're the best in the world (columbia) vg plays great £2.50 14. Otis redding - nobody's fault but mine (atco) vg+ £5 Great Otis mover 15. Little Milton - let me back in (stax) vg £4 Odd pop plays well 16. Michael Henderson - take me I'm yours (Buddah) looks vg+.. Odd pop £4 Great 70s mover 17. Jimmy Hughes - that side of the door (volt) vg+ £5... Brill mid tempo memphis soul from jimmy 18. Clarence carter - take it all off ( abc) vg+ £4 Risqué dancer by the man 19. Tyrone Davis - there it is ( Dakar) vg++ £3.50 Classic 20. Tyrone Davis - its you it's you ( columbia) vg+ £2.50...quality 70s Few pops on into
  3. 24 x cheap but quality tunes for a Saturday... Everyone a winner.... PayPal as friends. Post is £2.50.£4 for the lp 1. From the vaults lp(UK tamla motown STMA8001) feat spinners what more can a boy ask for EX/EX £20 on hold..not paid for yet 2.diana Ross & supremes - you've been so wonderful to me (motown) vg £4 As good a 45 as they ever did 3. The soul survivors - mama soul ( French atco in p/s) ex/vg+ £12 SOLD SOLD 4. Dayton - eyes on you (United artists) vg £6 SOLD SOLD Has a scuff but plays fine.. Odd pop...last copy 5. Isaac hayes - love has been good to us (polydor) vg + £5 good 70s 6. William Bell - I forgot to be your lover / bring the curtain down (stax) vg £3 ON HOLD Immense 2 sider odd pop 7. Cilla Black - silly wasn't I (South Africa djm) Cilla does a great cover of Valerie Simpson. Vg+ £15 SOLD SOLD 8. Johnnie Taylor - your the best in the world (columbia) vg £2.50 2 copies SOLD SOLD 9. Jean Carn - free love ( philly int) vg + £4 classic SOLD SOLD 10. Aretha franklin - oh me oh my om a fool for you baby (Atlantic) vg+ £4 bilbao and horse & groom ender 11. Jr walker - gotta hold on to this feeling (soul) vg+ £4 ON HOLD 12. Clarence carter - the feeling is right ( Atlantic) vg+ £4 SOLD SOLD 13. Little Milton - I know what I want ( checker) vg £5 SOLD SOLD immense 14. Richard Jon Smith - everybody needs somebody ( Belgium only polydor) ex/vg+ cover sticker on label £10 SOLD SOLD 15. David ruffin - everything's coming up love/ no matter where ( motown) vg+ £5 SOLD SOLD 2 Brill 70s soul sides 16. Mickey Murray - shout bamalama ( sss International) vg £4 Classic northern cover of otis 17. Dyke & the blazers - funky Broadway (original sound) vg £5 18. Chaka Khan - papillon(hot butterfly) (Warner bros) ex £4 Label off centre not affect play tho great cover of luther/gregg diamond 19. The temptations - beauty is only skin deep / you're not an ordinary girl (gordy) vg + £5 Label a little faded 20. Joe Simon - when ( sound stage 7) ex £4 ON HOLD Great record 21. Sam & dave - come on in ( Atlantic) vg+ £4 SOLD SOLD Horse and groom spin 22.the emotions - shouting out love (stax) vg.. Has a couple of hair lines.. Few pops looks cleaner £4 23. Barbara acklin - love makes a woman/ come and see me baby (brunswick) vg £3.50 few pops on flip SOLD SOLD 24. Cliff nobles and Co - love is all right ( Phil la soul) g+ Lots of marks plays well £2.50
  4. dave pinch

    looking for a value on this Fascinators

    I doubt pat would let that go for £300... It was goin for that in the early 90s... Tho I appreciate today's nighter crowd in the main probably weren't even around then so will not know it
  5. dave pinch

    The blurred line...

    just gonna leave this here
  6. dave pinch

    The blurred line...

    true image and gonzales have `yet` in the song and the title is sung in a similar key but thats where the similarity ends i think
  7. Unlimited four - true love is hard to find / somebody help, please (chanson) ex vinyl small stain on both labels. £300 Great funk edged dancer b/w superior low rider flip.. This side is the killer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SgOH3DoF9Fo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-9EcsrOeKCo
  8. dave pinch

    20 cheap but good soul 45s

    20 real cheap but quality sounds for a friday evening..paypal as friends..post is £2.50 sign for mail 1. yvonne baker & sensations - i cant change / mend the torn pieces (junior 1071) ex £45 SOLD SOLD 2. etta james - mellow fellow - (argo ) vg £25 great r n b SOLD SOLD bit of crackle on intro then plays well 3. dayton - eyes on you ( united artists) vg+ £7.50 SOLD SOLD have one more left in same shape looks mint has one marks with a few ticks 4. main ingredient - work to do ( panama rca victor) g- £20 looks ruff but plays well with some pops .great cover of isleys on a rare panama only 45 SOLD SOLD 5. bobby bland - it aint the real thing ( abc) ex £5 brill mid tempo 70s soul 6.the four tops - shake me wake me (when its over)/ just as long as you need me ( motown ) vg+ £7 flip slightly off centre not noticeable in playback 7. the temptations - its you that i need ( gordy) vg+ £6 cracking motown dancer..temps at their best 8. tyrone davis - just my luck ( columbia) vg+ £8 SOLD SOLD great modern mid pace dancer 9. slim harpo - tip on in (excello) vg+ £5 plays with some background noise music overpowers tho 10.hugh masekela - grazing in the grass (uni) vg+ £5 classic 11. the impressions - miracle woman / sooner or later (curtom) vg+ £5 SOLD SOLD 12. otis redding - love man ( atco ) vg+ £8 rarer usa copy 13. willie hightower - so tired ( of running awayfrom love ) ( fury) plays well with a bit of crackle on intro..great midpace r n b tape swap sound vg £5 14. aretha franklin - never grow old ( checker demo) vg- £8.....plays great..her 1st gospel 45 from 1956 15, the dells - stay in my corner ( cadet) vg++ £5 superb slowie in all its glory..dells at their best 16. young holt unlimited - just aint no love ( brunswick) vg+ £5 inst to love makes a woman 17. donnie elbert - i got to get myself together ( rare bullet) vg- £5 plays great 18. percy sledge - heart of a child ( atlantic) vg+ £5 good northern from percy 19. jerry butler - moody woman ( mercury) vg+ £5 classic 20. jerry butler - just cant forget about you ( mercury) vg+ £4..original and great version of marion love SOLD SOLD
  9. dave pinch

    real cheap sales

    some real cheap but quality 60s and 70s soul 45s for sale. paypal as friends post is £2 1. archie bell & the drells - tighten up b/w pt2 ( atlantic) vg+ £5 2. archie bell & the drells - i cant stop dancing / youre such a beautiful child ( atlantic) vg++ £5 3. blood sweat and tears - tell me that i`m wrong ( columbia) wol vg++ £6 4. carla thomas - i like what youre doing to me ( stax) vg+ £5 sold sold 5. tower of power - so very hard to go ( warner bros) vg++ £5 6. maryann farra and satin soul - never gonna leave you (brunswick) vg £5 big fave of mine 7. maze & frankie beverly - love is the key ( capitol ) vg+ £4 wonderful record 8. aretha franklin - you send me ( atlantic) vg++ £4 sold one..have one left wonderful crossover version of sam cooke classic 9. jean carn - was that all it was ( philadelphia int) vg++ £4 sold philly classic 10. barbara acklin - love makes a woman/come and see my baby ( brunswick) vg+ some label wear £7 sold 11. little milton - let me back in ( stax ) vg £4 odd pop here and there looks cleaner 12 michael henderson - take me i`m yours ( buddah) vg £4 again odd pop looks cleaner
  10. dave pinch

    10 saturday sales

    Some Saturday sales.. A couple or 3 nice ones then a few quality cheapies .. PayPal as friends or add 5% bank transfer... Or any other method as long as legal is cool... Post is £7.50 or 2.50 1. Jack Montgomery - dearly beloved / do you believe it (scepter w/d) vg++ £350 2. Willie kendricks - change your ways/ what's that on your finger, ( rca w/d) ex £450 3. Patti Austin - take away the pain stain (coral yellow demo) ex £350 4. Dayton - eyes on you ( United artists) M- £ 10 sold a few more..not many left now Sold a few of these yesterday.. Got a few left grab em while the price is nice fabulous modern soul 5. The main ingredient - work to do (Panama rca Victor) Brill version of the isleys .. Rare Panama only 45...only in G condition looks ruff but plays better £25 6. Classics IV - stormy / 24 hrs of loneliness ( liberty) ex £6.fab 2sider for little coin 7. Teddy pendergrass - I just called to say (philadelphia int) vg+ £ 8 wonderful crossover SOLD SOLD 8. Young holt unlimited - soulful strutt (brunswick) ex £8. Classic much covered /sampled inst 9. Joe tex - you better believe it baby (dial) vg+ £5. Thumping northern looks clean plays with a little background noise 10. Jerry butler - moody woman (Mercury) vg+ £5. Classic SOLD ONE ONE MORE LEFT
  11. dave pinch

    A dozen sales ..some great tunes

    sent you a message mate
  12. dave pinch

    A dozen sales ..some great tunes

    ive sold that copy but i defo have another..let me check condition and i will get back to you tmorro afternoon
  13. dave pinch

    A dozen sales ..some great tunes

    a few sales for the weekend.. PayPal as friends or add 5%..bank transfer. Cheque and cash thru post is OK too.. Post is £7.50 special delivery or 2.50 sign for mail 1. Edwin Starr - I just wanted to cry ( German only tamla motown) ex/ex £150 SOLD SOLD 2. From the vaults lp feat spinners.. What more could a boy ask for (usa natural resources) M-/M- £20. Orig usa label and format other great unissued motown on this must have lpSOLD SOLD 3. Teddy pendergrass - the more I get the more I want (philadelphia int) vg+ £12 4. Dayton - eyes on you (united artists) M- £10 sold a couple got a couple left Absolutely blinding modern soul 5. The drifters - drip drop (Atlantic oldies) vg+ £12.. 70s issue of this monster SOLD SOLD 6. The dramatics - your love was strange (volt) M- £12 SOLD SOLD 7. The dramatics - whatcha see is whatcha get - (volt) vg++ £6. Classic 8. Jackie Wilson - whispers getting louder ( brunswick) vg+ £8 9. Jackie Wilson - you brought about a change in me (brunswick) vg+ £8 10. The dells - stay in my corner (cadet demo) vg+ £8..... Rare demo long and short versions.. Only way to get the edit ON HOLD 11. William Bell - trying to love two ( Mercury) ex £6. Classic crossover soul.. Orig version SOLD SOLD 12. Temptations - beauty is only skin deep (gordy) vg+. £6...... Classic motown SOLD ONE..ONE MORE LEFT
  14. dave pinch

    The Latin stuff that seems to be everywhere.

    certainly as far as today goes mark. Much more relevant than the pop stuff whether we like it or not
  15. dave pinch

    Jimmy James - A Man Like Me

    What's strange about it.. Too many records played to death from back in the day.. There were much better days in the, 80s and 90s more records should be played from back in those days... As I say give it the odd play... Its a decent record.. A bit poppy but don't torture us with it


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