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  1. local

    Spanky Wilson

    The 7” is a different mix ( not a good one imho)
  2. local

    Lp want

    Test pressing for £15 VG + looks like its worth a punt to me.
  3. local

    Lp want

    19 for sale on discogs starting at £3 ATB John Fisher
  4. Hi Valentina,

    Hope your well,

    I have a copy of the Gaturs, ex condition but as with a lot of these, it has reversed labels and the correct title written (neatly) in felt tip pen. I would want £100  inc postage to EU if you want it, quite a bit more if I put it on discogs.


    John Fisher


    1. Valentina


      perfetct john i take it 

  5. BOBBY REED - THE TIME IS RIGHT FOR LOVE /IF I DONT LOVE YOU - BELL - EX lovely condition, in company sleeve £400 (great double sider, dance floor winner) SAM FLETCHER - I'D THINK IT OVER - TOLLIE PROMO - EX £400 Pic cover has tear to RH front cover (see scan) can be repaired by the buyer SOLD EL CHICANO - ONE MORE NIGHT - SWEDISH MCA - EX - £40 (great condition in pic bag ) NO OFFERS, NO TRADES, NO HOLDS + Postage UK Signed for £2.50 (under £100) UK Special delivery £7.50 (over £100) EU standard airmail £5 EU airmail signed for £10 Payment Pay Pal F& F (or 4%) PM to Buy please Thanks For Looking JF BOBBY REED.pdf EL CHICANO.pdf
  6. DELEGATES OF SOUL - I'LL COME RUNNING BACK - UPLOOK - EX - £750 SOLD NANCY BUTTS - I WANT TO HOLD YOUR HAND BABY - FLAMING ARROW - EX - £250 PERSIANETTES - CALL ON ME - STRATA ( 1st Label) - VG - £100 (proper northern double sider, x on label, plays great) BOBBY HILL - TELL ME YOU LOVE ME - LO LO - VG+ £300 (another great double sider, lots of tiny marks, nothing deep , plays great) JOHNNIE TAYLOR - BLUES IN THE NIGHT - (FRENCH) ATLANTIC - EX - £200 (great condition, French only 45, in pic bag ) NO OFFERS, NO TRADES, NO HOLDS + Postage UK Special delivery £7.50 EU airmail signed £10 Payment Pay Pal F& F (or 4%) PM to Buy please Thanks For Looking JF
  7. local

    Some history on this one please.

    Great record in its day but sounds very dated now, imho. First played to my knowledge circa 1972 Highland Room by Tony Jebb. On the night he also played in the same set, again for the first time,The Isleys - Tell me it’s just a rumour You need to bare in mind that at this time hardly any Tamla / Motown Records ever got played on the emerging Northern Scene. Anyhow,Tell me etc caused that much positive interest that when it finished he (Tony Jebb) picked the arm up and returned it to the run in, saying something like “this is so good I’m gonna play it again” Magic moment that I will never forget.
  8. local

    Melba Moore - Magic Touch - Horace’s

    That will be the reason its cat number is HRH 1...........................I'm easily confused these days Good price and also great B side by Tommy Hunt (not on the Kent)
  9. local

    Melba Moore - Magic Touch - Horace’s

    First release was this one https://www.discogs.com/sell/item/525304816
  10. local

    UK Demos Vs Issues Prices???

    Depends on the record in question, e.g Hoagy Lands - Next in Line -Stateside demos are far more common than the withdrawn issue.
  11. local

    Valentines - Breakaway

    Original issue or demo in good nick. Please Pm me if you have one to sell ( I’m aware of the one on discogs) Thank You John Fisher
  12. local

    John Cooper Clarke-Mad man or sheer genius

    Beasley Street ......... the mans a genius ! Inspired by Pam Ayres apparently.
  13. Curtis Lawson - 50/50 - B & B - M- £80 Del Davis - Baby Don't wake me - Bread - M- £250 Barbara Mason - You better stop it - Arctic Demo - VG+ £250 NO OFFERS, NO HOLDS + Postage of your choice, UK 1st class (signed) £2.50 Special delivery £7.50 EU standard airmail £5 signed £10 Payment Pay Pal F& F (or 4%) PM to Buy please Thanks For Looking JF
  14. local

    Any northern records

    Had this for a number of years, the cough at 1.04 always cracks me up, he must have thought "no ones noticed and I cant be arsed doing another take"


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