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  1. outside influences

    Try again, Skip Cunningham - Have we met before - sounds a a lot like Deon Jackson - Love makes the world. Dont think there’s any connection but if there is I’m sure we will here about it.
  2. outside influences

    Eyes and brain now connected not sure if the brain is working though
  3. three here https://www.discogs.com/sell/release/4463283?ev=rb
  4. Came out twice VOA4029 Blue Label -Since I been in love is the B Side since I been is fantastic crossover and the version to buy IMHO VOA4082 Orange Label - Toast to the fool on the B Side Plenty of both versions on Discogs
  5. I don’t think Ed Cobb complained, one of the best selling records in the world, ever!! He made $ millions out of the copyrights. Even in 2018, the number of times this gets played on radio you would live very handsomely on the royalty cheques. Neil...
  6. Massive Soul, Funk, Psych Highly Curated 45 Lot for sale

    Not a lot to see here folks, looks like the remnants of a collection that’s been well picked over or just wasn’t very good to start with IMHO.
  7. I’m Still Waiting by The Impressions

    Don’t think this was ever officially released as a single. On the album Fabulous Impressions,plenty on discogs, great track btw
  8. ALL AT £10 EACH

    If Tip Watkins was rare it would be on a lot of playlists.
  9. Sales List 4 Nov 2017 @ Beatin Rhythm

    First pic is the recent cheep bootleg, below, my original box bought as a new release in 76 for £1.50.Last pic is Mr Taylors one off studio acetate
  10. Sales List 4 Nov 2017 @ Beatin Rhythm

    Cornflakes - a box full has been turned up recently in a warehouse find so expect prices to fall once authenticity has been proven.
  11. Sorted

    sorted thanks

    Good price on Touch of Class
  13. leeds rhinos

    My previous post was meant to be humorous, not malicious and so before anyone comments, I'm well aware that, Wigan's (my team) entire squad went missing shortly after the start of last season. "Come and look at what you could have won" is the new club motto. ...
  14. leeds rhinos

    Breaking news !!! Daryl Powell has called off the search and rescue party for Luke Gale. Gale went missing after 6pm on Saturday and failed to find his way off the pitch at the end of the game, the search party had been optimistic after finding his ...
  15. Labels and condition of record would be good !!

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