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  1. Hi Ste Russ Winstanley was Chief Inspector of the Soul Police in Wigan Casino that’s why there were never no drugs in there LoL , all the dancing was done on pure Adrenaline Mick L
  2. Billy Ocean together with Hot Chocolate seemed to bridge a gap between Soul and pop, their records touched on Soul without going all the way, very decent artists in that field though , full marks to them. ML
  3. Sad news indeed met Dean a genuine nice guy non pretentious it’s a crying shame but we are all coming to that age when anything might happen health wise so look after yourselves and enjoy each and everyday like it might be your last, don’t keep waiting for tomorrow. R I P Dean Parrish Mick L
  4. Hard question to answer but probably on balance did more good than bad but nobody’s perfect, falling in Love with Diane Ross didn’t help some of his artists probably clouded his judgement on some music issues , but he did what he did and will never be forgotten like not thinking Marvin What’s going on was not good enough to release will always be remembered Stay Safe ML
  5. Another Great Artist gone but at least he lived to a good age RiP Lloyd ML
  6. After this lockdown and horrible disease one thing is obvious that “” Time Is Precious” the people who we have lost or missed on the scene sometimes for ever, Let’s just hope and pray that the good times that we were all used too over the years come back in some kind of semblance and make up that precious time we have all lost, Some of the petty things that annoyed us all some time or other on the scene don’t seem that important now the main thing the Music the friendship should take precedence again and the good times should come back naturally, I’m Sure they will, there are too many good peo
  7. Hi Tony Sorry to hear that, hope your well I had a vey lucky escape with COVID but getting my strength back now, hope to see you all after these bad times, always remember what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, I Hope LoL, Stay Safe ML
  8. More Sad News, I’m just Happy to be alive, keep Strong Everybody. RIP Dave ML
  9. First went to Carlton in July 69 mid week if I can remember possibly Wednesday night packed to rafters playing Tamla Stax and what later became NS an old friend of mine was working the door Walter o Malley who later became Mr World DJing that night was Kev Edwards who was in the same class as me at school, it’s amazing how mid week venues did so well as opposed to today not withstanding COVID different times then maybe better Rose tinted glasses come to mind. Stay Safe ML
  10. What a great artist could cover a vast spectrum in all kinds of music, Real Soulful voice always loved his music RiP Johnny Nash ML
  11. What a great artist and always showed blue eyed Soul can be good, that song was a big hitter at the Room at the Top Wigan circa 1965 RIP Roy Head Mick L
  12. Jimmy burns for me but bobby James version is pretty close 2nd ML
  13. Hi Ste See if you can contact them tables and if they have any spare gear Mick L
  14. Hi Stephen part of my music apprenticeship was working on Silcocks waltzer travelling the North west and of course visiting the Nottingham Goose fair I worked for 5 years travelling and our Waltzer was actually nick named Silcock,s Soul castle a hell of a lot young Soulies heard their first big Soul sounds on the fairgrounds I know we were up there with all the Soul clubs introducing the sounds of American Soul, I remember buying Going to a happening Tommy Neil, Boogaloo Party, Soulful dress etc for the machine back in 68 Memories that will last forever ML keep Safe

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