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  1. This is the bit that I have difficulty getting my head around. Bootlegs have been part of the scene from it’s inception and used to be a far bigger and more lucrative business back in the seventies than it is today. Don't forget Selecta Disc sold more Rising Sun (bootleg copies) of Robert Knights - Love on Mountain Top than the reissued monument release thus possibly preventing it becoming a number one single in the UK in 1974 From 1972 until 1979 I ran a market stall in Wigan on Fridays and Saturdays selling secondhand records of all genres. I used to buy lots of imported singles from Global and Robinson’s in Manchester plus importing stuff from a few contacts in the US. Around 74 a well known Wigan Dj also ran a stall on Saturdays , before opening a shop in Wallgate (you all know who I’m talking about) his stock was almost entirely made up of records sourced through Selectadisc supplied in the main by Simon Soussan, these contained all the big tunes of the day and would be supplemented by around 10 new titles per week. Boxes and boxes of these pressings were sold week in week out for years and an awful lot of money was changing hands with no one really giving a toss about it. There would be the odd moan that someone’s “exclusive” had been booted but by the following week it was history, with the original confined to the bin or sold off for a ludicrously low amount, Salvador’s 35p anyone ? When I got out of the record business in 79 I had made decent wages selling legitimate records, but I needed to find another job and I always felt if I had been a little less honest it could have been a different story. I asked earlier in this thread why Ian Levine would be worried about these recent convictions,the question was a rhetorical one, although thank you Julian for taking the time to reply and reminding us all of that “Sorry saga” I doubt whether any one will ever get to the bottom of those well muddied waters, certainly not enough to take to court anyway. The fact is, many more than IL have questionable history’s in the bootlegging business, and I think it’s unfair (but probably understandable) to single him out. That doesn’t mean I’m condoning him or anyone else but at some point in the last 50 years most of us have bought, or sold a record of,shall we say “dubious origin” My view is that all fakes are wrong from every angle, particularly morally.Whilst the law has been enforced in this instance there is no guarantee that the problem is going away anytime soon.
  2. local

    Djs on top of their game 2018?

    Cordless model can be relied on in any situation.
  3. The one manny has is a second issue (the original release has a clock face with hands on it) The value of the record is determined by the seller and ultimately the buyer, I thought SS rules prevented making negative comments on other people’s sales. That doesn’t mean I disagree with your comments though.
  4. local


    Bid stands at £700
  5. Hi Everyone, NOW SOLD Got one of these to move on, possibly ! As we all know this is one of the biggest floor fillers around at the moment and seldom shows up for sale. Its in VG+ condition and plays fine without problems. The signatures on the A side are the band members autographs. Running through until Sunday (11th Nov) evening. I will consider good quality trade offers (I don't want a pile of £20 records ) please also bear in mind that I will be looking to make profit on any trades so valuations will need to be negotiable. Nice Xmas present for someone ??? Pm me to deal Thanks for your time and looking John Fisher CCF11072018.pdf CCF11072018_0001.pdf
  6. The smart distinctive bespoke gear I think you are referring to, is the look popularised by Mods in the late 60s and very early seventies and I wouldn’t disagree, it was and is still very classy, with a degree of stylish individuality. By 71 street fashion,had changed,as I mentioned earlier, around this time branded clothing such as Fred Perry, Wrangler, Ben Sherman etc had started to have an influence on what we wore,the emphasis was still on being smart, nothing clown like at all. We were” in with the in crowd” soul music hadn’t yet become “Northern” it was still a secret scene enjoyed by those of us who were lucky enough to go to The Mecca, Torch and (I’m told)the Cats. When Wigan opened in 73, none of my soul friends wore brogues or straight baggy trousers, preferring flares, platforms and penny round collared shirts, a full length, belt waisted leather coat completed the look. To quote Rod Stewart, “my dad said we looked ridiculous” and he was probably right, but we didn’t think so at the time. I disagree with you when you say that by 1978 the whole country was “wearing clobber popularised by soulies” the fact is that fashion at Wigan had, dare I say it, regressed into a similar but scruffier version of what we had been doing 5 years previously, and the disco fashion seen at Blackpool and the Ritz was probably a truer reflection of what was happening nationwide. I really don’t think that the fashion world was taking its lead from what was happening at Station Road around this time. I also don’t think you can generalise that all punks ran a mile if a confrontation was on the agenda, they didn’t and you know they didn’t. The world unfortunately doesn’t stay still and trends in both fashion and music move on,Northern Soul has not been exempted. As a person I don’t like living in the past as I prefer to look to the future and I really can’t understand why anyone would want to wear what they did 45 years ago but it’s a free country and if that’s what floats your boat then great, my dad is still alive and even now, thinks “ I look ridiculous”
  7. It seemed normal in the 70s to see .hundreds of teenagers wearing a kind of Northern Soul uniform, but seeing OAPs reviving the trend is OTT for me. ............................................. This was a casino thing, prior to 1973 you couldn’t really tell a soul boy or girl from any other cool dude. Yes back in 71 main stream fashion in the North meant we were wearing Two tone suits, brogues, parallels, Ben Sherman’s, Fred Perry shirts etc but really by the time Wigan opened, the look that became the “Northern Soul Uniform” was out of fashion. Badges, beer towels, training shoes etc really didn’t do anything to enhance the look and just made you an easy target for a bag search by the local DS, or a fight with a punk rocker. It wasn’t a great look back then,so to see some balding bloke in his mid fifties dressed in bags, braces checked shirts and an Harrington in 2018 is something I don’t understand.
  8. Everything is unquestionably true if Russ Winstanley wrote it !
  9. local

    Rare 7"s Mary Hylor, Wendy Rene

    And the prices and conditions are ?
  10. local

    Crossover For A Tuesday

    So are there three versions of this ? Undisputed Truth High Energy High Inergy great record whoever it’s by.
  11. SHAREN CLARK & THE PRODUCT OF TIME - THATS A GOOD REASON - YODI - EX lovely condition, clean labels £150 Great record that doesn't show up that often NO OFFERS, NO TRADES, NO HOLDS + Postage UK Signed for £2.50 UK Special delivery £7.50 EU standard airmail £5 EU airmail signed for £10 Payment Pay Pal F& F (or 4%) PM to Buy please Thanks For Looking JF


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