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  1. What a great artist could cover a vast spectrum in all kinds of music, Real Soulful voice always loved his music RiP Johnny Nash ML
  2. What a great artist and always showed blue eyed Soul can be good, that song was a big hitter at the Room at the Top Wigan circa 1965 RIP Roy Head Mick L
  3. Jimmy burns for me but bobby James version is pretty close 2nd ML
  4. Hi Ste See if you can contact them tables and if they have any spare gear Mick L
  5. Hi Stephen part of my music apprenticeship was working on Silcocks waltzer travelling the North west and of course visiting the Nottingham Goose fair I worked for 5 years travelling and our Waltzer was actually nick named Silcock,s Soul castle a hell of a lot young Soulies heard their first big Soul sounds on the fairgrounds I know we were up there with all the Soul clubs introducing the sounds of American Soul, I remember buying Going to a happening Tommy Neil, Boogaloo Party, Soulful dress etc for the machine back in 68 Memories that will last forever ML keep Safe
  6. Hi Ste I know that Steve and that’s why I mentioned it in the first paragraph, I’m the last person in the world to try to steal that happiness you felt everybody starts somewhere, myself being in my mid twenties at that time it seemed more than one generation apart, however 10 years on you had all caught up and we were all on a level playing field and in it together to enjoy the Scene which had matured as well as the people who loved it and that is why I remember 85 to 95 so fondly I am safe and well Ste hope you are too fingers crossed for things to ease up soon ML
  7. Everybody has their favourite years of enjoying NS, For some it will always be their start on the journey, the Excitement being young and being part of something powerful where you could escape into a world of dance and Music, I first started my love of Soul in 1963 age 12 went through the Club Soul and Tamla and RnB club circuit till the mid 1970,s still loved the music but got a little bit disappointed with the scene around 75, where I thought the teeny bopper Soulies had watered the Scene down that some venues looked like Giant Youth Clubs, I bowed out but still kept my interest in the
  8. In answer to my initial question I can only say what I would like to happen, Smaller intimate venues with good dance floors, more thought on lighting and atmosphere to enhance the Soul music being played, Venue capacity around 150 so if it was only 75 people attending it would still maintain the Atmosphere, There has as I know personally no big money being a promoter if I broke even I thought I’d succeeded , Most good promoters do it for the love of the music and the thought of giving people a great experience , that’s why I used to do it anyway, I think that this lockdown has been
  9. Some great Latin influence soul records all good the ones posted, I suppose Ben E King with the Drifters and solo circa 1960 -63 is a great example of this Genre all his stuff did it for me, A few British stars dipped their toes in this style early sixties Jimmy Justice etc and they turned out well produced sounds, ML
  10. Betty definitely has the edge here, more raw and soulful than Sharon,s version ML
  11. Excellent article, I remember Mick jagger and Keith Richards raving about Harlem Shuffle in early 64, ML
  12. Could this virus cause the end of the live NS scene as we know it, And how can we help to save it, the clock is ticking, and the Night time economy will never return as it was before the writing was on the wall 5 years ago this virus has put the icing on the cake faster than was thought, Ideas anybody, ? KR ML
  13. I could’ve sworn he was 86 Happy birthday Keith ML
  14. Eddie Cole born in 1910, Nat was born in 1919 , Freddie in 1931 musical family if there ever was one.

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