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  1. Hooker1951

    Casino Club advert

    Hi Roburt There were roulette tables , card games and full gambling area upstairs in Mr M,s aka the palais suite right at far end of the club, I worked there from 1970 till 73. As a doorman actually lived in the club slept in it for a short while in between homes was there when Gerry Marshall took full ownership and changed the palace to Mr M,s aka Mr Marshalls a typical Saturday night on stage would be a juggler, fire eater , country western singer, followed by a top of the bill example Solomon King, Lou Christie, ect , While in the Empress Ballroom it would be Club Soul till around Midnight and then local beat groups interspersed with local pop tunes Friday nights would be American Soul Artists in the Empress Ballroom , Edwin Starr, Artur Conley , Jimmy Ruffian ect who ever was on the circuit. At the time I was actually at the club the first Day Mike Walker was taken on he Did a bit of DJ.ing in the Beachcomber for the kids Monday and Friday's until 11pm I actually sent him to the record shop for him to buy me a copy of Chairman of the board by Chaitman of the board Russ was not on the scene at that time kind Regards ML
  2. Hooker1951

    Casino Club advert

  3. Hooker1951

    Bad soul doo's

    I Did say let's not go there! ML
  4. Hooker1951

    Bad soul doo's

    I visited myself on 3. Occasions to the fabled 100 club and was very disappointed 3 times it was hit and miss, more miss and the punters a good percentage of them were far from being hard core SOULIES , one night I visited there was a little gang shooting water pistols at one another in the cloakroom, these individuals visited some of the promotions up North and frankly were at the bottom of the pile but they wouldn't dare of behaved like that up here, I was surprised at the time with the lack of atmosphere it felt totally mis mash and definitely didn't get you there this was early 1990's it might just of bad luck on my part I chose those nights but I don't think so, Emperors New Clothes comes to mind ML
  5. Hooker1951

    Bad soul doo's

    Lets not go there LoL, ML
  6. Hooker1951

    Poll: Version Battle - I Have No Choice

    JMM has the edge definitely here the other two or nice JMM s is excellent ML
  7. Hi Mike

    Next poll , how about Gone with the wind  Rita and the Tiaras or Gloria Jones version, keep up the good work

    Mick Lyons


    1. mike


      cheers Mick

      added to the list

  8. Hooker1951

    Poll: Version Battle - The Chase Is On

    I'm a big fan of the Artistics but on this particular record Johnny Howard as the edge ML
  9. Hooker1951

    Dee Dee Warwick -- child molester allegation

    It was Whitney who got her husband on the hard stuff not the other way round , She chose that life, not anybody else, there are Slimeballs now in her family and her so called friends who will tell stories true and untrue just to get easy money for their next fix , My question is this if they knew then which they say they did why wait till she,s dead to open their mouths, Her chaos should have died with her not to blame other people who can't defend theirselves , Whitney was no Angel get real, ML
  10. Hooker1951

    Another Poll version battle.

    Calm down fellas its much to hot to be stressed out by a poll on good touch of soul pop sounds grab a Solero sit down and remember all the good times LoL, ML
  11. Hooker1951

    Another Poll version battle.

    I'm not knocking these two recordings by Dusty and Susan they are easy listening pop tunes with a touch of soul which as Spain Pete said is relevant to the listener how much soul they get out of it, obviously people have fond memories of a time when they heard it for the first time or a time when they were in love dancing to it ect, as regards genres NS is a massive Umbrella consisting oh many genres ie, RnB, TAMLA , POPCORN ROCK NROLL all mean to say there are more soulful tunes to decide on a Poll that hit you right between eyes ML
  12. Hooker1951

    Another Poll version battle.

    It makes sense to me, is this a Soul forum or am I missing something? ML
  13. Hooker1951

    Another Poll version battle.

    Both versions lack my interprataion of NS or Soul just catchy pop records with a little twist with the production and backing singers, Nothing against Dusty but Helen Shapiro had the better voice for me with this Genre, Better still was Julie Grant from Blackpool around at the same time she did versions of Drifters and Baby Washington material and did a good job a real powerful soul voice but never got the acclaim they got, in fact she beat Helen into second place in a singing talent contest circa Butlins 1960 ML
  14. Hooker1951


    The problem with this thread is there is no solution , When a scene is fragmented and watered down like the NS scene has become it becomes a magnet for wannabes and johnny come lately,s it opens door for them that were closed to them before because in the day they would have just not been good enough, like other music scenes particular Dance which became watered down a lot quicker and ruined than NS , You can waste a hell of a lot of negative energy on things you can't change especially worrying about people on the fringes of NS cocking things up with no knowledge bootlegs, ect better to concentrate on what's left of the Good scene the Good people and what's left of the good venues ML
  15. Hooker1951

    Donald Trump Does Northern Soul


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