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    Northern soul... Taekwondo..mountain biking,.... skiing,.... ww2 aircraft.... pc games..
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    how can you choose ?

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  1. Casper


    thanks Pete lad ! always good to see the crew , glad you all had a good night , it was amazing for sure … not got myself together yet lol
  2. Casper


    Set up last night , all ready to go ! the place to be tonight for real soul ALL on OVO 1st issue , no pretenders … just real … the time it was made .. there is a difference , both in the quality of the record and the dj's who play them , BLACKHEART SOUL … SATURDAY 22ND FEB ..
  3. Casper


    Dj times , Saturday 22nd FEB 8 - 9 PETE DAVIES ( ME ) 9 -10 CATHY C 10 -11 MARK FREEMAN 11-12 MARTIN SHAW 12 -1.00 MICK TAYLOR Always a large spectrum of soul to suit most people, from the classics to underplayed , and some of the rarest you can hear .all on 1st issue original records ..
  4. Casper


    Saturday 22nd Feb , one of only three left to come this year , as always 100% first issue records , no fakes .. Dj's who know what it's all about when it comes to dancing and listening too ,Always a large spectrum to suit most people, from the classics to underplayed , and some of the rarest you can hear .all as it should be , all in one great old school venue with so much Northern soul music history , proper wooden floor , great bar prices , five dj's , five hours £5.00 otd for what has always been a night to never let you down , travel with confidence , no doubts as to your enjoyment !
  5. Casper


    22nd Feb 2020 , one of only 4 per year at this well loved venue with a superb soul history and kudos , as always some fresh dj's on the decks playing 100% original 1st issue vinyl , so you are hearing exactly as was intended , each one a true time capsule of quality .. classics , underplayed , rarest of the rare , all played with thought and skill in one room , giving the dancer and listener a feast of superb soul music all the way ! with you on the night .. Mick Taylor , one of the best most incredible collections in the uk , superb tunes ! Mark Freeman , national dj and promot
  6. Casper


  7. Casper


    Nothing stacks against this today … proper line up , rarest of the rare , classics of the classics , true underplayed … best dancefloor, period ! .. awesome venue … get real soul folk , you know where it's at for sure ..
  8. 22nd feb Steve lad !
  9. Time to get busy soul children ... keep it real , keep it in your soul .. only 4 per year .. Tonight ,23rd Nov 2019
  10. nighters deffo on the cards for next year !
  11. So ,good people... Saturday Dj times, 8 till 9 MARK WELLER , playing all original items from his collection , I love to give folk a chance to play , and this lad , a superb dancer too , is no exception , 9 -10 ROB SMITH , Total legend in every way , one of if not the most loved and respected DJ on the scene , tunes to die for . 10 -11 MICK TAYLOR . Huge personality on the scene , one of THE best collections in the country bar non , playing for you on this evening. outstanding 11 till 12 DAZ DAKIN , A man with a true devotion to soul music and the scene , wonderful collection o
  12. Casper


  13. priceless .... the truly wonderful Mr Rob Smith , joins Mick Taylor , Daz Dakin , Mark weller , Pete Davies ... superb music all the way !
  14. Casper

    federation soul club

    so very looking forward to this Saturday , A very well established soul club with a long history , great dance floor , easy parking , great sound system , it has it all .. run by top folk who have been on the scene since the beginnings , top residents too ... so a super night of great sounds coming your way ,.....all you have to do is come along atb pete

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