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  1. The answer to your question is a definite no they weren’t wearing vests or carrying Adidas bags.In those days at the Mecca the only thing you could do (once inside) was remove your tie and coat which had to be hung in the cloak room. After almost fifty years though I’m prepared to give the poster some slack about what actually happened, after all most of us were doing that much gear we couldn’t really remember what had happened the week before.
  2. The first superstar Dj, not just a record selector, this guy had genuine charisma and style to burn. Never really understood why he was so popular with the the girls RIP Tony thanks for the memories
  3. East coast demo £20 - west coast demo £200 ?
  4. More sad news I'm afraid https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/world/jamaican-reggae-vocalist-bob-andy-dies-aged-75/ar-BB11O9c9?ocid=spartanntp One of my favorites by this great and prolific artist https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=bob+andy+one+woman&view=detail&mid=0CB29BF21E68F1EE7C0E0CB29BF21E68F1EE7C0E&FORM=VIRE0&ru=%2fsearch%3fq%3dbob%2bandy%2bone%2bwoman%26form%3dEDGTCT%26qs%3dSC%26cvid%3d2f264d72d4224987a32d8f0f36d83925%26cc%3dGB%26setlang%3den-US%26plvar%3d0%26PC%3dDCTS
  5. Hi everybody, I've got 1000s of records to clear over the coming months (they wont be listed on FB or anywhere else) so keep looking in here. Majority are in VG + or better condition, any that don't make that grade then the condition will be stated. Mainly original US copies, some UKs and a few reissues, boots etc (again these will be stated) Most are priced at £5/10 each on discogs, so dealers, you can make money on these, especially if you buy 2 packs or more. The deal is :- Records are sold in packs of 5 for £20 with no cherry picking, you buy the pack or nothing. Buy 2 Packs and I will throw in a further pack of 5 records F.O.C (my choice, but will be similar to the pack/ packs that you purchase) Postage :- UK 2nd class £ 5 for any quantity. EU standard airmail £10 for any quantity. Payment :- Pay pal ONLY - F& F preferred but not essential. PM me here to buy, no holds, payment within 24 hours please. All packs sold on a "when there gone they are gone" basis, and I will be 100% fair, no matter who you are the first to reply will get them. I will update (as quickly as possible) when a pack is sold but will only directly contact the purchaser. Sorry if any of this comes across as rude, but, I simply don't have the time to reply to everyone. Right, thanks for your attention, lets get started PACK 1 *****SOLD***** STEVIE WONDER - NOTHINGS TO GOOD FOR MY BABY - TAMLA WILLIE WEST - I'M STILL A MAN - TIMMION BARBARA DANE -I'M ON MY WAY - TREY ……… (CONVINCING LOOK ALIKE FROM AROUND 15 YEARS AGO) SILEHOUETTES - NOT MY BABY - GOLDMINE 7'S MARTHA & VANDELLAS - MY BABY LOVES ME - GORDY (SCUFFED BUT PLAYS WITHOUT ANY PROBLEMS) PACK 2 TEMPTATIONS - GIRL WHY DO WANNA MAKE ME BLUE - TAMLA FONTELLA BASS - RESCUE ME - UK (BLACK ) CHESS - VG (SOL) CONTOURS - FIRST I LOOK AT THE PURSE - GORDY JOHNNY MOORE - WALK LIKE A MAN - SOULTOWN ...….. (70S BOOT) EDWIN STARR - WAR / HE WHO PICKS A ROSE PACK 3 TAL ARMSMSTRONG - YOUV'E GOT SO MUCH FEELING - LOVE ……… VINYL COPY LOOKS & PLAYS WELL BUT B SIDE LABEL IS TRASHED ANN D'ANDREA - DON'T STOP LOOKING - JAMIE MAIN ATTRACTION - RAINY NIGHT - RCA TEMPTATIONS - POWER - GORDY DJ COPY INTRIGUES - IN A MOMENT - YEW (ORANGE) PACK 4 ******SOLD******** MONITORS - SAY YOU - V.I.P SMOKEY ROBINSON - IF YOU CAN WANT / WHEN THE WORDS FROM YOUR THROAT etc - TAMLA SPINNERS - WHAT MORE CAN A BOY ASK FOR -TAMLA ……. UNOFFICIAL MARVELETTES - DONT MAKE HURTING ME A HABIT - TAMLA TAMMI TERRELL - COME ON AND SEE ME - MOTOWN ……...VG ******SOLD PACK 5 SOLD****** RALPH VENTSHA - LISTEN TO MY BABY ……….. G …… IT LOOKS BAKED BUT PLAYS GREAT, SOLD A VG plus COPY FOR £50 LAST WEEK EDDIE & ERNIE - I'M GOIN' FOR MY SELF - EASTERN EDDIE & ERNIE - TURN HERE/ I'M A YOUNG MAN - EASTERN (WHITE) …….HONESTLY I'M NOT SURE IF THIS IS A BOOT GENE CHANDLER - A SONG CALLED SOUL - STATESIDE ( NEW ZEALAND) WHISPERS - THE DIP - DORE (GRUBBY LABELS) PACK 6 ******SOLD ******* BOBBY BLAND - I'M SO TIRED - DUKE VIBRATIONS - SOUL A GO GO - OKEH …. G...……. LOOKS BAKED PLAYS GREAT LITTLE SONNY - BABY WHAT YOU WANT ME TO DO - ENTERPRISE BARBARA LYNN - YOUR LOSING ME - ATLANTIC MELBA MOORE / DEAN PARRISH - MAGIC TOUCH / BRICKS , BROKEN BOTTLES AND STICKS - KENT That's it for now, as I said many, many more to come over the coming months, as and when time permits. Thanks again for your time. John Fisher
  6. One in the U.K. here Discogs seller swordfishsoul [r1550258] #1045897277 Brenda & The Tabulations - That's In The Past / I Can't Get Over You (Dionn Records) 7", Single
  7. Thank you, the lookalikes are white label and they are very convincing, does anyone know what is in the matrix of these copies ?
  8. Anyone out there know to identify the real deal from the convincing look alike boot. Any info gladly welcomed. ATB John Fisher
  9. Back in the 70s I went through a second hand shop in Altrincham they must have had around 10,000 singles in a back room and I went through the lot. In those days I used to make my living selling records and I was looking for anything of any genre that I could make a profit on, having been in there for at least a couple of hours I had found nothing, then in the last row of the last box I turned up an unplayed UK CBS red and white demo of Lynne Randell - Ciao Baby B**llocks !!! ……... why could it not have been "Stranger In My Arms" I threw it down on top of the box in disgust, my frustration soon turned into joy when it flipped and landed B side up. I wasn't aware at the time that "Stranger" was in fact the B side. I cant remember how much I payed for it but it wouldn't have exceeded 50 pence and the profit I made from the ensuing sale certainly made up for the amount of time I'd spent rummaging.
  10. https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/6010192?ev=rb
  11. https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/2734696?seller=swordfishsoul If you want this one then pm me on here and I can save you the fees. John Fisher
  12. Nice version of Mario Biondi classic  Was A Bee  This is the original and superior version with Mario Biondi doing the vocals. All other versions are remixes / remakes of this one.
  13. local

    Pemberton Masonic Hall

    Looking forward to being back in my home town & playing a few tunes.
  14. We need more stuff like this, if you agree please click the arrow on Mr F's original post and UP his A.R.S.E
  15. Brilliant Mr F ...…………...About time we had some humour back on this site
  16. Thanks, I know about those but non of them are in the U.K. Ive been offered one on here now so the power of Soul Source works again.
  17. Will pay £25 inc U.K. post for a VG+ or better copy Pm if you got one to move, Thank You John Fisher please note I’m out for the rest of today watching the (not so) mighty Wigan Warriors so will only respond to messages this evening.
  18. VG + or better please, pm me if you got one to move on. I know about the Discogs ones John Fisher
  19. Anyone got original Bevnik 7" or the 1985 reissue 12" to move on ? I know there is a massive difference price wise between the two PM me with price and condition please Thank You John Fisher
  20. VG + or better please PM me if you have one to move on Thank You John Fisher I know about the one on discogs
  21. "My oh my.... phone sho' is ringin" right at the very end of Tony & Tyrone Please Operator, always makes me smile.
  22. Thanks, Mods please delete this post, I have already reposted it in the wants section.

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