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  1. Willie Hutch - Soul Portrait OV Wright - The Bottom Line
  2. Junior Walker and the Four Tops on the same bill at the London Palladium, 1978ish - Brilliant
  3. I think this was on last night, and yes, it pretty much summed up everyone's fears in this thread of how corny and misrepresentative it was probably going to be. However, having read this thread, apart from a few interesting contributions, the rest of the comments are the obligatory attempt to mock anything which dares to put a commentary publically on the scene - well specifically Wigan. I think if the scene is to survive it probably needs exposure of the right kind to attract and sustain a new audience which will follow and keep alive the fundamentals of the scene. I don't get out to many nights these days, at any opportunity I get I will attend a do irrespective of familiarity with venue or folk , I recently attended a venue with my partner who I have failed miserably to convert to the scene , she likes the music ,but believes the people who frequent the scene (well at least the places I have taken her!) are too clicky (that's probably being polite) . I was enjoying the set in the oldies room at this particular venue, when the geriatric Northern Soul dinosaur appeared and attempted to mock me (not sure why me, face didn't fit and all that) While I can put it down to drink etc, the guy was a real twat and deserved more than the ' I'll ignore the tosser' I eventually settled for as a plan of action. Unfortunately, this strikes me as no different an attitude to the mocking of anything that doesn't quite click into the perceived hierarchy of the scene. Of course this is all in my very humble opinion.
  4. The Notts Palais all dayers captured both genres at the one venue, the main hall was pretty much 100% Northern, while downstairs it was pretty much a funk venue; with the odd Jazz funk tune thrown in. If memory serves (which could be dodgy!), it pretty much co existed with not too much fuss and a reasonable majority of the punters attending both rooms. On reflection it seemed pretty healthy. I remember The Isleys 'Tell me it's just a rumour' being played in the main room and walking downstairs and hearing The Isleys ' The Pride' which had just come out.
  5. Cracking Track from a brilliant album and artist....brightened up my day!
  6. Two oldies for sale, both US release demo's. Prices are in UKP , Postage: UK and Ireland £2. 50 , elsewhere, please email. April Stevens Wanting You MGM (yellow demo) Ex £40 With original MGM sleeve T.D Valentine Love Trap Epic (White demo; red A) Mint £30 Interested, Please email
  7. Many thanks for the replies....................
  8. If anyone could give me the current value of this UK issued 7inch , Hudson People - Trip to your Mind - Ensign in NM condition, it would be appreciated......
  9. Apologies if this has already been covered......................... I know a few people on here have EBAY stores set up, just wondered what the experiences of them are? There seem to be three options with the basic at $15.95 a month. Do they work, how long would you keep them, any issues? I accept that it all depends on what you are selling etc....the questions are more aimed at peoples experiences. Thanks,
  10. Just caught up with this thread, prior to Chris Blackburn running the coach from Bedford myself and Danny used to run it, we often didn't have enough money to cover the cost and we would have to have a wipe around before the driver would go...we never generally had enough, the usual drop outs meant we were short but he'd go anyway because he'd generally have company for the night (if you not what I mean!!) caught the comment about Paul Shirley (RIP) can you PM me what happened/when? Went in his car many a time to nighters.....god knows how we got there half the time....really sad to hear he's gone....
  11. Sad to hear, he included a review of Northern nights in Bedford( 1977via Tony Warot) in HBS (Down at the Club section) which put the venue on the soul map at the time and helped bring and convert many more soul fans in the area.....
  12. Two for sale:Reduced TSU Tornados What good Am I Atlantic M- £20 Magic Night If you and I had never meet RouletteDEMO EX+ £25 Please PM if interested. Postage: UK/Ireland £2 / Europe £4 / Worldwide £5 Money back if your not happy with grading of any record.
  13. Two for sale: TSU Tornados What good Am I Atlantic M- £25 Magic Night If you and I had never meet RouletteDEMO EX+ £30 Please PM if interested. Postage: UK/Ireland £2 / Europe £4 / Worldwide £5 Money back if your not happy with grading of any record.
  14. Yep, was aware of the Alteen issue, my question is really about; anything esle on her?

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