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  1. pete


  2. Hi to carl and ian ..sorry I was not there as I tex carl to let him know I was on 12 hour nights 6 till 6 ..I am gutted my friends .I dont think theres been many ive missed...only when I was injured..I. took on board a lot of advise you gave me when I ran bentink soul club with cressy from around 2003 for 10 years .you both will be missed this venue was all about oldies from the past ..motown and youth club mater how you dressed u was always wellcome here..full of friendly soulies.. I for one will be missing this awsome peolpe know we always used to stand on the left sad we will be no longer be in that space ..I hope ian is getting a bit better ..and carl and val a lovely fun couple take there new venture ive got something good, in spain with tommo and deb to be a big success as they did with kingsway..ive been to the venue in spain was awsome full of soul people enjoying a fun full soul week ..good luck ..dont be a stranger keep in touch to
  3. What a fantastic dayer...did what it said 3 rooms different tunes.hundreds of people there , a bar in every room so no queuing .just waiting for final tot up for amount raised for the charities. Brilliant spots by all djs..big thanks to yocky for playing my record .still one of the best yorkshire djs man ..a big thanks to mark and paula for putting on this event ..see ya all soon xx
  4. .... what a choice...nice one ...the right one....enjoy.....
  5. Hi to all ..This is going to be the best dayer of the year, its proved in the past to create loads of cash for different charities.over the years.we all have this music in our hearts , and getting together and giving to well deserved charities .and enjoying the music at the same time is a if you still thinking were to go today .look no further , garenteed to be full of music you like with 3 rooms to choose from,, loads of friendly people,,, and to boot loads of food,, rafle prizes,, stalls to buy from..and a well proven past of dayers full of hundreds of people...see you all there..and finally hope to meet up with soulies from ive got something good .in the sun to all.......
  6. Hi we all wish ian all the best matey......tonight was a great night .cu again carl ..all the best ..pete and pauline x
  7. until

    Hi if any one is still looking for a room .theres one available at Edelweiss guest house .it room only with tea and coffee.but no breakfast ..but theres a cafe a stones thro , pete and phone number is 01262673822. hope this helps some one . pete......
  8. Hi big well done to all at the grov for yet another fantastic charity dayer .my first time out for a long time and what better way to do it than being with people as friendly and loveing as the grovsnor .thanks to mark and paula for the great chat earlier in the morning .
  9. Hi every one .got tickets of mark .we ant been out for months .so looking forward to this top dayer. See you all soon ..pete x
  10. This is also on face book.and thank you to all on there for your kind comments.also the likes and texs I have recieved .lv to all keep well ..pete x
  11. It is a year ago this saturday that my brother past away.a dj from the 60ts and 70tsand then djing resident atbentink soul club for 11yrs. Over the last 14 yrs.i would like to say I will be thinking of you bruv.its hard not having you around .to lynne (micks wife and my sister inlaw) my mum and rest of family lv you all ...pop and see you soon bruv lv pete xx
  12. Hi carl and tommo ..have a fantastic week.wish we was comming but had a opp in febuary.but on the mend..hope you both do one next year .all the best to you both and all who when you back....... pete
  13. pete

    Grosvenor Rooms ( ALL DAYER )

    wow what can i say that has not been said .all the above and more ..i have a tear in my eyes .when mark said dont put a sepparate charity night on for cancer research about 5 months ago and join us here at the grov and we can do it for 2 big charities close to our hearts .i would not have dreamt it would have raised so much well thank you mark and paula ..and the grovsvenor team for helping me with this joint addventure . as a lot of you no i lost my brother only 3 weeks ago to this dreaded cancer desease .and i thank you all from the bottom of my heart that you all turned up and supported this dayer for both charties ..and raised so much,, like i have said in the past with out you it could not happen ..big thanks to every one in volved in setting this all up and of course the djs for there time at the decks in all rooms ..i hope that mark will consider a joint venture for both charities next time you all .. pete and pauline (polly) xxx
  14. pete

    Grosvenor Rooms ( ALL DAYER )

    hi every one its getting close now more night to go then the biggest dayer is upon us ...just like to say abig hands together to mark and paula behind the scene they have been going full out to get this right ..well done you 2 ..and to gaz ,,graham ,,rob,,and any one else who has helped out ..iam glad to be part of this dayer .helping out were i can ..thank you for all the djs for there time and contribution to the day...thankyou to all who have donated raffle prizes..and a final big bg thank you to all of you out there who have brought tickets for this dayer ...remember with out all of you there would not be a soul scene never mind this fantastic dayer ...# enough said think i got every one ... thanks see you all soon ... pete xx
  15. pete

    Grosvenor Rooms ( ALL DAYER )

    HI gray ..thanks for the above mate and thanks to tezza to for your support top things are looking it looks like being a full house in 3 rooms of soul for all your tastes have all day to have a walk round the rooms and take in the atmasphere .remember main room Northern /motown starts at 12 midday.. the back room individual venues bring there sounds to the decks starts at 12 midday ..and the upstairs rare/ crossover /modern/ room starts a little later at 4 pm ..large raffle on sale through the day comp...cobs for sale on the bar ..a hog roast out side with other bits and bobs..smoking area out side to right of stage .and not for getting over 40 TOP DJS FROM ALL OVER TO GIVE THE BEST SOUNDS THERE IS ..THIS IS GOING TO BE AWSOME..MARK ..ROB..GRAHAM...GAZ..MYSELF PETE ..WILL BE AROUND ALL DAY TO HELP U OUT IF YOU NEED US NOT FOR GETTING PAULA .POLLY AND THE GIRLS BEING AROUND TO HELP TO. WE ALSO HAVE SECURITY WHO WILL BE THERE TO HELP IF NEEDED..SAFE JOURNEY TO ALL..SEE YOU ALL SOON .CANT WAIT .. TAKE CARE PETE XX

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