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  1. That spirit showed at 8pm last night in appreciating the NHS was fantastic and is the togetherness that beats everything that is negative including this virus, If we all pull together like we’ve been asked we will see the back of this a lot sooner than you think. God Bless ML
  2. A Great article and what a voice I once read a story by Little Richard where he said Big Mamma and himself had some kind of altercation and she chased him around a venue saying she was going to chop him in pieces he said if she had caught him she would have she was one mean big mamma LoL apparently her drug of choice was embalming fluid but what an artist KR ML
  3. Hi Tam the show was first aired late summer of 1963 around 6.30 Friday evenings it then went to a later time around 10.30 pm for awhile I watched all the shows in 1963 and 64 and didn’t miss many in 65 66 except when in late 66 I was holidaying with HMP, the show was good because it didn’t just play what was current hits ect but also established RnB acts American and British it was a great show highlighting what was going on at the time around the clubs in the UK beside the current hit parade I remember James Brown having nearly a complete show to himself and Otis Reading they were both at their peak at the time, It was a great innovator of a show at the time a great mix of music and the best acts around American and British, it would be great if they could show them all from the Start again but I believe some idiot wiped them probably the same one who wiped Thank your Lucky Stars another treasure chest of memories and music gone forever KR ML
  4. Still 100 times better than that set of illiterate buffoons what are masquerading as a Labour Party they are a disgrace to the nation nothing to say except trying to score political points when the Uk is in a Crisis , The only positive thing about them is they will never ever get in power again. Take it easy ML
  5. We all want to thank God or the Universe that Corbyn and that bunch of clowns didn’t get in power because trust me the UK would have been in complete chaos with this going on, we would have been bankrupt, fighting on the streets and anarchy would be taking place right now and nobody can tell me any different, Just follow the advice keep calm, be patient and stay disciplined, pull for one another if it’s needed stay positive and tell it like it is. KR ML
  6. A Crisis like this or a conflict will always bring either the best or the worst out in human nature obviously depending on the person in question when it’s good it is a fantastic uplifting experience when it’s bad it can bring out all the primal anger and greed in a nasty person but let’s not kid ourselves pretending that it’s only a small percentage of people who are bad it’s a good 50% at least who have those traits, I made a living all my life working dealing with them so look after and be thankful for good people and beware of the other kind, I suffer from Diabetes 2 am 68 years of age train every day don’t make excuses for being nasty have one of my grandsons who has Downs who as is at risk with this virus no excuse for being nasty to other people and make no mistake about it take a walk around your local Supermarkets and you can easily see what I’m saying if you can’t your either looking at the world through rose tinted glasses or take a trip to your nearest spec savers. Get Real Good People stick together and this Coronavirus can be beat like any other crisis. God Bless ML
  7. Remember the first RSG like it was last week started with the Safaris instrumental I think it was around august 1963 in the middle of the British beat boom but they still managed to bring a good few American acts on I remember The Beatles bringing PJProby across early 1964 him singing Walking the Dog on the show, Great Memories, Ronnettes late 63 ect Mick zJagger singing You’d better Move on A Arthur Alexander classic KR ML
  8. Hi Ste Thats the problem there are more of them than us ML
  9. When people behave like they are doing it creates another infectious disease which is panic and fear which manifests in lashing out verbally physically knocking on to plain old nastiness, They do need to get a grip show a little respect instead of the me me me syndrome and things would improve dramatically , Let’s just hope they do try to make some kind of effort I’d like to think they would at least feel better for doing so although I for 1 won’t be holding my breath KR ML
  10. I’m totally disappointed with human nature with this crisis, it’s nothing but selfish behaviour, mob mentality, it really shows up the bad side of human nature, a bit of self control ,empathy , common sense and discipline would definitely tip the balance in the right direction, you can actually feel the badness in the air while shopping in the supermarkets, Just Hope that Common Sense does prevail or have we learned nothing from the past that’s what’s frightening KR ML
  11. We are all doomed again how long can this doom carry on its every week ML
  12. Somebody put the Snake in my box once and it bit me ML
  13. I had my full play box stolen from my estate car, broke the back window and away with the mixer however they were scallies who didn’t know what they’d got and couldn’t keep their mouths shut, they were spoken too in a sensible way returned the box everything intact plus a new radio and cassette system which they probably would have stolen from some other poor bugger. I was lucky, but I have over the years had around a couple of dozen stolen at different venues, it’s funny but I used to have a second sense about some that were stolen and check my box maybe a week later to find they’d gone. ML

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