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  1. My wages were £16.50 a week in 1978 I paid £18.00 for a Gia Mateo I think that was the most I ever paid then when I got a Tangeers issue £8.00 a Majestics Linda demo £12.00. It's always been fun.
  2. Frankie Newsomes B side Taunting Love is a Tune John.
  3. One long intro has a verse and chorus in different orders either before or after the break. I also thought some copies have a different sound to the voice/reverbe and backing singers.
  4. All the tracks on the disc 6 I think all feel rushed and a little less Lance feeling in the recordings.
  5. Short into and 2 different versions long intro.
  6. Jimmy has a strange delivery in his song..like, I know he wrote them but takes them in a different direction to what's been covered by others.. So I think it is him on these two tracks... Totally out of sink but then it's his raw emotion... I can relate to from being in a relationship as dangerous as the one he describes.
  7. I posted out of interest, to be honest its got nothing to do with soul. You saying you just came on this page to be a **** again today?
  8. A few years ago I got this Court Davis Virtue acetate with By The Time I Get To Phoenix on. I have always liked the story about the Jimmy Webb song that he wrote about his relationship with Linda Ronstadt sister, he also wrote MacArther Park about the same relationship and how on hearing the song his friend Richard Harris said he wanted to sing it. I remember a few years ago Courts brother was on the site. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cF7U3fjJRNk
  9. _20180604_170300.JPG
    Barbara Dane vg+ nice and clean a few light marks, fold on th cover £25 Sold Frank Dell vg++ light wear on the cover light marks £65 Smokey Robinson with My Baby Changes Like The Weather vg+ some tracks play with a little noise £30 Christine Cooper Heartaches Away vg++ £160 Carla Thomas M M cover £45 Ray Agee M vg++ £60 Greg Perry M 12" £50 Susan Rafey vg++ nice cover £40 Rita Graham light cover wear a few light marks vg++ £60 By Request LP £20 Terry Callier Demo LP us. M very light marks on the cover £200 Uk post is £5.00 Tia
  10. He Won't Stay.. Its sung like Monique but it sounds like Thelma Lyndsey
  11. I spoke to the guy who wrote it, I'm not sure if he actually recorded the track but because he wouldn't produce for them they asked Cecil to sing it. He dated one of the backing singers who was a cheer leader. I have another 5 records on the label and there is just one with a variation.. No bulls eye on one issue.
  12. I have a M - Bill Horton demo for sale.
  13. I have a nice vg+ demo of major lance wol. For sale.
  14. Sure I saw him a few weeks ago.??
  15. A mate... friend use to sell replica t shirts, watches, perfume that stuff, always claimed they were off the back of a lorry...still got a suspended sentence. I don't think I can ever go to a night club again, dance to a record and think wow he's got an original...it's spoilt it now.
  16. I'll check..sure I have the last 2 and some previous.
  17. I have a Denita Wild Side, flips good as well.
  18. M + copy of cashing in...long label info copy.
  19. I have both of these for sale, issues M.

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