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    the art of buttock clenching
    making and developing exploding underpants
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    extremely high waistband trousers
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    Leeds United FC
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    hope aint heard it yet- if i have then mel britt
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  1. What's your favourite End of Night finisher

    Walter Jackson "It's All Over" on Okeh
  2. Outstanding Wants

    Have the Ronnie & The Crayons on Counsel
  3. Lou Lawton / Knick Knack Patty Wack

  4. stomper45

  5. TOBY - R.I.P

    Sad to hear of Toby's passing, a real gent R.I.P. and condolences to his family and friends
  6. Strange Ebay listing - The Rotations

    Cheers lads for best wishes and help (hi Greg yeah hope you well mate too). Yes a friend has won it for me, there have been some developments over weekend, probably wait till I get confirmation tomorrow on payers email, then can give you a better update. Danny
  7. Strange Ebay listing - The Rotations

    Cheers Gogs
  8. Strange Ebay listing - The Rotations

    Hi Stu, yep have been on to both, the Garda that dealt with me before is not back on until Saturday, but have emailed her personal address, could get messy if its not a coincidence. Cheers Danny
  9. Strange Ebay listing - The Rotations

    Cheers Stu, seems a big coincidence. I'm the only one whose played this on the Irish scene, Harpo has bought one recently. Lot of coincidences, a person who was living in the house at the time I lost my records first name was Matthew and his surname begins w...
  10. Strange Ebay listing - The Rotations

    ​Yeah, am afraid to blow my cover, especially as I'm in Dublin. Could someone ask for scan of both sides. Bought my copy off Irish Greg a few years back, he will am sure be able to vouch if its the same..cheers for heads up
  11. Strange Ebay listing - The Rotations

    What's weird is the name used, that is familiar, hmmm
  12. Strange Ebay listing - The Rotations

    I lost a copy of this in a box of records I lost a while back, I live in Dublin ???
  13. Tony Warot Rip

    Sad to hear this, top bloke, will miss his humour and texts at all hours of the day. Kind enough to Dj at first soul events Frank and myself put on in Bedford in 7ts..R.I.P. Tony Warot
  14. Sue Buck R.i.p

    Sorry to see this, condolences to Jon, family and friends ...R.I.P Sue
  15. That Driving Beat (Leeds) 18/2

    Great sounds all night.....plus steve c, lyd, lagerlout, jamie, fudge and more...cheers be back

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