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  1. There's a priceless clip of Major Bill (around the 37 minute mark) in the Teen A Go Go documentary about the Fort Worth scene:
  2. Anyone? Only want it for the sweet/doo-wop side!
  3. Urgently needed for research project. Please email mark@mediahut.co.uk
  4. **ALERT** Just had to make yet more updates above because someone reminded me that there are two Edith Jones pressings on Le Cam. If anyone can help with scans, please let me know!
  5. These are Major Bill Smith releases, so all logic goes out of the window. It's just info, floating in space... Phyliss Brown: I've Got Something On My Mind / Roma (Le Cam 630). Black text on light blue or green, 1967(?). Pink text on white pressing was probably a 1970s reissue for market demand, or just a Bill Smith cash-in. Sonny & Phyllis: I've Got Something On My Mind / Love, Love, Love (Soft S-1023) Silver on purple. Same A-side track as above, possibly around same time as first Le Cam press but likely later. Le Cam Cat. number LC-630 was also shared by Berry Street Stati
  6. Mark II "Bread and Soul" on Charay C-85 is also this same sax instrumental.
  7. Total nerd-fest update. VOCAL Carolyn Sullivan: Dead / Wow (Soft 1020) "Razor" NEED SCANS & CLIPS Carolyn Sullivan: Dead! / Wow (Philips 40507) "Phone" (Promos are black on pink, issues standard blue) Late 1967. Cresa Watson: Dead / Alpine Winter (Charay 45-700) "Tears" (White promos have two label variants, with/out Cotillion distribution ring text. A national green/yellow issue also has this text) Cresa Watson: Dead / Alpine Winter (Charay C-91) "Tears" (Local issue. Three distinct 45s share this cat. number, only one features "Dead.") Both issues probably 1969 judging
  8. As far as I know, C85 has five releases ascribed to that cat. number. Correct me if I am wrong. I bet Bill Smith is laughing at us from the grave. Mark II - Dead / Bread And Soul Mark II - Alpine Winter / Dead Mark II - Alpine Winter / Bread And Soul Mark II - Alpine Winter / Soul Of A Man Mark II - Wipe Out / Soul Of A Man
  9. Well, well, well. Thanks to a late entry into the canon from the wonderful Diggin' Dave, the "Dead" story has a new and hitherto unknown chapter. A second version of the Phyllis Brown vocal exists without the hideous strings. I almost dare not ask if there are any more versions known to anyone, but please get in touch if you have information! VOCAL Edith Jones & Leon Childs Combo: I Don’t Care No More / You Lay So Easy On My Mind (Le Cam 316) "Razor" Berry Street Station: I Don't Care No More / King Bee (LeCam 630) "Razor" Carolyn Sullivan: Dead / Wow (Soft 1020) "Razor" Caroly
  10. Oh dear god. Are you seriously telling me that there is YET ANOTHER VERSION OF THIS? Agh!
  11. Anyone? Anywhere? Holler if you can get a lead on one for me! THANKS!
  12. Can anyone spare a clean one? Only needed for the ballad side mentioned. PM or email: mark at mediahut.co.uk Cheers!
  13. Big want for me, too. Where was the Violet label from, by the way?

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