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  1. Hi, reduced to help fund that want... Buddy Ace - Screaming Please - Duke, ex condition- clean labels - £180 + P&P £150 +P&P SOLD Labels super clean - Plays great ( see earlier post for soundfile...) Thanks.
  2. Soulfreak

    Buddy Ace + 100% Pure Poison

    Hi I've attached file (just first 2 mins as full song file was too big0...but rest assured the rest plays as well.. Thanks Screaming Please.wav
  3. Soulfreak

    Buddy Ace + 100% Pure Poison

    Played it last night and sounded fine... will listen more closely and send you a soundfile later on when I get home...
  4. Soulfreak

    Buddy Ace + 100% Pure Poison

    Hi, Two for sale to fund want... Buddy Ace - Screaming Please - Duke, ex condition- clean labels - £180 + P&P 100% Pure Poison - EMI ex condition - clean labels - £50 + P&P (ON HOLD) Both play great... Thanks for looking...
  5. Soulfreak

    Gloria Jay - Know What You Want

    Sent you a pm
  6. Soulfreak

    TSU Toronadoes & 100% Pure Poison

    Hi Andy, Sent you PM
  7. Soulfreak

    Oscar Perry - I'm On My Way -Paradise -Offers

    I've been asked for an actual soundfile of the 45 for sale so here it is... Labels are spotless.. http://www.mixcloud.com/upload/collaredgreens/oscar-perry-im-on-my-way-paradise-5003/complete/
  8. Oscar Perry - I'm On My Way -Paradise - strong vg+ A few marks on this but plays great , easily sounds as good as the one recentely sold on ebay (and no warp on my copy) heres a link to the soundfile on that auction to give you idea of sound quality Lot of interest in this, terrific 45 and I'm reluctant to leave it go but I need money for a want, so best offer gets it... Thanks
  9. Can't believe it... great guy... he always sounded genuinely pleased when he still had the record you rang for ... and disappointed for you when it was gone.. Had some great laughs with Rick and Jan Barker at soul events in the UK over the years.. but one that sticks out was at blues estafette in utrecht Holland. A big group of soul fans were in a bar taking turns playing pool with Bobby Patterson , and Bobby was beating all comers. When it came to my turn I potted everything in sight and beat Bobby ( this was pure fluke as I'm a crap pool player). But Rick whispered in Bobby's ear that I was the Irish national pool champion.. Bobby was chomping at the bit to play me again, but I kept turning Bobby down (as I knew I would be found out) and Rick was in the background with Jan and both of them cracking up. R.I.P Rick...
  10. Soulfreak

    At The Dark End Of The Street

    Lee Moses does a reasonable gritty version on a gates 45 (flip side to his recut of Bad Girl)
  11. Soulfreak


    Thanks Grant. Send PM, no reply, on hold for someone else though... Great 45..
  12. Soulfreak


    What user name is he under? Thanks


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