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  1. Hooker1951

    Gene McDaniels Bits

    Good information on a great artist, always liked Gene,s Tower much better than Frankie,s he had a lovely voice, always remember seeing him in the film he made over here in 1962 was it called "" it's Trad Dad ". .? Good stuff Roburt ML
  2. The gear was faster then the music had to keep up with it LoL no seriously the version I have is slightly slower than that and it ve had that over 30 years ML
  3. I still play the instrumental version out and it always gets a good response it's a fantastic piece of music stands up with the vocal versions ML
  4. I asked Edwin to sing it live at Maxims circa 1988 he did at 4am in the morning and brought the house down a fantastic live artist and a genuine nice guy whose music will stand the test of time for ever and a day ML
  5. Being cowardly again here sitting on the fence again both magic sounds what work in a slightly different way, Edwin,s vocals plead with you , Donni,s vocals in a sublime way work and get to you too I'm giving these two 50% each both fantastic sounds ML
  6. I forgot to mention even then we all thought we were part of a fantastic unique scene which was better being kept secret and underground ML
  7. The Room at the Top in Wigan started all night soul nights in 1965 till 68 sometimes twice a week every week till 8am then you could have coffee downstairs still listening to soul music till around 10am then it was wigan baths for some and trains buses and cars home for the rest I know I was there Mick L
  8. Hooker1951

    1960's US Radio Stns & Charts

    That's a cracking write up Roburt great article, I can relate to all that music in the American soul and RNB charts at the time, it was my growing up music, We were lucky enough to hear a great deal of it on the fairgrounds in the north west which I worked on where we would buy the imports from the back street record shops in Manchester, especially for the waltzer S and Speedways at the time the machines and music at the time seemed..
  9. Hooker1951

    Twisted Wheel - Sounds ?

    Gene Pitney Heartbreaker was a good stomper just to let you know we were dancing to that tune in 1968 so believe me it was already discovered and I wouldn't be ashamed in the least to play it, I still do and it still gets a great response ML
  10. Sitting on the fence with these two, got them both and love them both ML
  11. Hooker1951

    Pictures of Us

    Good people, Great memories,
  12. Hooker1951

    Dee Dee Warwick abused Whitney Houston

    I don't BELEIVE a word of it , The reason being WH life was laid bare to the public for many years before she died, that would have come out then if there was even a whiff of truth in it, The choice of drug was Cocaine which is a drug of excess and people taking it are not backwards coming forward, there is no way that could have been kept secret, it's a me me drug, it's just writers trying to make money at the expense of a great und..
  13. Hooker1951

    earliest youth club memories

    It weren't a youth club but it was a club full of youth full SOULIES The inn Crowd . Dobie Grey Needle in a Haystack Velvelettes 123 Len Barry Mr Pityful. Otis Reading Dont fight it. Wilson Pickett Jenny take a Ride. Mitch Ryder and Ds Can't help my self. Four Tops ML
  14. Yes to both Marks always noticed that in different venues chemicals and company does help with the quality of sound but some venues have and seem to bring the best out of the music being played your definitely not wrong, it's just to a lot of people who have not got the ears to know the difference it sounds the same it doesn't BELEIVE me LoL, ML
  15. Hooker1951

    Poll: Version Battle - Stubborn Heart

    Ernest version has the edge, the finish and polish