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    Northern soul... Taekwondo..mountain biking,.... skiing,.... ww2 aircraft.... pc games..
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    how can you choose ?

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  1. Casper


    thanks Pete lad ! always good to see the crew , glad you all had a good night , it was amazing for sure … not got myself together yet lol
  2. Casper


    Set up last night , all ready to go ! the place to be tonight for real soul ALL on OVO 1st issue , no pretenders … just real … the time it was made .. there is a difference , both in the quality of the record and the dj's who play them , BLACKHEART SOUL … SATURDAY 22ND FEB ..
  3. Casper


    Dj times , Saturday 22nd FEB 8 - 9 PETE DAVIES ( ME ) 9 -10 CATHY C 10 -11 MARK FREEMAN 11-12 MARTIN SHAW 12 -1.00 MICK TAYLOR Always a large spectrum of soul to suit most people, from the classics to underplayed , and some of the rarest you can hear .all on 1st issue original records ..
  4. Casper


    Saturday 22nd Feb , one of only three left to come this year , as always 100% first issue records , no fakes .. Dj's who know what it's all about when it comes to dancing and listening too ,Always a large spectrum to suit most people, from the classics to underplayed , and some of the rarest you can hear .all as it should be , all in one great old school venue with so much Northern soul music history , proper wooden floor , great bar prices , five dj's , five hours £5.00 otd for what has always been a night to never let you down , travel with confidence , no doubts as to your enjoyment !
  5. pm'd you Michael .
  6. Chuck Cornish, tribute to Mohammed Ali on White Cliffs M- very clean , not easy to find ... £400 + post approx. £8.00 payapal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzx3U9h45vc
  7. Casper


    22nd Feb 2020 , one of only 4 per year at this well loved venue with a superb soul history and kudos , as always some fresh dj's on the decks playing 100% original 1st issue vinyl , so you are hearing exactly as was intended , each one a true time capsule of quality .. classics , underplayed , rarest of the rare , all played with thought and skill in one room , giving the dancer and listener a feast of superb soul music all the way ! with you on the night .. Mick Taylor , one of the best most incredible collections in the uk , superb tunes ! Mark Freeman , national dj and promoter of Nuneaton coop all nighters and other top events in the country , quality ! Martin Shaw , another great dj with a superb collection of soul music to please , great to have him at last ! Cathy C , local dj who is so very respected and well known in the East Midlands , a lovely lady and friend who really knows her soul and has the tunes believe me !!! oh , and me of course … I have a few tunes too 5 dj's five hours of soul for your soul .. As always this night was announced and put forward 7 months ago so as not to clash with any other soul night event in Nottingham, get yourselves sorted soul cats
  8. Casper

    cat fly.jpg

  9. Casper


  10. Casper


    Nothing stacks against this today … proper line up , rarest of the rare , classics of the classics , true underplayed … best dancefloor, period ! .. awesome venue … get real soul folk , you know where it's at for sure ..
  11. 22nd feb Steve lad !
  12. Time to get busy soul children ... keep it real , keep it in your soul .. only 4 per year .. Tonight ,23rd Nov 2019
  13. nighters deffo on the cards for next year !

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