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  1. I could’ve sworn he was 86 Happy birthday Keith ML
  2. Eddie Cole born in 1910, Nat was born in 1919 , Freddie in 1931 musical family if there ever was one.
  3. If I ever do a spot anywhere My Love is always there ready to played. RiP Tammy Lynn Mick L
  4. I worked as a doorman at the Casino1970-73 it was my privilege to open the stage door side entrance for the acts and to mind them when they were performing and to make sure they were looked after while they were on the premises and left safely , The acts included of course Edwin Starr, Jimmy Ruffin , Fantastics, William Bell, Arthur Conley, Ben E king and his Band, Tommy Hunt, Jimmy James n Vagabonds Lou Christie Johnny Johnson and the bandwagon, and many many more Soul acts Plus all the pop acts of the day . Great Days Great Memories, they were all great acts live but Ben E King was Magic keep Safe Mick Lyons
  5. Anybody got a strong rope with a noose or a tub of strychnine handy LoL, ML
  6. Sign over the door entering saying you enter the Soul occasion at your own risk and that the promoter is in no way responsible if you catch the virus, that saying the one metre rule distancing becomes the rule and of course the toilets are open again. Sounds like hard work I Know anybody else got ideas? KR ML
  7. Tommy Neil ( Going to a Happening) because nothing’s happened for ages. Take Care ML
  8. Berry Gordy and Smokey Robinson could have made it as comedians if there was no music Good show except for too much Diane Ross but I suppose she is part of the History well worth watching. ML
  9. I Remember watching that show in 1964, one of the best live shows ever, still watch it now if I need a pick up , Look out for Jimmy Saville dancing with Lucille Hewitt, obviously when nobody knew what he was about, but don’t miss this showKR ML
  10. Let’s just face the truth there will never be live Soul events ever again, We should all learn to have new interests, Gardening, fishing, more walking, listening to Radio for weather reports etc, no more amphetamine, no more beer, no more seeing you life long friends, no more dancing ,no more memories, Everybody just join the rest of the boring lifestyle of most Human Beings, Sounds terrifying doesn’t it ? Listen Up! Stay positive, Make plans , be prepared with what we’ve got at the moment and then as lockdown eases up add the the ingredients to make Soul Events happen again, You can never stop the Music, Look forward to it and it will happen. Take Care ML
  11. Happy Birthday Martyn enjoy a Lockdown Cake Mick L
  12. I would say yes, judging from the mod 60,s scene up north where the mods who were into music preferred and danced to Motown Rn B , and club soul from 1964 - 69 and some let’s be honest here some Soul music that was resurrected 15 - 20 years later and claimed for NS, Of course the Mod Scene had influence on what came later not all influence but a considerable measure,The Mod scene didn’t has much crash as transform for the Mods who really loved the music first plus a new young breed who enjoyed the music from a slightly new perspective and it became NS I would say that transformation took place 69-72 depending on your location and love of Music, just my observations, Aren’t we all glad it happened? That’s what really matters isn’t it? Love this Site ML
  13. Hi Paul Everybody likes there favourite times and Years and I’m with you. With the memories 85 -95 are my favourite years let’s try to get them back LoL ML
  14. Hi Thinksmart I agree it’s way off but time moves on and before you know it, It will be time for the return of live Soul events so I would say it is better to start to prepare with what is possible now, ideas etc and be ready in a positive way to give the Soulies the events they want, KR ML
  15. It seems like the end of Lockdown is in sight, any thoughts on how the Soul Scene can be reintroduced in a safer environment and maybe go for quality events instead of quantity, Using the Lockdown Positively instead of Thinking it was all negative, For instance will it see the end of a lot of all the Tin pot promotions? And a gap for the promoters who care about the Soulies and the music? Maybe this Is the time To put things right?, Nature and Viruses are the great levellers of a host of things, You Sometimes have to make something good come out a something bad what’s happened, Let’s all try to do it with Soul KR ML

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