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  1. Everybody to their own but that boat should have been sunk years ago , No offence you like it you like it ML
  2. I seen the Fantastics circa 69 72 on many occasions they were a very good live act, Rip Ritchie Pitts ML
  3. If there was ever an overachiever it was Lulu nothing personal , but I remember in 1964 her version of Shout and thinking this is terrible , after the Isleys version it was just the same listening to Brian Poole singing Do you Love Me and Twist and shout after the Contours and Isley version, It was a time1963 to 65 when they and other British artists stole a living by watering down original music ML
  4. Best voice for female British singer was Julie Grant ML
  5. BILLY CRAGG RIP, FUNERAL Billy,s funeral service will be held at Warrington Parish Church Town Centre, Church street the church with the tall Spire at 10.45 am on Monday the 9 th of December, all his friends past and present are welcome, Karen and his son William have requested no flowers, Donations welcome. Hope to See you all there ML.
  6. Sad news, Billy died on Sunday evening after a long and debilitating illness as many of you know he worked for me on the door at Blackburn Tony,s and at Stubshaw Stateside for myself and Andy Mcabe he was always a friendly face for the Soulies to meet when entering the venue and would always do a favour for everyone he will be sadly missed his funeral will be held at the parish church , Church st Warrington town centre as soon as I have time and date of service I will message on here RiP Billy Cragg ML
  7. 150 maximum should easily do it some DJ,s look like their flitting houses ML
  8. Darrel shades it for me his voice finds that soulful groove he is famous far, KR ML
  9. There are some great blue eyed soul artists who made real soul recordings , original and copy,s, Wayne Cochrane, PJ Proby ect spring to mind no race or colour has a monopoly on Soul it’s inside all human beings some more than others, if it’s good music it’s good music regardless of what nation you belong too It,s the great equaliser what brings good souls together KR Mick Lyons
  10. Martha made some great 45,s credit given and much deserved but she as not been hitting the right notes vocally since 1969. However after the cooking programme it’s obvious she as not been able to cook since 1939 God bless her ML
  11. Don’t ever go to Martha Reeves for dinner ML
  12. Another Gentleman of Soul sadly passed on and a thoroughly nice guy who always had time for you, and was always constant, he will be missed but always remembered, God Bless Shirley and family Mick Lyons n Rebecca xxxx
  13. That’s a damm good version from Jerry Butler no doubt about it ML
  14. Not the best tune in the box, not struck on any these versions ML

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