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    the art of buttock clenching making and developing exploding underpants sewing stuff together skingrafting extremely high waistband trousers carrots Hedgehog cricket Leeds United FC Limerick Hurling stareing
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    hope aint heard it yet- if i have then mel britt

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  1. until

    Countdown on... err 21 days
  2. Yeah she was on, I would have started going to All-nighters sooner tho took ages to get home. The best live band events I ever seen, were at the Calais...1) Tymes 2) Chairmen Of The Board Just ahead of Brass Construction at St Ive's (which was the hottest)
  3. .....2 years later, Was googling California/O'Jays and good to see the "Calais" getting a mention here, went to many of those listed, great spot, we used to try sneak back home to Bedford on "Paper" train and once walked home along rail line
  4. Apart from drill hole both sides vinyl and labels are clean £ 550 Paris Blues / Out Of This World Registered Package £13 PM's whats app 00 353 85 8397347 is easiest (Danny)
  5. Have the Ronnie & The Crayons on Counsel
  6. https://www.ebay.ie/itm/Lou-Lawton-Knick-Knack-Paddy-Wack-Original-Northern-Soul-/192105402823?hash=item2cba5fd1c7:g:J0MAAOSwTuJYo4SH
  7. Sad to hear of Toby's passing, a real gent R.I.P. and condolences to his family and friends
  8. Cheers lads for best wishes and help (hi Greg yeah hope you well mate too). Yes a friend has won it for me, there have been some developments over weekend, probably wait till I get confirmation tomorrow on payers email, then can give you a better update. Danny
  9. Hi Stu, yep have been on to both, the Garda that dealt with me before is not back on until Saturday, but have emailed her personal address, could get messy if its not a coincidence. Cheers Danny
  10. Cheers Stu, seems a big coincidence. I'm the only one whose played this on the Irish scene, Harpo has bought one recently. Lot of coincidences, a person who was living in the house at the time I lost my records first name was Matthew and his surname begins with Kea (matkea) is this too much of a coincidence, what to do, have reported to eBay, am going to contact Garda who was looking into it here before when I reported them missing......
  11. ​Yeah, am afraid to blow my cover, especially as I'm in Dublin. Could someone ask for scan of both sides. Bought my copy off Irish Greg a few years back, he will am sure be able to vouch if its the same..cheers for heads up

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