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  1. Altrincham Soul Club

    Well... Tonight’s the night! Our final night at The Masonic. Considering neighbouring Sale once had the blue rooms and the Oakfield to name but a few nearby established Soul events (all well before my time mind you) there were no local quality events on. Only a few occasional Motown nights so a few years ago we came up with the plan of starting Altrincham Soul Club. The plan was to be a friendly local Soul club playing those old favourites but also playing the records we have and love. A few years down the line and I’m proud of what we have achieved. We’ve held many great nights as well as a few charity events. Between the resident DJs and the guests we’ve had records like The Ascots, The Ivories, Richard Caiton, Daybreak, Detroit Sounds Of Friction, Flowers, Soul Bros Inc, Cody Marshall, Timeless Legend to name but a few played alongside the classic Motown and Northern Oldies! Maybe not the rarest records in the world, especially in comparison to what we witnessed last weekend at The Orwell, but we did our thing and I think we did it well! This couldn’t have been done without the help of the people who regularly turn up! I can’t thank you enough for your continued support, you folks really are amazing! To the ladies on the door, my lovely Mother Linda, my wonderful fiancé Chelsie and my adorable (no sarcasm here honest) sister Rachael. And finally the DJ’s...my very good friend Nick and the person to blame for this obsession, my best mate, my Dad Mark. A big thanks to all at The Masonic for everything over the past few years. So... I hope to see you all tonight and don’t forget you’ll find us at The LMRCA next year folks! 🎶 Mike 🎶
  2. Altrincham Soul Club

    Hello mate, yeah starting at 8 until 12.30. Be good to see you there! Looking forward to it
  3. Still looking for a copy of the Kent 100 Club Anniversary single Thanks Mike
  4. Altrincham Soul Club

    Getting close now! Plenty of interest on Facebook, looks like it’s going to be a busy last night at The Masonic! Hope to see everyone who has visited us over the past few years and do hope you’ll check out the new venue next year.
  5. Altrincham Soul Club

    Not long at all now! Here’s a few in the box ready for December. I think I’ll be going for Altrincham Anthems which is also what’s on this months free CD. As always get in early if you want one as they go quickly!
  6. Altrincham Soul Club-Annual Charity Night

    Join us at our fantastic new venue for 2018! Kicking things off with our annual charity night in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support. There will be a limited amount of CDs available to purchase at £2 each with proceeds from the night and CDs going to Macmillan. Michael Taylor, Mark Taylor & Nick Mckinnon playing the very best in Northern Soul, Tamla Motown, Modern & Crossover! Doors open at 8pm! See you there folks :-)
  7. Can You Dig It

    Box is almost packed, got a bit of everything from mid tempo 70s to some jazz funk classics, a few crossover bits for early doors and some new release stuff! Thoroughly looking forward to it! There’s been loads of interest on FB and when we have been out and about supporting other venues so looks like it’s going to be a goodun!

    Another cracker to look forward to! 5 of us heading over from Altrinchamshire See you there!
  9. Please PM mr if you have a copy available
  10. SO SOULFUL 70's - Eddy Edmondson & Steve Plumb

    Will be in nice and early to reserve our seats and supervise the equipment set up! Looking forward to another great night at SS70s! Roll on Saturday... Mike :-)
  11. Altrincham Soul Club

    Fantastic turnout for October’s event which just leaves December now, which will be our last event at The Masonic as we are holding next years events at The LMRCA just down the road. Many good memories at The Masonic where we started out 3 years ago! We hope you can all make it! Heres next years flyers folks...
  12. Vibrations-Cause You’re Mine

    Original wanted... Please Pm with price and condition thanks
  13. Joan Baker-Everybodies Talking

    Please PM with price and condition Thanks
  14. PM sent Phil Cheers