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  1. That's the price on a list at the moment £800
  2. soulcarp

    SPOILERS sad man's land

    Am I right in thinking you want it on these labels for the b-side sweet funk ? Has I've got a spare on Tobin blue label atb john
  3. soulcarp


    Yep he was after one
  4. soulcarp

    Few to go

    King Edward & is B.D.s .. girls are ( supposed to be .. Groove vg+ £150 Wanda Rouzan .. would you love me .. Frisco m- £50 Lou Bond .. you shake me up .. Brain storm m- £30 Janet Deane .. I'm glad I waited .. Gateway vg+ £30 Earnest Nelson .. I'll make it someday .. Runaway vg+ £75 Soul Procedures .. glamour girl .. Five-O m- £75 Charmaine .. send my baby back to me ..m- £50 plus p&p £2:80 signed for regecords over £100 special delivery £8
  5. soulcarp

    Nora Roberts

    Nora Roberts .. I Just Flip .. Kick Off Rare R&B in Mnt- condition £200 +p&p
  6. Very good price and a hard record on both labels
  7. soulcarp

    Rodd Keith - 'You're Groovy'

    Good luck in your search hag this c/up for over 20yrs only know of one more copy and it was played on dean Anderson radio show couple of months ago johno
  8. Adydj on here was after the natraul four the other day
  9. soulcarp

    Natural four I thought you was mine demo

    There's one on eBay 2hrs left to bid
  10. soulcarp

    So sad news-Mark Ellis-Rotherham

    Yes very sad new RIP Mark
  11. soulcarp


    Sorry floyd it was below when you scroll down similar forum topics didn't see the date it was 2016 I n my rust to tell you once again sorry
  12. soulcarp


    Floyd there was one in sales on Sunday £220 good luck
  13. soulcarp

    oreign Blue Renaisance on Kohoutech

    No because that was a few weeks ago
  14. soulcarp

    Raresoul45s New List - Quality Originals

    Butch played it last year at cleethorpes weekender
  15. soulcarp

    oreign Blue Renaisance on Kohoutech

    I'm sure I've seen one for sale this week on here or Fbook rare sales


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