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  1. Hooker1951

    The Best Record Ever Played By Soul Sam

    I will go where I want when I want and there is nobody on this scene capable of stopping me ML
  2. Hooker1951

    The Best Record Ever Played By Soul Sam

    There are thousands of details thousands of punters who know the truth who have heard and seen what happened at various venues over the years they are the forgotten majority , Im not slagging Sam of at all he might be a fine human being I don’t know him that well but I do know that I am not fond of his spots and some of the music he plays and this is a soul forum isn’t it? Everybody,s got their own unique opinion and that’s mine and I will stick by it . It’s nothing personal we will have to agree to disagree, if I had to go into detail now that would be something else. ML
  3. Hooker1951

    The Best Record Ever Played By Soul Sam

    It should matter what he plays, he,s supposed to be entertaining and kicking a vibe in for the crowd not playing maybe one tune in a full set for some anorak that’s what’s up with this scene it does matter, And the scene will continue to decline unless most people demand it matters, ML
  4. Hooker1951

    The Best Record Ever Played By Soul Sam

    Hi Tomangoes It’s not for me to say what records I’ve broke it’s for other people to remember I wouldn’t be so vain as to say I was the first to play a tune but I do know this that I’ve played many a tune what well done Dj, s have come to ask me what it was , what label it was on , how much was it? And they hadn’t heard it before that’s enough for me. Come to think of it I broke six records one night when I dropped my box, ML
  5. Hooker1951

    The Best Record Ever Played By Soul Sam

    Hi Tomangoes i don’t remember rubbish records but I will say this if the question had been Sam,s worst records you would have needed a set of Encyclopedias to list them all .I know from experience over the years I’ve had to follow him on after his spot on numerous occasions to a dance floor where the only thing missing was a bit of tumbleweed blowing across it . I’m just doing a little bit of Arron Neville I’m telling it like is , To much Emperor,s new Clothes on this site instead of honesty if you like Soul Sam,s music good luck to you . I Don’t . That’s what as ruined this scene lack of truth I didn’t ask the question just gave an honest answer to it. There are a little too many false idols on this scene It’s the Music what’s the boss. Again no Offence meant just the truth . ML
  6. Hooker1951

    The Best Record Ever Played By Soul Sam

    Don’t want to sound disrespectful but he,s also played thousands off records that were absolutely rubbish , never ever heard him play a full hour of good tunes yet, Rose tinted glasses spring to mind, Anyway each to their own. No offence meant just the truth ML
  7. Hooker1951

    1960's London Mod / Soul Clubs

    Rr Hi Roburt Billy Walker made a few popcorn records his self besides opening all the baked potatoe fast food outlets he opened one in Wigan circa 1965 66 It was a great time for soul artists and in my opinion was the real Golden Age of Soul most of the artists listed live in London found their way up north to the Working class cities of the midlands North East and North West to leave the path for the start and beginning of NS it was a magic time with magic music and magic Artists, some of them loved it over here that much they never went home and made the UK their base those who did return home kept on coming back they were all in their Prime then, I’d love to have a time machine go back and see them again just like I seen a lot of them the first time that would be Soul Heaven ML
  8. Hooker1951

    Northern soul collecting!! Is it a con?

    I never bought a 45 unless I liked it so investment money wise wasn’t in my thought process just loving the sound and if Dj.ing letting other people like the sounds and the way they were put together was enough for me but different people do things for different reasons that’s what makes the world go round so everybody has loads of different reasons why they bought or buy 45,s if they like buying let them get on with it there are lots of worse hobbies and things they could do or buy. ML
  9. Hooker1951

    Greatest Movie Scene Ever Made

    The Wild Bunch 1969 where the gang go to free their friend Angel at the end it signifies the end of an era as well as nearly everybody in the film pure Sam Peckinpha magic ML
  10. Hooker1951

    60's Dances

    Well said Steve people want to lighten up you can’t change history just make sure you learn from it otherwise bad history will happen again that way you can’t blame ignorance if you’ve learned from it and Music should always be and in my world always will be free from all that racial nonsense ML
  11. Hooker1951

    The most hated song on the scene. Is this it?

    Martha has not been able to sing or hit the right notes since 1969 terrible voice live. ML
  12. Hooker1951

    first three records to start a set

    Your first 3 records depends on your time Dj,ing who,s been on before you, Is the venue full of lightweight, middleweight, or heavyweight or a mixture of all types of soulies, Then you make your mind up to what you think should be your 3 opening records which you kick your set off with and each one after that should be good as the one before, Always reading the the reaction on the dance floor and in the venue of the patrons and changing direction with the music if needed. Sadly I’m afraid a great many so called NS DJ,s can’t do this and this problem affects a great many so called big name DJ,s as well as the new upstarts, to be brutally honest some of them couldn’t put bacon and egg together, it’s all about them and not the customer, and it stops the scene from being exciting , it just becomes stop , Start no flow, It’s very disappointing for the patrons who find it boring and are losing their energy for turning out like they used too, These are fundamental , basic problems that can be overcome or can they? Are these Dj,s unable to do the fundamentals ? If so NS has got problems, it will just keep limping on with no drive, NS has got all the tools, the records but a hell of a lot of bad drivers to deliver it in an exciting and uplifting manner, NS is becoming Ground hog day multiplied by a thousand, A big Respect to All Soulies everywhere Mick L
  13. Hooker1951

    Happy Birthday Winsford Soul

    Happy birthday Ste hope you have lots of more happy soulful nights Mick L
  14. Hooker1951

    US 60's Garage bands

    96 tears the Mysterions was a massive fairground record in 1967 it was played on Silcocks waltzer which I worked on all through that year along with Sir Douglas Quintet ( She’s about a mover the year before) Gloria by the wheels and Them, got a load of plays. MickL
  15. Hooker1951

    US 60's Garage bands

    Hi Tiberius I used to play Steam,s version of this, its the b side of Na Na Na hey hey goodbye circa late 69 / 70 it’s a little bit more soulful, if you’ve not heard it give it a try Mick L


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