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  1. Hooker1951

    first three records to start a set

    The best laid plans of Mice and Men " Don't give them any cheese" Mick L
  2. Hooker1951

    Sporting Heroes Who Cut Soul / R&B Records

    If I'm not mistaken our own heavyweight boxer from the early 1960,s the original blonde bomber Billy Walker made a popcorn record or two' copies of American originals , Mick L
  3. Hooker1951

    first three records to start a set

    I never knew what I was going to play first last or in the middle it all depended on the crowd in the venue, what kind of mood were they in, what time you were on, As a live act DJ you should be able to adjust to the above and adjust accordingly what your going to play if you can't do that you shouldn't be deejaying get a job on the Radio, I've said it before and I will say it again it's not the jokes it's the way you tell them , Sometimes it's not the tunes it's the way you play them and what order you play them in, I'm afraid the truth is a great many DJ,s can't do this they rely on a few so called big tunes to save their spot instead of giving the audience or at least trying to give them a full hour which the SOULIES deserve. keep on Pressing on Mick L
  4. Hooker1951

    No Alcohol License Function - Would You Attend?

    If alcohol doesn't suit you don't drink it, If drugs don't suit you don't swallow them , but don't be judgemental on people who can handle their drink and drugs behave theirselfs and have fun , If you start that game you might as well join your nearest evangestical vegetarian club, If your a good promoter you would not wear aggravating drunks or people smashed of their heads upsetting people , if these things happened at my promotions they were removed from the premises as discreetly as possible so as not to disturb decent people, it's not what goes wrong it's how you handle it, There were always alcohol free venues years ago that were successful, but that was when we were all a lot younger with tetesterone and adrenaline to spare plus the advantages of mothers little helpers if you wished to participate. Move on to the present, You now have the choice of a alcoholic drink in most venues to socialise or relax nobody pours it down your throat, or if your still up for the other stuff good luck to you, But let's not start preaching and teaching it's too late in the day for that Peace and Tranquility Mick L
  5. Hooker1951

    1967 -- It Was A Very Good Year

    Hi Roburt Interesting about the Canadians backing American artists around this time, I went to see Chuck Berry live at the Cavern circa February or early March 1967 and his backing band were the Canadians, I was always curious about who they were at the time ML
  6. Hooker1951

    How many events?

    Hi Steve Lets shoot all the DJ.s ,shoot all the Record dealers, declare year zero for Soul and start again, But in another 50 years you would probably find that we would be back in the same position, The best Music in the World ( Soul Music) is there to be loved and appreciated, It is Human beings what let it down . When anything in this world is successful, The parasites follow, Greedy Promoters, Egotistical wannabe DJ.s ,Selfish Venue Owners, Punters who have forgot about the music, Cynical snobbish know all,s, Like I said The Music will always be good it is the Human element what lets it down. The Music is bigger than any Promoter , any DJ, Any Record Dealer, Just remember that we didn't make the music , The music made us what we are for better or worse? Mick L
  7. Hooker1951

    1967 -- It Was A Very Good Year

    1967 was one of my favourite years in Soul music, half the charts at the time in the uk at the time was soul orientated, There were soul clubs in every town in the North west , there was allnighters on every weekend no more than 20 miles from where you lived. Is was a real live underground soul scene in 1967 probably peaking from 63, 64, 65, 66, I was 16 at the time, it was a majic time for Soul !You would have had to be there to feel it, I wouldn't have missed it for nothing what a time for Soul ML
  8. Hooker1951

    1966 UK R&B 45 Charts

    I worked on Silcocks waltzer in these years and we had 90per cent of all the above records , great times with great music ML
  9. Hooker1951

    Dave Clegg

    More bad news, somebody needs to put a spanner in that conveyor belt, slow it down a little, RIP Dave ML
  10. Hooker1951

    At The BBC

    That's terrible news Michael . I do remember there were two Merseyside specials on in 1963 one in July and one later n in the year featuring The Big Three Billy j Kramer n Dakotas, Lee Curtis and the All stars , Searchers ect with the Beatles topping both shows ML
  11. Hooker1951

    At The BBC

    I've never seen any re runs of (Thank your Lucky Stars)Granada production, early to mid 1960,s every Saturday evening 6pm hosted by the late Brian Matthews every other week there would be a American R n B artist or group mid programme it would be great to see some of those again, I'm old enough to remember and watch first time round the Ready Steady Go specials Tamla revue , Otis reading show ect and always remember an Old Grey Whistle test showing a clip of Tommy Neil singing Going to a happening, Of course two of the greatest Rock n Roll shows ever recorded live on Granada were the Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis shows featuring The Shirrelles, Gene Vincent, with Sounds incorporated backing band back in 1964 were saved thank God and can still be seen Remember the Good Times ML
  12. Hooker1951

    northern soul - the current state...?

    In Retrospect in the current state of NS, There are a great many factors what have led to its position today. The Fragmentation of the scene, IE , How deep do the punters visiting venues really love their music , Are they visiting a venue to enjoy the music top of the list or to meet old friends, or for that nostalgic feeling triggering past memories , or a mix of all , some will prioritise one before the other, there is a absence of energy in many venues these days that obviously is a lot to do with people ageing which in a lot of cases brings on cynicism besides losing the physical energy a potent mix at best. The DJ,s in many occasions don't seem to be able to tell the jokes in the right order or the tunes, and so the energy of the music is not hitting the dance floor or the listeners for that matter enough to kick the vibe in, I as a promoter always tried to make my venues exciting and dynamic so people would remember that night and I would like to think that at least some of the time I succeeded, All these pointers add up to a formidable obstacle to overcome to get things right, Can it be done? Yes but only with a great deal of effort and not just living in the past, kind Regards ML
  13. Hooker1951

    Chalky. Birthday

    No thinking about the plebs on your birthday just relax and enjoy. HB ML
  14. Hooker1951

    northern soul - the current state...?

    It's sad to say but it is the truth , When I have promoted together with various friends Soul nights and all nighters, alldayers ect, I have moved my dates on many various occasions when asked to do a favour for another promoter , I can tell you now that favour was never ever returned', ML
  15. Hooker1951

    Oh dear

    In total agreement with you on this one , No original thinking here just plagiarism following the easy route to collecting or dj'ing even if it costs more money , Pretty sad really, It's much easier being yourself and that you found or were instrumental in pushing a sound ML


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